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I travel, cook, eat, observe, interact, live and write. As a chef and culinary travel writer I seek connections among people, activities, the environment and what they eat that tell the story of a region/culture, whether that be in the remote Andes Mountains or the streets of Philadelphia. Publications include my travel web site on Argentina ( and articles covering a diverse range of countries and cultures at, Hellenic News of America and Original World Travel. Industry experience includes over 35 years as a chef, chef educator, hotel and restaurant manager, catering and teaching: history, writing, theater, culinary arts and business. I lived for many years in Puerto Rico and Canada (Nova Scotia). 

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Fathom Travel embraces eudaimonia

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone,” said Francisco, a Fathom Travel impact facilitator on board the M/V Adonia bound for the Dominican Republic.

It begins with scented hand towels

The amuse-bouche – the tease – is that all this comfort helps others; each property visited touched the human side in unexpected ways.

Four serene destinations in timeless Jordan

To awake in silence within the Valley of the Moon in the land of Jordan’s King, gives provenance to a feeling of awe.

Not all Jordan almonds are Jordan Almonds

National cuisines – aka authentic – are a myth simply because cooking is regional.

Cigars, Tampa and the revival of Ybor City

The city that cigars built – Ybor’s phenomenon on Tampa Bay.

The historic beauty of Jordan

Everything about Jordan is rooted in the past but what a past

Petra and pizza fuses Jordan with the ancients

Petra was an ideal junction for the distribution of goods on their way south, west and north into the Levant, Egypt and the Eastern Mediterranean. As for security, Petra was […]

Traveling to eat: ten restaurant destinations

These 10 restaurants cover 4 continents and 10 international destinations. Whether rustic elegance in La Jolla or the ultimate farm-to-table in Brugge, these 10 restaurants are destinations in themselves.

Kilkenny Castle defines an Irish Medieval palace

Enter the interior and marvel at artistic exuberance that is both inspiring and over-the-top. The Butlers were a family of extraordinary wealth and power and in the 18th and 19th […]

Irish chieftain Grace O’Malley would approve of Westport

The photogenic village of Westport and elegant Westport House as creations of enlightened 18th century concepts in estate planning – Grace would be counting the receipts.

Enjoy summer this winter at the glaciers of Argentina

The mother source of all this glacier glory is the 6,000 square mile Hielo Continental Sur, Patagonia, Argentina

Kinsale is the most beautiful village in Ireland

History and location has endowed the port of Kinsale with a stellar provenance.

Quebec City is on the 21st century culinary map

Suspend expectation, give in to desire, 9 Quebec Region restaurants

Muscular grace in Quebec City at cirque Crépuscule

Crépuscule may be a French word for twilight but this Quebec City circus performance did not lull its audience into slumber.

Savor culinary and historic Paros Island

Spicy shrimp, delicate smoked mackerel and salt cured tuna with oil and vinegar certainly were appropriate to the shocking blue background of the Aegean Sea.

Evolving Andean cuisine at seven Quito restaurants

7 Quito restaurants have firmly based their menus on traditional Andean cuisine yet take a liberal hand in fusing ingredients from Ecuador’s larder.

Dining on the edge of serenity at El Crater, Pululahua

Serenity, geologic biodiversity and a unique destination at “middle Earth” is all to be had at Hotel Restaurant El Crater, Ecuador

Tradition crafts 21st century Sifnos

Ancient and every day reality coexist on the Greek Island of Sifnos.

New Orleans Cities of the Dead

By the mid-19th century New Orleans boasted over a dozen marble yards and many of the best cutters and sculptors were free men of color.

Think you know Cajun cuisine?

Cajun dishes rank among the most misunderstood regional cuisines in the United States. That’s not surprising since it is part of the melange of cultural influences that make up southern […]

Exploring Halkidiki Unplugged

The sun glinted off the warm blue water of the Aegean and both young and old were in the moment. (Article in both digital & print editions of the Hellenic […]

Mardi Gras New Orleans is a man in a pink tutu

The man in the pink tutu, carrying his yellow plastic Mardi Gras cup – the allowable open-container for drinks – is nonchalant as he talks with the Queen of Hearts […]

National Civil War Museum: no heroes, only victims

On a stately hill overlooking the historic landmark capitol building in Harrisburg, PA, America’s only National Civil War Museum is a tribute to clarity with all the ambiguity of human […]

Discover a way of life wandering Athens markets

The markets of Athens: a kaleidoscope of sounds, images, smells, tastes: Context Travel experts conduct small group “walking tours for the culturally curious.”

