Las Vegas Annual Conference

In February, 2012 IFWTWA held its annual conference in Las Vegas, NV.  The trip was in partnership with the wonderful team of hospitality experts at The Palazzo and The Venetian.  The trip showcased the finest dining and lodging that Las Vegas has to offer.  IFWTWA members spend the day attending workshops and seminars, of course time was taken to explore the many fabulous restaurants at both The Palazzo and The Venetian.  While one group of members was enjoying the new Gastropub Public House on Restaurant Row at Venetian, while another hungry bunch was enjoying a healthy meal at the Canyon Ranch Grill at The Palazzo.

The conference was a huge success and in the city where “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”  there is always something for everyone to enjoy.

Writers in Attendance: (click on name to view writer profile):   Patty Anis, Jeanne Bartlett, Kimberly Chapman, Marla Cimini, Lisa Codianne Fowler, Erin De Santiago, Jo Duncan, Gail Gerson WitteCarolyn DelafrangeKatherine Frelon, Diane Norton, Andrew HarrisJoAnna HaugenTrish Hendrickson, Joseph Hilbers, Brenda HillMaralyn Hill, Norman HillSherry Jackson, Mark JudderyMary Jo Kirk, Sandy Katz, Allan Kissam, Linda KissamSusan Lanier-Graham, Si LibermanLamont MacKay,Yvonne Mason, Richard Mason,Veronica MathesonJulie McElroy, Trisha Miller, Sandy Moss, Carol    O’Hara, Kimberly PalaciosThomas PlantLaura McCoy Plant. Gigi Ragland, Rick Reiners, Ralph RuderWarren Resen, Rochael TeynorDale Sanders, Ellen Sarbone, Fran Severn, Barbara Singer, Michelle Streeter, Kathy SullivanTerry Sullivan, Jeniffer Thompson, Amy Trotter Houston, Laura Van Hoff, Sherrie Wilkolaski, Kurt WinnerMichelle Winner.

MEDIA LINKS:  This is a partial list as more outlets are being added as they become available. *When a strike through shows, it means the publisher has moved the link or removed it. However, the link was live when it was posted.

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Photos & Video:

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  1. Maralyn D. Hill

    I hope all of you who submitted articles remember to send to Allen Cox for the best article contest sponsored by the hotel. Plus you can also enter any you want into the Infinity Awards category for best article, photo, blog, from a media trip.

    • Gail Gerson-Witte

      Please check my blog and see if I’ve updated correctly

  2. Patty Anis

    This page looks great! Kudos to volunteers Stacey and Sherrie for a super job well done. This takes a lot of work, and your dedication is very much appreciated.

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