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I am a Philhellene who specializes in writing about the mainland of Greece and its islands. There are three million Greek Americans living in the United States and most families get all their news, including stories about travel in Greece, from The Hellenic News of America and The National Herald. I write for both publications. For the past decade, I have lived on a Greek island for two months of every year. I have written two novels and have been published in LuxeBeat Magazine and the two Greek American newspapers. My articles have appeared, also, in "The Athens News," "Odyssey Magazine," "The Hellenic News," "Greek America Magazine," "Wave," and "Greece-In-Print," the publication of the Hellenic Literary Society. My first novel, "A Lone Red Apple," is set on the island of Mykonos, and my current novel, "Labyrinthine Ways," unfolds in modern times on the island of Crete. "Labyrinthine Ways" has been endorsed by the Greek National Tourism Organization. 

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A LOVE STORY SET ON THE ISLAND OF MYKONOS, WHERE THE MUSES COME FOR INSPIRATION by Aurelia A female Zorba meets a male Shirley Valentine.  Set in modern times in […]


LABYRINTHINE WAYS—SYNOPSIS OF NOVEL BY AURELIA Labyrinthine Ways is a story of life and love in the rugged mountain villages of Crete.  In a land “where the mountains met the […]

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Poseideon’s Trident

I have “Sailed to Byzantium.” My voyage took me through the three peninsulas of Halkidiki– Kassandra, Sithonia, and Athos—extending like long fingers into the sea. Along the way, I was […]

Extraordinary Life of Kostas Mitsis

The Sofitel is part of MITSIS HOTELS, a hotel industry giant recognized in the industry as the greatest Greek-owned hotel chain. It was founded by the legendary Kostas Mitsis, who […]

Treasurers of Northern Greece: The Sani Resort

The Sani Resort is described as “A Mediterranean Destination,” and, to my eyes, is an apt description. It remains family-owned and it is truly a serene reserve, in an unspoiled, […]

The Cycladic Sisters: Two Goddesses and a Temptress

The magic of Greece is in its very ambiguity, in the tensions that pull it from one wonderful, delicious extreme to the other. The senses are pleased and pampered by […]

The Charm of Old Kardamyli

Kardamyli, a small Village with a claim to being over 3,000 years old and hidden in a remote area of the Southern Peloponnese, has many tantalizing secrets. They reveal themselves, […]

Men Who Drink From a Different Fountain

There is something mysterious about the Mani area of Greece that attracts those who drink from a different fountain—those who follow the path less travelled and climb the mountain yet […]

Unlikely Partners–Amazing Results

In the late 60’s and early seventies when highly creative people chose to lead unconventional lives, Burgi Kerck could be found playing Austrian folk songs and classical music on her […]

Welcome to the Underworld

At the world-famous Diros Caves in the Peloponnese region of Greece, I waited with others to board one of the small punts (boats) that would take us through what today’s […]

Walk Through Paradise

Set in a stunning landscape of a perfect harmony of mountain and sea, the sixteen-bed Mani-Sonnenlink Hotel offers its guests an escape from the ordinary and an opportunity to rejuvenate […]

Honey-Voiced Choir

A choir named “Melfiono comprised of eighteen women presented an outstanding concert to a beautiful outdoor theatre. It is in a spectacular setting in a mountain village close to Stoupa […]

International Jazz Festival

It was the fourth Annual Kardamyli International Jazz Festival and for eight days in May, the idyllic Village was host to thirty jazz groups (more than 60 musicians), and 8,000 […]

Idyllic Village of Kardamyli

Welcome to the idyllic, very traditional village of Kardamyli, first mentioned in writing 3000 years ago by Homer in The Iliad. Nothing much has changed.

Culinary Sanctuaries of Crete

The first culinary excursion of Crete’s Culinary Sanctuaries in 2017 is “Discovering Crete’s Cultural, Culinary, and Natural Wonders.” It will be presented by CCS in partnership with the Center of […]

Living the Dream

Not only was the International Food Wine and Travel Writers Association (IFWTWA) having its 2016 conference in California’s spectacularly beautiful Coronado Bay area, but events would be held in not […]


I was privileged to be among a group of ten members of the International Food, Wine, and Travel Writers Association (IFWTWA) to spend days touring the cultural and culinary offerings […]

The Extraordinary Sister Hotels of Mykonos

In an exclusive offer made by no other hotel on the island, guests registered in one of three hotels operated by the Kousathana family on Mykonos have full access to […]

Skites–An Exotic Guest House

Very near Greece’s Mt. Athos, perhaps the most famous monastic community in the world where no woman is allowed to tread, I had lunch in a remote and secluded sanctuary […]

A Magical Night on Delos

All guide-books and all guides will tell you that no one is allowed, by law, to stay on Delos overnight, but there is a wonderful story about how LAWRENCE DURRELL, […]

Where the Mountains Meet the Sea

Sfakia, located South of Chania and surrounded by the Lefka Ori or “white mountains,” is one of the most barren and rugged areas of Crete. It appeals to visitors who […]

The Extraordinary Life of Laskarina Bouboulina

Published in Hellenic News of America. The extraordinary life of Laskarina Bouboulina, the heroine of Greece’s War of Independence, and the only female in the world to hold the title […]

Pension George: A Hideaway on Santorini

Published in Hellenic News of America. If your dream is to enjoy a holiday exploring beautiful Santorini, while relaxing far from the tourists in a quaint and quiet village, choose […]

Greece’s Best Medical Spa

Published in both Luxe Beat Magazine and The Hellenic News of America. By Aurelia. In ancient times Edipsos was known aptly as Loutropolis (Spring City), and Greek philosophers such as […]

