Audrey Medina

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Aug 2013

Exploring new places is my passion, along with biking, birding, and writing about my experiences. Cycling’s slow pace gives me access to neighborhoods often passed by, and locals eager to share stories. My favorite trips include cycling across Iowa, meeting bears in Yosemite, trekking in Nepal, and spotting endangered birds in Hawaiian rainforests. My writing credits include Westjet's Up!, TravelWorld International, the San Francisco Chronicle, Adventure Cyclist, the Literary Traveler, Bird Watcher’s Digest, the Christian Science Monitor, the Sacramento News & Review, Sierra Heritage, American Bungalow, Old-House Journal, Snowy Egret, the Suttertown News, and Country Journal. I live in Placerville, California, a small town in the Sierra foothills. I’ve been a cowgirl, a geologist, and a technical editor. There are still plenty of adventures out there for me, and I’m finding them as a freelance jouralist 

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