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Agnes writes for print and online publications, and also develops news stories for online broadcast. Her career in journalism spans over a decade and three continents covering stories and interviews on food, travel, human interest and technology topics. Some of her works have been featured in publications like the GlobalEAT, Light Magazine and TravelLady Magazine. In her travels, she has munched her way to Australia and many countries in Asia, Europe and North America. Through her passion for storytelling, she aspires to craft content that informs, engages, and enriches the lives of readers and viewers. 

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Indigenous food takes on new meanings

Food like language, has the power to serve as a channel for cultural expressions and outreach. Discover how indigenous food can connect and heal.

Campsites you won’t want to miss!

Top camping grounds in Western Canada you absolutely want to include in your bucket list. Get tips on camping gears, free parks program and pass. How to camp on a […]

Ethiopia: guardian of the Ark

Ethiopia is a country rich in Christian history. The ancient orthodox church has endowed the country with thousands of churches, some are designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites today.

Norway: radiant jewel in rugged Scandinavia

In the Land of fjords, polar nights and Vikings, Norway glistens in the rugged Scandinavian landscape. Its striking beauty and unique cultural scape inspired Disney’s hit family movie, Frozen.

A cultured Christmas

How Christmas celebrated in Argentina and Armenia?

Why Thanin Market Is for Gourmet Window Shoppers and Serious Foodies

What’s attracting global gourmands to this Chiang Mai market?

Terraces Restaurant: Each Bite Is a Treat for the Discerning Epicurean

Why is dining at the Terraces Restaurant is a treat for the palate and soul?

Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai: Enriching Culinary Escape in Unpretentious Luxury

What makes Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai one of Thailand’s best culinary escapes?

The Joy of Rice

How a social enterprise in Thailand transforms the lives of Thai farmers one grain at a time.

The Best of Foods at THAIFEX 2017

What’s hot and innovative at THAIFEX 2017? Discover interesting and healthy Thai rice and coconut products that are heading to your grocery shelves in the coming months.

Theo’s Feast, The gospel made edible

A multi-level sensory experience of the gospel through food.

Goji Berries: The Superfood of Longevity and Vision?

Goji berries are labelled a 21st Century Superfood. Are they really the anti-aging, immunity and energy booster as some claimed?

The Best of Alaska Worth More Than Diamonds and Gold

The best of Alaska is worth far more than precious stones that dazzle in the windows of its tourist hubs.

Overcome fear of flying

Every day we face situations that stoke our fear. For some individuals, fear of flying is one phobia that holds them back from travelling. How does one conquer this challenge?

Singapore’s Capsule-Style Lodging: A Minimalist Travel’s Secret

It’s easy to bust your travel budget when it comes to lodging in Singapore. Where do you find a great deal for a steal?

A Cultured Christmas

How Christmas is celebrated by various cultures in countries.

Intriguing Down Under: You Never Run Out-0f-Things to Do and See

Why the Land Down Under is never a boring place? Discover peculiar creatures that laugh like humans, and reptiles that terrorized the earth before dinosaurs.

Think Australia: Striking Beaches, Quirky Creatures and Exotic Dishes

Watch Video as Mullin highlights some of the gorgeous beaches, unique creatures and tasty exotic dishes in the ‘Land Down Under’.

Military Meals: Do They Taste Like Rat-Au-Van or Filet Mignon?

Did you know many of our everyday foods are inspired by military meals? Chewing gum, condensed milk, flavoured chewable vitamins, energy bars and canned goods like Spam are just a […]

Beauty, backroads and bricks in Washington State

From the Red Brick Road to Yellowstone, the State of Washington draws travellers with its spectacular natural beauty and outdoor recreation spots. Discover fun things to do in Snohomish County.

Falling into apple season

Did you know the common apple originated from Central Asia? Find out how the apple can boost your health including improving your memory and youthfulness.

Singapore: Sights and Scents

Vibrant Cultures and Fascinating Finds, Perfumes made to our Liking, Capsule Hotel Experience – Amazing Bargain for the price of privacy and more…

Marriott Hotel Manila: An Oasis amidst Chaos

What makes the Marriott Hotel Manila a refreshing welcome from the mayhem at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport?

Canadian Chef Cherkas Making Waves in Asia

Could Canadian-born Cherkas be the rising star among the world’s future top chefs? Why did he choose Asia to launch his unique cooking concept and dream restaurant?

Seoul, Korea: Traditional, modern and delicious

Discover street food at Gwangjang Market, and shop in the city’s largest textile market for silk, linen and vintage fashion. Step back in time to the Joseon Dynasty.