The Quarantine of Delos

Published in Luxe Beat Magazine. I spent three nights alone on an uninhabited island in the Cyclades and was taken there on a magnificent ship called The Quarantine of Delos. […]

A Traditional Cretan Village

I spent a week lost in time in a mountain village on Crete. I did not want to leave. My article was published in the National Herald. Arolithos is a […]

Aphrodite’s Hideaway–Where the Muses Come for Inspiration

Published in Lux Beat Magazine. Of all the unique architectural features that distinguish St. John Mykonos Hotel, the stunning five-star luxury resort on Mykonos, none is more iconic than the […]

Where Owls Fall From the Trees

The island of Lesvos has several species of owls, but in the villages of Vatousa and Xidera you will find an inordinately large population of the Scops Owl, all because […]


Published in The National Herald. In the tavernas in mountain villages of Crete you will hear passionate talk of The Twelve Archontopoula, or “Little Princes,” sent by the Byzantine Emperor […]

A Shepherd and His Remarkable Odyssey

It is an astonishing fact that in 1880, one third of all the Greeks who had immigrated to America came from the tiny Village of Tsintzina in the Peloponnessos. They […]

The Ultimate Orange County Experience

The article, published in Luxe Beat Magazine, describes the European ambiance I discovered at a lovely beach front hotel in Orange County, California.


Published in The National Herald, Food & Travel. Same-Species Marriage Legal on Mykonos MONDAY, APRIL 14, 2014 BY AURELIA Petros, the prized Pelican and mascot of Mykonos, takes a bride!!


Food & Travel Travel Schinias Beach – Published in The National Herald. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 11, 2014 | BY AURELIA Shhh, it’s a Secret! There are not many places in Greece […]


A UNIQUE RESORT SERVING THE PHYSICALLY DISABLED By Aurelia People with physical disabilities who have avoided travel to Greece will be delighted to know that a resort in Chania, Crete, […]


Athens in Winter THURSDAY, JANUARY 2, 2014 | BY AURELIA THE NATIONAL HERALD BY AURELIA Are you looking for an interesting place to visit this winter? There are many reasons […]


Food & Travel Sifnos: The Cyclades’ Stairway to Heaven FRIDAY, DECEMBER 27, 2013 | BY THE NATIONAL HERALD STAFF 0 COMMENT Sifnos: the Cyclades” spiritual island – and great beaches, […]


Food & Travel Travel Winter Hiking on the Island of Kea WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 15, 2014 | BY AURELIA THE NATIONAL HERALD Kea is off the beaten path, but certainly no […]


Asi Gonia: Blessing of the Sheep MONDAY, JANUARY 20, 2014 | AURELIA THE NATIONAL HERALD Blessing the Sheep in Crete BY AURELIA In the orthodox religion, every profession has a […]


PUBLISHED IN THE NATIONAL HERALD. Since antiquity, persons suffering from muscular discomforts have sought comfort provided by the healing waters of nature’s hot springs. Fortunately, Greece not only has an […]


Food & Travel Travel Trekking to Naxos and Amorgos TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 2014 | BY AURELIA THE NATIONAL HERALD Naxos, pictured here, along with Amorgos, are ideal throughout the extra-long […]


In Cyclades: 2 Goddesses, 1 Temptress WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 18, 2013 | BY THE NATIONAL HERALD 0 COMMENT A partial map of Greece, focusing on the Cyclades Islands By Aurelia The […]

THESSALONIKI MOU (My Thessaloniki)

Published in THE NATIONAL HERALD Thessaloniki Mou FRIDAY, MARCH 21, 2014 | Most visitors to Greece make Athens their base before leaving for the islands. If you are someone who […]


Experiencing the Beauty of Omalos FRIDAY, MARCH 14, 2014 | BY AURELIA THE NATIONAL HERALD tourists who find the hike down the magnificent Gorge of Samaria too challenging may want […]


Food & Travel Airport-Side Luxury: the Sofitel in Athens MONDAY, DECEMBER 9, 2013 | BY THE NATIONAL HERALD 0 COMMENT The luxurious Sofitel Hotel in Athens, just steps away from […]


THE NATIONAL HERALD In the Mountainous Village of Tsintzina, Doing Nothing is Really Something! MONDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 2014 | BY AURELIA Excitedly, I rushed to Tsintzina, […]

An Ancient Love Nest

Published in The National Herald. I went deep into Mani to Kardamili and my senses were alive. I smelled the salty sea, thyme-covered mountains, grapes, and currants. I tasted wine […]


Food & Travel Travel THE NATIONAL HERALD Askyfou’s Country Bread SUNDAY, MARCH 9, 2014 | BY AURELIA The countryside of Askyfou, where some say is home to the best country […]


Published in The National Herald. Winter Sail on the Greek Islands WEDNESDAY, February 12, 2014 | BY AURELIA THE NATIONAL HERALD Ahoy mates! Sailing the Greek Islands – in the […]

Romance of the Vine: A Night Harvest on Crete

Published in The National Herald. As the first rays of sunlight warm the field, I look toward the Lefa Ori mountain range and see the procession of men and women […]

Skiing Holidays in Greece

Published in The National Herald. It is not widely known, but it is a fact that skiing holidays in Greece are much less expensive than in other areas of Europe. […]

Unlikely Partners–Amazing Results

In the late 60’s and early seventies when highly creative people chose to lead unconventional lives, Burgi Kerck could be found playing Austrian folk songs and classical music on her […]

Magic Moments at Anthemus

Some say it can take just one “magic moment” to define an experience that will last a lifetime. Such a moment was mine at the Anthemus Sea Beach Resort in […]