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As principal of Andrew T. Der & Associates, LLC, I work and write for land development companies and government agencies requiring technical and scientific guidance in the environmental disciplines. Concurrently, my expertise has expanded into environmental and travel journalism as an opportunity to establish a successful published story-base. In addition to nature and conservation tourism topics, my primary destination interests are creative and cultural family destinations, unique resorts, eco-travel, and the occasional offbeat experience. Also a columnist at . 

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Forgotten Natural Florida

I am eye to eye with a bald eagle again. They seem to be everywhere in Franklin County, Florida. Forgetting how close this is to popular tourist destinations is easy, since just south of Tallahassee and east of Panama City lurks the environmentally serene and ecologically rich county bearing Benjamin […]

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All’s Whale in Massachusetts

Waving pectoral flippers in the air while floating on its back for its amazed ocean audience, this magnificent Humpback Whale was the real thing – and only an hour after I left Gloucester Harbor under the watchful gaze of the Gorton’s Fishermen’s Memorial of fish stick fame (“they who go […]

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Coral Spawning in St. Lucia

In the weightless darkness of the warm underwater ocean night, I eagerly observed the confetti clouds of spawning coral floating up on cue like upward falling snow just days after the first August full moon. Exchanging glances with unusual sea creatures with glowing eyes that only come out at night […]

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Alternative Amsterdam

Years ago, a phrase like “alternative Amsterdam” may have conjured up the expectations of more edgy and non-traditional attractions and entertainment. Excessive publicity about legalized commercial sex and drugs tends to divert attention away from the outstanding water-centric and cultural attractions in this city, where I can walk from one […]

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Green Tampa

Staring eye to eye with wild dolphins, alligators and manatees the same week as riding a rollercoaster reminded me to not take Tampa for granted. Vacationing in tropical destinations in the summer may seem counter-intuitive but I am known to march to a different drummer. For easily bored families who […]

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Swimming with the Fish in Charm City

While air bubbles gently rippled past my ears from the scuba tank regulator, I exchanged glances with a curious eel. Wide-eyed children stared at me through the aquarium glass, reminding me I was still in the National Aquarium in Baltimore rather than the Caribbean. It’s not the Caribbean, but with […]

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Isla Mujeres: Undiscovered Cancun

The best part of undiscovered Cancun is the severely under-publicized jewel of the region: the nearby smaller island of Isla Mujeres (Women’s Island), only a short ferry ride from Cancun, but in another world of remote serenity. Consider it perhaps “Cozumel Light,” what that area was like years ago with […]

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Turtles to Tortillas in Cancun

The freshly hatched sea turtles tickle my hand as they squirm to paddle against real or imagined currents, then spread out en masse on the beach like a reptilian carpet disappearing into the sea, leaving nothing but a cool breeze and smiles behind. This is not your parents’ Cancun, nor […]

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