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A dedicated food explorer, I run two blogs. is devoted to Mexican food and travel. deals with all aspects of food, wine and travel. I do the photos and develop and test the recipes for both blogs. In addition, I have written for LA Weekly and at present am writing special articles for The Los Angeles Times.

In February, 2013, my guidebook to Korean restaurants in Los Angeles was published by the Korean Food Foundation in Seoul. Writing this book entailed eating in more than 40 Korean restaurants in less than two months.

Magazine travel articles include coverage of Anaheim's Little Arabia for the Travel 100 edition of Saveur Magazine, Jan.-Feb., 2013. And an article on finding American style pies in northern Thailand for Saveur in November, 2010.

An article on a new Mexican coffee house for "The Cook's Cook," February, 2015.

I worked for many years for the Los Angeles Times food section and also wrote for the Travel section, Sunday magazine, Calendar and Business sections. In 2004, I won a James Beard award for an article on mezcal in Oaxaca, and before that was nominated for a Beard award for an article on cooking with Chinese medicinal herbs.

I have written five cookbooks: "Cooking California Style" and "Good Bread," both published by Macmillan; "Mexican Cookery" published in two editions by HP Books; "Barbara Hansen's "Taste of Southeast Asia," published by HP, and "Southeast Asian Cooking," published by Fisher Books.

I travel as frequently as possible, to such places as Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Peru as well as destinations in South and Southeast Asia. And I have studied Spanish, Thai and Korean languages and use these in my work.

I am a member of the LA Wine Writers and write extensively about wine. At home, my cooking is almost totally ethnic, a way to travel at the table. 

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Get to the Roots of Some Good Food

Diane Morgan tells how to use root vegetables in her book “Roots,” reviewed in this article.

The Five Top Tastes of July, 2018

Five dishes from five countries, reflecting the global nature of food in Southern California, are in my list of July’s top tastes.

A Jordanian Oasis in Pico-Robertson

Oasis restaurant in Los Angeles masquerades as Mediterranean, but it’s really Jordanian. This article describes its Jordanian dishes.

La Tapatia: Mexican Food and a Market

A fun place to eat Mexican food that’s also a market. The story about La Tapatia in southern Oregon is in my Mexican blog:

Banh Xeo is Sizzling on the Westside

The Vietnamese crepe called banh xeo makes its appearance in an area where Vietnamese food is scarce. Here is the story I wrote about this for LA Weekly.

Crazy for Tacos at Tacomania

A great place for tacos and margaritas–it’s Tacomania, in an unincorporated area in southern Arizona. This article shows what they serve.

Big Wines from a Tiny Oregon AVA

Brandborg Vineyard & Winery in Elkton makes superb Pinot Noir and other wines. This is its story.

A New Look at Southern Cooking

In her latest book, Virginia Willis explores the multicultural aspect of southern food.

The Five Top Tastes of June, 2018

Five wonderful dishes made this month’s list, including incredibly good French fries.

Abacela, the Tempranillo Pioneer

The Oregon winery Abacela was the first to plant the Spanish wine grape Tempranillo in the Pacific Northwest. This is the winery story.

Super Fast Tomatillo Chicken

This articles, which tells how to make Mexican chicken with green salsa, appears on my Mexican food blog,

The Five Top Tastes of May, 2018

A collection of superlative dishes in this listing starts with spicy tuna nori tacos at a ramen restaurant.

The Sweetest Kind of Addiction

TV Cook Siri Daly’s cookbook includes really yummy sweets such as her lemon bars. The recipe accompanies the article.

A Master Class in Artesa Wines

The story behind the superb Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs produced by Artesa in the Napa Valley.

You’ll Love These Crunchy Indian Fries

French fries? No. These are made from South Indian lentil and rice cakes called idlis. They’re unique to a South Indian restaurant near Los Angeles.

Learning to Cook Under Pressure

Pressure cooking isn’t scary at all, if you do it correctly. This story tells how do to that and produce some great food.

Doing More with Less in the Kitchen

Melissa Coleman tells how to organize a kitchen so it’s sleek and ready for easy cooking in her book, “The Minimalist Kitchen.”

A Feast of Turkish Food and Wine

Dinner in the Turkish consular residence in Los Angeles showed of the country’s cuisine and its wine.