New Orleans throws Joan of Arc a birthday bash

Twelfth Night may mark end of Christmas, but it’s the birthday of the Maid of Orleans and in New Orleans portends the revelries of Mardi Gras in just a few […]

Christmas spirit in Charleston, SC

Did Charleston invent the spirit of Christmas?

Eating Milos: culinary stars in a Cycladic galaxy

Fried anchovies and grilled squid, moist molasses glazed grilled young pig, roasted red peppers stuffed with tuna ­– this is eating Milos.

The Hershey Story is sweet legacy

“ . . .there is no provision for a police department, nor for a jail. Here there will be no unhappiness, then why any crime.” Milton Hershey, 1903, on planning […]

Eat California Modern in San Diego and La Jolla

There’s a locally owned restaurant in any price bracket for all residents to patronize in this SoCal county.

Kavala: still fresh after 2,700 years

Kavala, Greece: where Asia and Europe flow together. (Article appears both on line and in the Hellenic News of America newspaper)

Eleven of 300 restaurants Rehoboth to Lewes

Eleven of 300: Delaware hospitality, arts and food

Southern Delaware art galleries break design barriers

As the motto of the Art League of Rehoboth says, Art Grows Here™ in Sussex County

Alonissos Island is a floating spoon sweet

“Alonissos is a close knit community,” British expats Dave Court and Gerry Ivison said. For me it’s the robetiko ballads that touch the soul of both Alonissos and Greece.

Is the Finex cast iron pan a better mousetrap?

I conducted five blind taste tests. I cooked the exact same recipes and quantities using both the Finex 12SK and the Lodge Logic 10SK3, both equal in size. Read the […]

Mount Olympus: playground for gods and mortals

The mix of ancient with the present is the iconic allure of Greece.

Tröegs Brewing Company: handcrafted food and beer

A customer can certainly order fries, popcorn or a grilled cheese sandwich, but that’s where any similarity to average pub food ends.

Vermilionville honors Cajun culture in Lafayette Parish

The houses of Vermilionville hold the spirits and memories of the people who lived, loved and worked in them for over two centuries.

Let a Greek volcano do the cooking at Sirocco

Is dining within sight and sound of warm shockingly blue water directly on a white sand beach passé on your “bucket list?” Then let a volcano do the cooking.

Chef Frank Brigtsen is a New Orleans Cooking Experience

“The way Katrina changed me,” chef Brigtsen mused one sultry summer evening at the New Orleans Cooking Experience, “is that I’m more passionate about my home, more protective of my […]

A Santorini lunch with Selene’s Georgia Tsara

“Selene is zero distance from farm to table,” Georgia Tsara says with a broad smile proud of her Santorini restaurant. (Hellenic News of America).

Liz Williams is SoFAB in New Orleans

Is there a beverage that defines the South? Creole and Cajun fusion? (or confusion) – in a 90-minute interview director of SoFAB, Liz Williams answers all and states the theme […]

In Greece, Philippi made history

The vision for the city of Philippi: create history

Sense the energy of 21st century Harrisburg

Would it be a mistake to bypass Harrisburg, Pennsylvania’s capital city?

Revitalizing Harrisburg hospitality along with the city

  Young professionals flooding center city Harrisburg, PA, have a penchant for gathering with friends. That penchant is fueling a revitalization of both residential housing and hospitality businesses. Revitalizing Harrisburg […]

Marrying trends with tradition in Ios dining

  Nightlife on the Greek Island of Ios can certainly become lively during the summer season, but dining in the following seven tavernas and cafes put a smile on my […]

The faces of a new Harrisburg

  Do you ignore your own “backyard” when traveling? Perhaps Ralph, Mike, Danielle, Bono Logan and Earl the squirrel will change your mind.  The faces of a new Harrisburg

Try a fig and chevre pizza this summer

  Fig and Chevre cheese pizza: light and refreshing vegetarian dish for a warm summer day – my recipe Try a fig and chevre pizza this summer

Savoring windmills in Greece

    After Ionnis set the sails, it was with great restraint that this journalist kept tears of marvel at bay while sitting inside this pre-industrial machine as the great […]

Chef Giorgos Kosmidis Halkidiki shrimp

  Greece: hospitality and cuisine as legendary as its mythology – chef Giorgos recipe for his intensely flavored yet simple shrimp creation.   Chef Giorgos Kosmidis Halkidiki shrimp    

