Infinity Publishing-IFWTWA Award Winners Announced

Infinity-IFWTWA_AwardEXPORTED2For the first time in its history, IFWTWA has had an award program to recognize the professional talents of its members. The Infinity Publishing-IFWTWA Awards were made possible by the generous sponsorship of Infinity Publishing. Any IFWTWA member who attended an IFWTWA Media Trip in 2011 or 2012 and published an article (print or online), blog post or photograph was eligible to submit an entry. Members sent in 24 entries, half of which were from board members.

Note: There were no photography entries, so funds allocated for the photography prize were used as a 4th Place Award in the Published Article (Print or Online) category.

Winners and links to their winning entries are listed below. Congratulations to the winners, and much thanks to every IFWTWA member who submitted an entry.

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