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Adam Levy is the Alcohol Professor and the founder of the International Beverage Competitions, an annual wine, beer, and spirits competition series taking place in New York City, Berlin, Melbourne and Hong Kong. It is Adam’s passion for good drink paired with a savvy journalistic observation that propelled him to create an unparalleled, authentic contest within the beverage industry. Adam was inspired to develop the competition when reading an article in Malt Advocate many years ago. The piece revealed that in reality, some of the most well known West Coast Competitions present medals to over 84% of the spirits that enter their contests. As a journalist and a consumer himself, Adam wanted to assemble a more evenhanded and honest competition – not a “medal factory” where the cost of entry ensures high odds of winning. As a native New Yorker, he was compelled to develop an impartial New York-based competition where real trade buyers serve as the voice to pronounce the winners by category and by actual price, so he founded the NY International Wine Competition, the NY International Spirits Competition, and the NY International Beer Competition. Since that first year, the success of the New York competitions has allowed him to expand the series to include the Berlin International Spirits Competition, the Berlin International Wine Competition, the Melbourne International Wine Competition, the Melbourne International Spirits Competition, and the Melbourne International Beer Competition. Today these competitions have become some of the most respected in the beverage industry by those in the trade, consumers, and journalists alike. Before delving into the drink world, Adam earned a BA in Political Science and MBA in Business Strategy. He began his career in the tech field, working with ATT, Radware and other tech companies. Throughout it all, he pursued his personal passion for the world of liquor and began writing for multiple print and online sources. Adam is also a Co-Founder of a technology solutions company providing secure network solutions to some of the top companies in the New York Metro Area. He has also been known to provide special tastings events for his clients and through his tasting company “All Spirits Events.” Adam takes his role as the Alcohol Professor seriously and is a strong believer in the “knowledge transfer” experience. As a recognized expert in the beverage industry, he is often asked what to drink, where to eat, where to visit, and more. This blog was built to answer all of the questions that anyone might have about beer, wine, cocktails, and everything else in the wonderful world of spirits. Adam lives in New York with his dog, Garrett Oliver, so when he is not running a tasting, visiting a distillery, winery or brewery, or heading up a competition, he makes sure to schedule his events around Rutgers Sports. He is continually praying to the College Football Gods to give Rutgers a Winning Football Season! 

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