Sustaining Greek agriculture: the mission of Santo Wines

  Founded in 1947 after the devastating effects of war on Greek agricultural production, the Santo brand means more than wine.   Sustaining Greek agriculture: the mission of Santo Wines […]

Don’t buy chutney, make it yourself

  I love chutneys and the cost of making it is a fraction of commercial brands – and it’s easy.  Don’t buy chutney, make it yourself

Porto Carras Grand Resort shares wine, olives and home

  After all Greeks deified the very concept of hospitality. It’s unthinkable to change perfection.  Porto Carras Grand Resort shares wine, olives and home

The vision of Giannis Carras for a grand Greek resort

  It’s a story worthy of Shakespeare’s Tempest – millionaires and a dark and stormy night…  The vision of Giannis Carras for a grand Greek resort – part one  

Paros Land Hotel exemplifies the gift of Athena

  Spend time talking to the owners of the Paros Land Hotel and their promising young chef and you understand the creative resilience that has sustained Greece for millenniums. Paros […]

Layers of Greece: Ancient Stagira to Alexandros Palace Hotel

Discovering Greece through the perspective of a new generation of hoteliers – awe for the past, eyes on the moment, dreams for the future. Layers of Greece: Ancient Stagira to […]

When porridge was the staff of life: cookery at Hampton Court Palace

Robert Fitch answered my question, “porridge was the staff of life” for the common person until the 18th century. No wonder working the palace was a coveted job – even […]

Eighteenth century appetizers from two culinary historians

I believe both Fergus and Clarissa would agree that a 17th/18th century middle class diet was healthy only if the diner was physically very active, but it’s tasty. Eighteenth century […]

Fish chowder is comfort food

  Fish chowder has remained a constant comfort food, but a recipe evolves through travel and cultural influence. Fish chowder is comfort food

Clarissa Dillon on the great age of English puddings

  Clarissa Dillon, one of the foremost authorities on 16th-18th century English and colonial American cooking, tackles the often confusing interpretations of our shared culinary past. Clarissa Dillon on the […]

Chocolate was a London fad when oysters were fast food

Historic foods are relevant: with London’s St. John Bar & Restaurant and Janine Catalano Chocolate was a London fad when oysters were fast food  

Anestis Babatzimopoulos: Distiller, Winemaker and Chef

  Anestis is passionate about his 42-year career, his patrimony and the Greek language – “the best for feelings and emotions.” Anestis Babatzimopoulos: Distiller, Winemaker and Chef  

St. Trifon Zarezan would still favor Bulgarian wine

Since the days of ancient Thrace and their reverence for Dionysus, Bulgaria’s neighbors have prized the wine from this region of the Balkans. St. Trifon Zarezan would still favor Bulgarian […]

Driving Kassandra unplugged and tuned into Greece

  Sitting at a beach side café in Possidi on the Halkidiki peninsula of Kassandra, this North American was struck by an unfamiliar scene. People were reading. Wandering the Greek countryside […]

Dean Friedman in Carcassonne: songs in the air

  The creative process is nebulous. It has always been a balance of inspiration and technical skill. Moira Martingale provides the atmosphere, and Dean Friedman provides a stimulating opportunity to discover, […]

Flegra Palace Hotel plans new venture in Pefkohori, Greece

  The Flegra Palace Hotel: ideally situated to maximize a beach vacation as well as to explore the natural and historic beauty of Halkidiki, Greece. Flegra Palace Hotel plans new […]

Chef Aphrodite Balanou makes Ambrosia in Pefkohori, Greece

  Under the talented and creative hands of chef Aphrodite Balanou, the gods, if they could, would agree her dishes are ambrosial. Fortunately mere mortals can dine at Ambrosia, the […]

88 Palace serves palatial dim sum

  At a recent press lunch for journalists of the International Food, Wine & Travel Writers Association and New Jersey Press Association, 88 Palace, in New York’s Chinatown, presented a […]

Boise, Idaho, is not your average state capital

  Most state capitals were chosen for political reasons, but in Boise, Idaho, an entrepreneurial spirit is resulting in unique pockets of cultural activity. Come visit my Boise top ten. […]

The Hotel Rafayel on the Left Bank: sustainable luxury on the Thames

  The comfort of the rooms, the culinary excellence of the Banyan on the Thames restaurant and the location on the Thames River are reason enough to chose the Hotel […]