The Five Top Tastes of April, 2018

Five outstanding dishes, ranging from a steak sandwich to an Indian drink made it onto this month’s list.

Oregon Puts Its Wines on the Trail

This article zeroes in on seven Southern Oregon Wineries that took part in a statewide tasting.

Montrésor, Elegance and Good Food

A charming new French bistro offers up to date creative food. This article shows some of the dishes.

An Almost Wine-less Trip to Turkey

Wine finally appeared at a dinner arranged by a beautiful restaurant in Gaziantep in southeastern Turkey. This article describes the menu.

Vegan, Gluten-Free–and Indian too

The Masala Grill in Los Angeles caters to contemporary tastes as well as traditional Indian food. This article describes the restaurant.

Pupusas, the best Salvadoran snack you may not know – but should

I wrote this article, and took the accompanying photos, for “The Cook’s Cook”, an international digital magazine.

Going to a Potluck? Get This Book

Author Ali Rosen provides everything you need to know if you’re invited to a potluck.

The Five Top Tastes of March, 2018

Five outstanding dishes at restaurants in and around Los Angeles, headed by a spicy harissa burger.

Fioretto–Cook It Indian Style

An article about the flowering cauliflower called fioretto, accompanied by an Indian recipe.

“Not For You,” an Indian Food Novel

An article about a novel by cookbook writer Nandita Godbole, and her recipe for spicy shrimp.

Lodi–Wines That Deserve Attention

Not well known, Lodi wines are worth seeking out. This article describes eight of them.

My Five Top Tastes of February, 2018

Five interesting dishes that reflect the diversity of food in Los Angeles

Something New–Greek/Sonoma Wine

Greek wines made in Sonoma, California? This is what Georgos Wine is doing, and this article describes the wines.

How to Practice Kitchen Creativity

The new book “Kitchen Creativity” tells how chefs create new dishes. This article describes the book and its authors.

The 5 Top Tastes of January 2018

A monthly look at top things to eat in and around Los Angeles

A Great Dish from “Tasting Georgia”

This article explores a travel/food book about the country of Georgia and focuses on an unusual recipe for beef stew.

Learn Food Styling from the Experts

Two top food stylists describe how they work and talk about their handbook for stylists.

Kohlrabi, a Top 10 in Veggies

Kohlrabi is one of the hot veggie trends for 2018. This article explains how to cook it.

Feasting in Private at Disneyland

The best food at Disneyland is in a private restaurant, Club 33. This article tells what it’s like to eat there.

A Feast of Mediterranean Food

A Turkish woman has launched Chez Eda, a catering firm that will specialize in foods of the Mediterranean. This article describes the unusual dishes she prepares.

How to Get Spaghettini’s Top Recipes

A story about a cookbook from a restaurant with great food that is also known as a jazz venue.

Exploring Turkish Regional Cuisines

A review of the book “Istanbul and Beyond,” which studies the foods of Istanbul and the little known eastern part of Turkey.

Abhiruchi Grill–New in Culver City

A look at the South Indian food served at a new restaurant whose name means “great taste.”

Slow-Cooked Chicken Tikka Masala

A new slow-cooker book tells how to make this popular Indian dish in a slow-cooker, using just a few ingredients. This article reviews the book and its recipes.

Pan de Muerto, Ghoulish and Good

A story about the Mexican sweet bread that’s traditional for the Day of the Dead November 2.

Picnicking on the Food of Bangladesh

Home style Bangladeshi food is hard to find, unless you know women like those who cooked for the picnic in this story.

Indian Food to Make You Healthy

Deepa Thomas developed a style of cooking that enabled her diabetic husband to give up insulin. Her cookbook “Deepa’s Secrets” explains how to do this.

Where to Party in Grand Style

Fabulous food, a glitzy party crowd, even a floor show. It’s all part of Los Angeles’ leading Russian restaurant, the topic of this article.

The Return of South African Wines

South African wines are bidding for the American market. This article describes the country’s signature wines.

Get Your Fill of Mole at Sunday’s Fair

A preview of the annual mole fair in Los Angeles and the food that will be served there.

Getting to Know Georgian Wines

Wines from the country of Georgia are very different from European style wines. This article tells what they’re like

Salads and Pasta in Sor Tino’s Patio

A neighborhood Italian restaurant serves northern Italian food that is simple and authentic.

