Thiva, Greece IFWTWA Corinthian Riviera Media Trip – September 2016

Thiva or Thebes is known as the birthplace of Hercules, wine god Dionysus, poet Pindar and the famous general Epaminondas.There is agriculture, an outstanding winery called Terra Thiva, local pasta makers, bread makers, cheese makers, grape syrupmakers, monasteries making local cheese and yogurt, seaside taverns and hotels, and the spectacular new Archaeological Museum of Thiva. The seaside area is peaceful in the coastal town of Aliki where we stopped for a beautiful seafood lunch.

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Stacie Haight Connerty
David L. Drotar
Athena Lucero*
Amelia Old
Jen Reyneri*
Kurt Winner
Michelle Winner

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Bring the Greek Ruins to Life: Sightseeing Tips for the Gulf of Corinth
Thiva, Greece: Accessible Antiquity
Bridging the Gulf in Greece
Finding the Muse and More in Thiva

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