2016 Excellence in Journalism Award

David Lee Drotar wins the 2016 Excellence in Journalism Award competition.

In 2016, it was a tough competition, with many outstanding travel, food and wine stories in the mix. Drotar’s entry rose to the top: “Nomadic Voices in the Kingdom of Jordan,” published in the online travel magazine http://www.perceptivetravel.com.

Drotar’s story weaves his travel experience in Jordan with threads of that country’s rich and tumultuous history and its challenging present. He brings the perspectives of his Bedouin hosts to the forefront and overlays it with his own insightful and thoughtful observations about a country that’s heavily impacted by one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises.

For his winning article, Drotar receives the prestigious IFWTWA Excellence in Journalism Award certificate, a cash prize, and an announcement of his award in a press release and in social media.

Read “Nomadic Voices in the Kingdom of Jordan” at http://www.perceptivetravel.com/issues/0616/jordan.html

Entries are judged on a set of objective criteria: mechanics, structure, tone and style. To submit your entry for the 2017 Excellence in Journalism Award competition, visit http://ifwtwa.org/excellence-in-journalism-award.

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