On the Hunt for the Elusive Bengal Tiger

Maritime Travel Consultant, Hana Talimalo recently returned from a fascinating journey through India’s Golden Triangle. Listen to Hana as she shares her encounter with the elusive Bengal tiger, savour tasty […]

Puglia: Italy’s Unspoilt Heel and Culinary Hotspot

Explore un-touristed Southern Italy: the whimiscal trulli of Alberobello, the Norman era of medieval Conversano and savour the exquisite regional gastronomy of this gourmet paradise.

Transversing Yukon and Alaska in 5 Days

Discover why a stop at Kluane National Park is a must. Read the thrills of driving the Yukon and Alaska Highway, and why it’s not for the faint-hearted.

The Reality of River Cruising: Is it for You?

Before booking your dream vacation, you may want to assess if river cruising is really for you? Find out what cruise lines don’t tell you.

Starting a New Year with Wholesome Choices

Healthy Choices Start with You. What are they? Demystifying the Sugar Myth.

Grain Crusader Continues Giving Away Multi-million Dollar Company

His infatuation with whole grains turned into a multi-million dollar business. Why does he continue to give away his hard-earned fortune?

Cruising with Dementia

Travelling with an individual with dementia can be challenging. While it is true, it’s also rewarding.

Chiorri Wins Merano Wine Festival Award

The Chiorri’s labels – Saliato Colli Perugini DOC 2012 and their selection of Antonio Chiorri Merlot Umbria IGT 2011 are among the top wines chosen to receive this year’s Merano […]

Dining on the Road – What’s the Drive?

Listen to the podcast as Chef Betty Vasquez, Ambassador for the Riviera Nayarit, Judge for Master Chef Mexico and foodie-at-heart shares her perspectives on the vital role of food in […]

Happiness and Flavoursome Cuisine

Discover why happiness and flavoursome cuisine is plentiful in Fiji. Learn about the tasty attractions that draws visitors to this South Pacific Island.

Puglia – Where Imaginations Come Alive

Live Your Dreams in Puglia – A culinary travel journey through the Province of Bari.

Sake and Sushi Dreams

Japan is anything but a humdrum country. Disasters may strike the land of bubbling geysers and volcanoes, but the people of Shinto country continues to rise above the power of […]

France’s Global Culinary Campaign

An interview with the French Ambassador to Canada, Nicolas Chapius on his country’s gastronomy.

Chapman goes Los Cabos

He was too young to be a restauranteur. What happens when Mexican authorities stepped in…

The olive tree: a gift of abundance and health

America’s third President, Thomas Jefferson called the olive trees “the richest gift of heaven”. High demand for its nutritional and health values has resulted in widespread adulteration and mislabelling of […]

In Pursuit of Grasshoppers, Spices & Malbec

Exploring Oaxacan grasshoppers as a healthy snack food for the future, using spices in Ayurveda and Indian cooking – and savour Argentine Malbec and Empanadas of the Great Pampas.

The Most-Sought After Provence Treasures

Why are artists, writers, celebrities, the rich and famous flocking to this Southeastern French province? What are the locals doing to preserve their treasures?

Stewards of Creation

Type in the word ‘food’ on the Google search engine, over one billion results will appear. A universal language, food transcends culture, gender, age, and economic status. Food calls people […]

Innovative Social Enterprise

Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES) is anything but a tourist attraction or an ideal business venue. Guidebooks and online sites warn visitors and even locals to avoid the neighbourhood as it […]

Brewing Justice and Mercy

When Grayson Bain, founder of the famed Rocky Mountain Bicycle Company met Boaz, a Kenyan tea packager, a friendship developed resulting in the formation of Justea – whose mission is […]

Simply Irresistible Thai Food

The “Land of Smiles” is globally renowned for its scrumptious cuisine, diverse natural landscapes, rich history, culture and gracious hospitality. Discover Top Thai Flavours You Cannot Resist. Read More… Photo […]

Craving for the African Bird’s Eye

In her book “Pain and Pleasure”, author and chef, Rochelle Schaetzl sheds some mysteries surrounding this African bird’s eye chilli, its health benefits and why chillies in general are a […]

A Closer Look at St. Nicholas

Santa Claus is perhaps the most popular cultural icon at Christmas. To get a true picture of who good ole St. Nick was in his day (the 300s AD), one […]

Skyway Samaritans

The world around us is constantly changing. One may wonder how we can influence the lives of the people we meet, however fleetingly. Then there are brief connections – the […]