Dragon Fruit Makes a Great Drink

Exotic dragon fruit blends with lemonade in a mocktail that is much like a Mexican agua fresca.

How to Make Enchiladas Suizas

Adding cream to the sauce makes these enchiladas Swiss (suizas). The article gives a step by step explanation of how they are made and gives the recipe.

A Whiskey-Laced Dinner at Commissary

Cedar Ridge Distillery in Iowa makes artisan bourbon paired here with fusion dishes at a popular Los Angeles restaurant

An Easy Beef Dish from Veracruz

The article describes how to make a simple shredded beef dish, using a recipe from a home cook in Veracruz, Mexico.

El Charro’s Thursday Special–Cemitas

This is how a Los Angeles Mexican restaurant interprets the famous sandwich of Puebla, Mexico, the cemita.

What’s New in Mexican Food Products

A survey of Mexican foods displayed at the Western Foodservice and Hospitality Expo in Los Angeles.

A Book of Healthy Food in Bowls

An article about a cookbook that capitalizes on the current craze in bowls, and a recipe from the book.

Master Ha’s Amazing Beef Bone Broth

Beef bone broth so concentrated it’s milky white. That’s the specialty of Master Ha, a restaurant in Koreatown in Los Angeles

What Real Italian Pizza is Like

A pizza class from a Neaplitan chef at Domingo’s, a popular Italian restaurant and deli.

Jet Tila Comes Out with a Cookbook

The story tells about the spectacular rise of a young Thai-Chinese chef to celebrity status and his new cookbook.

A Big Book About Vegan Cooking

A big book for vegan cooks that’s so interesting non-vegans will want to cook from it too. The story is in

85°C Draws a Crowd in Koreeatown

A Taiwanese bakery now sells its Asian style breads and cakes in the heart of Koreatown. A story about the opening appeared in

Julie Taboulie Makes–Taboulie

TV Star Julie Taboulie tells how to make her signature dish, taboulie. The recipe is in her new Lebanese cookbook, the topic of this article for

Cecchi’s Vermentino–It’s a Winner

A wonderful Tuscan white wine became my great discovery. The article tells where it comes from and how it was made.

Dig into chile verde

In this article for The Los Angeles Times, I write about five top places to get the Mexican green chile stew, chile verde. The article appeared in print and also […]

Learning About Thai Hispanic Food

Thai Hispanic isn’t fusion food. This article explains that it’s the Thai food that Latinos like.

A Cookbook for Veggie Lovers

Deborah Madison’s a top authority on vegetarian food although she’s not a vegetarian herself. This article is about her latest book.

Papa Cristo’s–Great for Greek Food

If you want great Greek food in Los Angeles, you go to Papa Cristo’s. This story gives the history of the restaurant and shows the tempting dishes served there.

Exploring a World of Jewish Food

A report on Joan Nathan’s latest book, “Solomon’s Table,” a fascinating global and historical portrayal of Jewish cuisine.

How to Make Strawberry-Loquat Jam

I made jam with loquats from my tree and strawberries and then described how to do it, with photos showing the steps.

Coffee? Yes, As Long As It’s Menengic

In Turkey during a media trip, I tasted exquisite coffee that turned out to be made from pistachios. This article describes it.

Blending Your Way to Healthy Food

An article about Tess Masters’ latest book, “The Perfect Blend,” which tells how to make healthy vegan and gluten-free dishes using a blender.

An Italian Lunch with Wines of Soave

Beautiful white wines from Anselmi in Soave to go with risotto and other Italian dishes. This article describes the wines and the food.

Italian Wines and Pizzas at Mozza

Touring Italian winemakers showcase their wines with the famous pizzas of Pizzeria Mozza

A Dinner with Silverado Cabernets

Tasting top of the line Cabernets from Silverado Vineyards at a steak dinner at Spago Beverly Hills.

Laurel Hardware Opens a Mezcal Bar

Laurel Hardware, a trendy restaurant in West Hollywood, has opened a Mezcal Bar featuring top brands of mezcal, cocktails and bar bites that suit the Mexican theme.

Potatoes with Chocolate? Why Not?

