Best of 2015: IFWTWA’s Greek Islands Media Trip

September 7-17, 2015: 
Seven members representing magazines, online media, radio, guide books and photography media  enjoyed a slow exploration, Greek-style, of The Cyclades and Alonissos. We began in Athens with a warm welcome and then started our journey by ferry to Alonissos, Paros, Ios and Milos. We found that each island has a fierce pride and is remarkably different; there is a treasure waiting to be discovered on each one. The stunning beaches, snorkeling, boating excursions, quaint towns, hot springs, archeological sites, historical locales, local wines and gastronomy, winemaking and sunsets were fantastic, but it is the remarkable and strong people we met on our journey who will remain in our hearts.  Text by Michelle Winner. Photo credit: Kurt Winner.

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