The International Food Wine & Travel Writers Association (IFWTWA) is now a global network of journalists who cover the hospitality and lifestyle fields, and the people who promote them..

IFWTWA was formed in 1981 in California. It was conceptualized, based on a Paris group who reviewed restaurants starting in the 50s.

Our members cover a broad spectrum of travel destination attractions such as active and passive adventure activities, ecology, historical features, culture, fairs, festivals and special events. Many of our members’ writing niches include food and wine or the drink of the region as well as the culture and history.

IFWTWA strives to be a gathering point and resource base for an active membership composed of professionals engaged in the food, wine and travel industries. The association’s membership includes professionals in culinary arts and sciences, the wine growing and production industry, and in the hotel and hospitality management industries and public relations.

Strict Membership Standards

Our membership standards require urls or clips from the past two years or a book link with ISBN for regular journalists or photographers. We do accept bloggers who write on topic and have been blogging a minimum of six months and have a good following. We enforce a code of professional conduct and request members update their outlets every year with renewal.

Coordinated Press Trips & Conference

The association organizes conferences, regional meetings, and press/media trips to provide members with story opportunities, information and contacts essential to a successful career in food, wine, and travel journalism.

Since 2008, we have added an annual conference with professional development as well as averaged 2 to 5 scheduled trips a year with additional trips offered in our monthly publication “Press Pass.”

The trips are typically done in coordination with convention and visitors bureaus, chambers of commerce, public relations agencies, and marketing and communications personnel of airlines, cruise lines, resorts, hotels, and restaurants. They facilitate story opportunities for our members, and they also facilitate access for our hosts to working qualified journalists with substantial outlets and mass circulation..

We have a policy where trip participants are expected to send a clip to hosts and copy our office. We follow up with reminders and also provide our hosts e-mail and contact information. We pride our Association with participants producing. We have a media trips results blog that shows participants on a trip as well as the articles, radio shows, and videos that resulted. We realize the importance for return on investment (ROI) for our sponsors and stress that. We have a “no clips, no future trips,” policy.