Potato chips coated with chocolate is one of the intriguing recipes in Raghavan Iyer’s new potato cookbook.

Good Food to Go with Wines from Lodi

A rundown of wines from Lodi presented at a tasting in Los Angeles, accompanied by food from the La Brea Bakery Cafe.

One Pan, Two Plates–and Freekeh

Few people know what freekeh is. This article describes it and gives a recipe from a new cookbook.

Pairing Lunch with Loveblock Wines

A trendy young chef comes up with expert food pairings for wines from New Zealand. ock

Japanese Tacos and Tapas at Necco

This article describes the innovative, healthy food at Necco, a Japanese restaurant in Los Angeles.

Here’s Where to Try Indo-Chinese Food

India has its own version of Chinese food. This article describes where to taste it at a restaurant near Los Angeles

A Chance to Learn About Afghan Food

The best place to get Afghan food is in a home. This article shows the way Afghan people cook.

Try Turkish Food at The Kitchen

Turkish food is scarce in Los Angeles. This story describes a place to taste it.

Dinner from Scratch in Just 45 minutes

This article gives a timeline for preparing a delicious three-course chicken dinner in only 45 minutes.

This Lemon Cake Is Really a Winner

A lemon cake that didn’t win a prize in a dessert contest is a winner in another way. Article includes a recipe

A Book of How-to Tips for Home Cooks

Chef and author Sara Moulton’s book gives insider tips to home cooks. The article is accopanied by a pasta recipe.

A Cookie Book from a Baking Icon

A review of baking celebrity Dorie Greenspan’s latest book

A Turkish Brunch Plus a Recipe

A brunch in Gaziantep in southern Turkey presented French fries in such a delicious way that I produced my own version for this story.

Tasting the Foods of Andalucia

A description of foods from southern Spain presented by a unique Spanish market in southern California.

Aro Latin’s New Style Nachos

A story exploring the new approach to Mexican food at fusion restaurant Aro Latin.

Where to get stellar South Indian dishes in Pasadena

This scouting report for The Los Angeles Times explores a new Indian restaurant, Annapurna Grill.

A Bargain Lunch in Monterey Park

A tiny cafe turns out to be a great place to explore downhome Taiwanese cuisine.

Where to find the great Oaxacan dish tlayuda in Los Angeles

The hot dish of the moment in Los Angeles is the Oaxacan tlayuda. In this article for The Los Angeles Times, I explain what it is and where to get […]

Updated Indian Food at Anarbagh

A bright young chef introduces his new concepts of Indian food at Anarbagh in Beverly Hills.

Making Pretzels with an Expert

This article describes a class with Hans Rockenwagner, the top pretzel maker in Los Angeles.

For Tacos in Turkey? It’s Bogazkoy

A young chef in Gaziantep appeals to a young crowd by making tacos. His restaurant, Bogazkoy, is the only place that serves them. I went there during a media […]

Origin Cafe’s Creative Kosher Food

A new kosher restaurant in Los Angeles specializes in fresh, innovative food.

Where to Get Authentic Turkish Food

Two women from Turkey have started a catering business that specializes in genuine Turkish food. They’re located in Orange County, near Los Angeles.

Tainan’s A-Sha sends a Chef to LA

A famous restaurant in Tainan, Taiwan sends a chef to cook Tainan-style food in Los Angeles.

A Great Place to Eat in Gaziantep

It’s a challenge to find a place to eat when you’re traveling where you don’t know the language. This article describes the outcome of a search for a place to […]

Loqhum, a new candy shop, brings Turkish delight to Garden Grove

Written for The Los Angeles Times Daily Dish, this article describes a shop selling genuine Turkish delight, brought from Istanbul.

For Indonesian Food, Try Simpang Asia

A review of a restaurant in Los Angeles where the specialty is Javanese food.

Turkey’s Refreshing Red Plum Drink

A beautiful drink from a restaurant in Istanbul, and instructions on how to make it.

Crocker & Starr’s Classy Napa Wines

A review of elite, carefully crafted wines from a historic vineyard in St. Helena.

Where to Get a Big Bowl of Moqueca

A restaurant in Oxnard is famous for its Brazilian fish and seafood stew, called moqueca. This story tells what it’s like to eat there.

Eat Your Parsnips–for Dessert!

