2018 Pre-Conference Media Trip: Olympia, WA

May 4-6, 2018

According to Food & Wine magazine: “With its in-it-to-win-it attitude and a real sense of community, Olympia belongs on your bucket list.”

Host: Olympia-Lacey-Tumwater Visitors Bureau

It’s Still the Water: Explore Craft Culture in Washington’s State Capital Region

Olympia Brewery set up shop in what’s now Washington’s state capital region due to the artesian well water that coursed beneath the ground, inspiring the famous slogan, “It’s the Water.” More than a century later, that same artesian well water brews award-winning coffee, craft beer, cider, and spirits. It supports the crops found at farmers markets and on menus around town.

Come to Olympia for an authentic, handcrafted getaway with a three-day, a two-night itinerary that explores the South Sound Coffee Trail, parts of the Bountiful Byway scenic route and additional opportunities to sip, sample and explore the area’s decidedly different craft culture.

Learn more about Olympia here.


  • The trip includes transportation from SeaTac airport to Olympia on May 4 and back to SeaTac on May 6 to meet the Whidbey SeaTac shuttle.


  • This media trip is fully hosted, including all meals, lodging, activities, tastings, and transportation.
  • Only IFWTWA regular members registered for the 2018 IFWTWA Conference may apply to attend this media trip.
  • There is no media trip registration fee.

Application for Olympia, WA Media Trip CLOSED

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