An unexpected use for parsnips–in a cake, a recipe from The Vegetable Butcher cookbook based on a presentation by the author.

How to Make Turkish Style Eggplant

A fabulous eggplant dish from a cooking class in Gaziantep, Turkey. Step by step photos and the recipe.

Getting a Second Taste of Katmer

Tasting the luscious Turkish pastry called katmer in California was only the prelude to a second taste–in Turkey, where I went on a media tour.

La Casita Mexicana chefs host a monthlong enchilada festival in July

This article for The Los Angeles Times describes the enchiladas at a festival arranged by two top Mexican chefs.

Tasting Azerbaijani Food + a Recipe

Only one Azerbaijani cookbook has been published in the USA. This article tells about the author and the recipes.

Where to Go for Great Baklava

Imam Cagdas is the most famous restaurant in Gaziantep in southeastern Turkey, both for food and for baklava. This article describes a dinner that was part of a media trip.

Bulgur Gets Its Own Food Festival

The first bulgur festival to be held in Gaziantep, Turkey, was filled with good food, chef demos and other activities. This article was based on a media tour there.

85°C Draws a Crowd in Koreeatown

A Taiwanese bakery now sells its Asian style breads and cakes in the heart of Koreatown. A story about the opening appeared in

A Turkish Cooking Class in Gaziantep

As part of a media trip I went to a class given by a cooking teacher and caterer in Gaziantep. The article includes her recipe for bulgur pilaf.

Santa Barbara Rhones Go On the Road

Santa Barbara County is producing great Rhone style wines, as described in this article.

Indian Wines Headed to the U.S.

Grover in India is producing top quality wines, now coming to the United States. This article describes a tasting in Los Angeles

A New Place to Buy Indian Breads

A new market in Artesia’s Little India has a bakery that turns out fresh Indian breads.

Jesse’s Camarones–It’s Seafood Heaven

Ceviche, fish tacos, shrimp–they’re all at Jesse’s Camarones, a Mexican seafood restaurant in Los Angeles

Hungry for Biryani? Here are 7 places in the L.A. area to get your fill

This article for the Los Angeles Times, appearing in the print edition and also online, surveys seven places to eat the popular Indian rice dish biryani.

A Festival of Authentic Turkish Food

A local festival made it possible to taste homecooked Turkish food that would be hard to find elsewhere.

Not Your Everyday Picnic Menu

Not just hamburgers, but Turkish, Israeli and Afghan food show up at this picnic.

LASA’s Weekend Filipino Pop-Up

Two young Filipino-Americans are presenting Filipino cuisine in new, innovative ways at their pop-up in Chinatown, Los Angeles.

10 Top Tastes at the Taste of Israel

The first Taste of Israel festival in Los Angeles brought in chefs from Israel, who together with American chefs produced a wide variety of Israeli foods.

10 Top Tastes at the Taste of Israel

The first Taste of Israel festival in Los Angeles brought in chefs from Israel, who together with American chefs produced delicious Israeli foods.

Top 10 Ethnic Finds at the Expo

Narrowing down to ethnic foods was one way to make sense of the huge Natural Products Expo West. This article presents unusual finds, from Indian honey to tea leaf salad.

Food from Faye: Yemenite Chicken

A top cookbook author shares her Jewish and Middle Eastern recipes.

A Middle Eastern Feast in Oregon

A small restaurant in Grants Pass in Southern Oregon does a great job with Lebanese and Greek food.

A Dining Tour of OldTown Medford

Describes the wonderful tastes on a tour of three popular Medford spots. The article is based on an IFWTWA media tour.

A Guidebook to Ethiopian Cuisine

A review of a book on traditional Ethiopian cooking as well as a restaurant in Los Angeles where one can shop for ingredients and eat the food.

Dry Creek’s Super Chenin Blanc

Dry Creek Vineyard has produced an excellent wine at an affordable price, a boon to wine lovers with tight budgets.

Don’t Miss This Chilean Cabernet Blend

Young winemaker Rodrigo Soto is producing gorgeous wines in Chile, including a sumptuous Cabernet.

Encountering the Food of Azerbaijan

Feride Buyuran has written the only Azerbaijani cookbook published in the United States. This article tells how she put together an Azerbaijani dinner.

Tuk Tuk Thai–Still Going Strong

This Thai restaurant has a unique location–in the West Los Angeles kosher corridor.

Sol Cocina Opens in Playa Vista

A splashy party signals the debut of an upscale Mexican restaurant in one of the hottest new developments in Los Angeles

What to Order at the Indian Kitchen

Spicy ginger chicken is a specialty at this West Hollywood Indian restaurant.

Cocktail of the Week: El Guapo

This article describes the trendy food at 208 Rodeo, an elite restaurant in Beverly Hills.

Gwang Yang’s Special Style of Bulgogi

Kobe beef marinated in an unusual way sets this restaurant apart from other barbecue spots in Koreatown.

Chao Krung Is About to Turn 40!

One of the oldest Thai restaurants in Los Angeles, this historic place continues to serve top quality Thai food.

Great Tastes at Kriselle Cellars

This southern Oregon winery offers delicious food as well as wines. This was part of my coverage of a media trip to Medford, Oregon.

Tart’s New Dishes Warm Up the Winter

A bracing whiskey cocktail joins a new winter menu at popular Tart Restaurant in Los Angeles.

Okra Winds Up in the Produce Top 10

An underrated vegetable turns out to be one of the top sellers in the market today.

A Wine from Malibu: Dolin Chardonnay

Wine enthusiast Elliott Dolin has a small vineyard on his luxury estate that is yielding excellent Chardonnay

California Olive Oil–A Record Crop

A report on the current crop of olive oil, focusing on extra virgin olive oil, describing producers and showing how their oils can be matched with food.

Rogue Creamery’s Pampered Cows

A media tour to Medford, Oregon, led to further investigation on my own and this article about Rogue Creamery’s new dairy.

It’s Not All Sushi at Slow Fish

Spicy Korean pork shows up at a Japanese sushi restaurant that’s Korean-owned.

Butte Creek Mill, a Baker’s Dream

The oldest water-powered flour mill in the United States produces top quality flour and baking mixes – visited on a media tour of Medford, Oregon

Tasting Irish Whiskeys at Redbird

A serious whiskey tasting paired with Chef Neal Fraser’s cooking

Appams–You’ll Find Them at Mayura

A culinary journey from southern India to a restaurant near home, centered around the rice pancakes called appams.

Really Hot Chocolate at Lillie Belle

Spicy chocolates produced by Lillie Belle Handmade Chocolates in southern Oregon, visited on a Medford media tour.

Good Buys in South American Wine

This article deals with two underrated white wines from Argentina as well as wines from Uruguay and Brazil.

Good Buys in South American Wine

This article describes two underrated white wines from Argentina as well as wines from Brazil and Uruguay

Dancin Vineyards–Pinot and Pizza

The restaurant at this vineyard in Southern Oregon turns out excellent pizza. The article is based on a Medford media tour.

Exploring and Eating in Jacksonville

A travel/food story about touring and eating in Jacksonville, Oregon. Based on a Medford media tour.

Food, Wine–and Pastries–at Medford

Great food available in Medford, Oregon, focusing on the cuisine at Larks Restaurant. Based on a Medford media tour.

Best Hangover Soup 2015

This article, for LA Weekly’s annual Best of Los Angeles issue, describes a restorative salmon-belly soup.

Mr. Kebap (not a typo) is a new Turkish restaurant in Fountain Valley

This article, for the Los Angeles Times Daily Dish, describes a restaurant serving homestyle Turkish food.

Do you know what a Guatemalan breakfast is? Here are 6 places to find out

Written for the Los Angeles Times Daily Dish, this article describes breakfast specialties at six Guatemalan restaurants in Los Angeles.

What’s new at India Sweet House? Chinese food

Written for the Los Angeles Times Daily Dish, this article describes Indo-Chinese dishes served at an Indian sweet shop.

Ghee, the Indian-style clarified butter, is now made in Los Angeles

This article, which I wrote for the L.A. Times Daily Dish, tells about a woman who has started a company that makes ghee.

Ballard Canyon–Home to Great Syrah

Describes a unique vineyard region known for Rhone grape varietals and especially Syrah. Appeared in the blog

Lodi Wine–A Great Discovery

Great wine is coming from Lodi, a long-underrated region in California. This article appeared in

The Hidden Food Stalls of LA’s Korean Markets

This article for LA Weekly describes five great places to eat inside Korean supermarkets.

You Can Now Make Vietnamese Spring Rolls and Eat Shabu Shabu in Koreatown

Shabu Hyang offers a unique blend of Vietnamese and Korean cuisines. The article appeared in LA Weekly.

Mexicano–Unusual Drinks, Good Food

An article for the blog on a newly opened Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles.

A Dining Tour of OldTown Medford

Describes the wonderful tastes on a tour of three popular Medford spots. The article is based on an IFWTWA media tour.

Artisan Uprising’s Handcrafted Wines

Two brothers make high quality small production wines in Paso Robles, a story for

Mexican Tile Cookies

Gorgeous cookies from a Mexican cafe in Southern California, written for “The Cook’s Cook,” an online magazine.

Project Taco’s New Mid-Wilshire Location Serves Craft Beer With Fusion Tacos

A trendy Mexican spot with craft beer, described in an article for LA Weekly’s Squid Ink

L.A’s Little Bangladesh Expands with Biryani Kabob House

A review of a new Bangladeshi restaurant for LA Weekly

A Very Unusual Mole Comes to This Weekend’s Mole Festival

A visiting chef prepares a regional mole for the first time in Los Angeles, written for LA Weekly’s Squid Ink.

Guelaguetza Celebrated 20 Years With Renowned Oaxacan Chef Rodolfo Castellanos

An article for LA Weekly’s Squid Ink describing a dinner prepared by a leading chef from Oaxaca, Mexico

Tacos Tumbras a Tomas: 1,000 To-Die-For Servings of Carnitas, Every Day

The article describes one of five old-time vendors that I wrote up for LA Weekly’s issue devoted to the changing Grand Central Market.

Hatch Chile Alert

Announces Hatch chile season with a recipe for a grilled cheese sandwich. The article appeared in LA Weekly’s Squid Ink.

A little known Korean soup, and three Koreatown restaurants that serve it, written for LA Weekly.

Jesse Gomez: The Mexican Restaurateur

A profile that appeared in LA Weekly’s annual People issue

Spanish-Language Version of Sabores Yucatecos Now Available (Recipes)

Recipes in Spanish for the food of Yucatan, from the top Yucatecan restaurant in Los Angeles. Written for LA Weekly.

Melissa’s “The Great Pepper Cookbook”

The produce company describes peppers, their heat levels and how to use them in a variety of dishes. The article was written for LA Weekly’s Squid Ink.

L.A.’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition, and How to Get the Real Thing

Describes for LA Weekly the annual EVO competition held by the Los Angeles County Fair

Anne Willan Cooks From The Burma Cookbook (Recipe)

French cooking guru Anne Willan hosts a tasting from a Burmese cookbook, for LA Weekly

Jesse Gomez’s Second Mercado: Great Mexican Cuisine Near the Grove

Article about a trendy new Mexican restaurant, for LA Weekly

Parsi Cuisine in Artesia at Woodlands

A place to taste Parsi food in Little India, written for LA Weekly

10 Koreatown Dishes You Absolutely Cannot Miss

An article for LA Weekly covering 10 outstanding dishes in Koreatown.

Amor y Tacos in Cerritos: Mole Tater Tots! Chilaquiles With Doritos!

Tells about a Mexican restaurant with novel fusion dishes, written for LA Weekly.

The Five Top Tastes of April, 2018

Five outstanding dishes, ranging from a steak sandwich to an Indian drink made it onto this month’s list.

The Five Top Tastes of April, 2018

Five outstanding dishes, ranging from a steak sandwich to an Indian drink made it onto this month’s list.

A Big Book About Vegan Cooking

A big book for vegan cooks that’s so interesting, non-vegans will want to cook from it too. The story is in

A Big Book About Vegan Cooking

A big book for vegan cooks that’s so interesting, non-vegans will want to cook from it too. The story is in

The Five Top Tastes of April, 2018

Five outstanding dishes, ranging from a steak sandwich to an Indian drink made it onto this month’s list.

The Five Top Tastes of April, 2018

Five outstanding dishes, ranging from a steak sandwich to an Indian drink made it onto this month’s list.

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