Chef Ronnen and Jones eggplant caponata over buckwheat and black quinoa

  At the Sun Valley Harvest Festival in September, chef Tal Ronnen, owner of West Hollywood’s Crossroads restaurant, and his executive chef Scott Jones demonstrated their flavorful vegetarian cuisine for […]

Sun Valley Harvest Festival was a cornucopia of food surprises

  Befitting a resort that attracts an eclectic international clientele, the Sun Valley Harvest Festival provided culinary entertainment for all tastes. Sun Valley Harvest Festival was a cornucopia of food […]

Idaho agriculture grows beyond the potato

The potato may still reign as Idaho’s number one production crop but in the agriculture section of the Twin Falls Sunday Times-News is a long list of local farmers selling […]

The Hotel Nikopolis and Da Vinci: luxury on the Spice Route

Frequently luxury hotels are not within two miles of a major airport, but the average North American does not usually find oneself a guest in the exquisite second city of […]

Oval café creates friendships in Thessaloniki

In Greece food is an excuse as well to make new friends. Eleni Konstantinou’s Oval café is a delicious slice of calm within Thessaloniki’s layers of history. Oval café creates friendships […]

Thessaloniki is always pregnant with culture

With the ring of truth, Anastasia declared, “Thessaloniki is always pregnant with culture.” For a city bulging with a young educated population this can only bode well for its future. […]

Thailand, Lao & Vietnam: Restaurants on a Mission in Southeast Asia

Four cities, three countries, four restaurants serving superior food, providing community training and accepting reservations – you’ll need one. Thailand, Lao & Vietnam: Restaurants on a Mission in Southeast Asia

Immigrant fruits, a tale of Hawaii grown coffee and chocolate

Few foods are as shrouded in mystery as coffee and chocolate. Spread by empires from their native equatorial regions, the remoteness of the Pacific Hawaiian islands put coffee and chocolate […]

Five views of the Argentine Andes

No wonder for thousands of years the indigenous people of the Andes worshiped the land as a living force and looked upon the Pachamama – the Earth Mother – as […]

A South Dakota ramble through farms and tables

South Dakota may be the land of corn, cakes and chislic, but a menu is just as likely to include buffalo meatballs, pheasant wrapped in bacon and walleye fish cakes on […]

The Hilton Hawaiian Village fronts healing waters

Waikiki has always been a restorative place since the days of the ancient chiefs of Oahu and Hawaii’s royal family. The Hilton Hawaiian Village fronts healing waters

Even Rousseau was enamored with France’s Savoie

Legions of tourists agree, since Savoie, in the heart of southeast France’s Rhone-Alpes skiing and mountain trekking region, has been a year round playground for decades. Even Rousseau was enamored […]

Eat oysters and love longer in Alabama’s Gulf Shore and Orange Beach

  With a sly smile, chef Chris Sherrill’s response to winning Gulf Shores 5th Annual Oyster Cook-off in November was, “eat oysters, love longer.”    Eat oysters and love longer […]

Re-imagine beach shack restaurants on Alabama’s gulf shore

The allure of eating al fresco on the beach is strong no matter what the age. Bahama Bob’s and the Gulf are beach shacks from different centuries that justly satisfy […]

Holuakoa Gardens and Café personifies Hawaiian respect for the ‘aina

Sit in a lush Hawai’i garden complete with a meandering koi pond and taste the island Holuakoa Gardens and Café personifies Hawaiian respect for the ‘aina        

The Kamehameha Schools revive the Hawaiian ahupua’a system

Not unlike the deep respect for nature ingrained in Native American cultures, Hawaiians saw themselves as simply caretakers. ‘He ali’I no ka ‘aina, he hauva wale he kanaka’ – the […]

2013 World Tourism Award Honorees announced in London

The real winners are the animals, the environment and the people that are being served by Born Free, Just a Drop and Skål International. 2013 World Tourism Award Honorees announced […]

Nikita Patiniotis defines Athenian cuisine for Context Travel, Part One

In this case, to define is a literal use of the word. Nikita weaves his tour through the narrow streets of Monastiraki to taste Greece. “In Greece, food is an […]

Love at first bite at Athens’ To Kati Allo

Food as an integral part of culture has been embedded in Greek society for thousands of years. This is not tradition triumphing over the modern era; it is the modern era. […]

Chef Mavro is Five Diamond Hawaii Regional Cuisine

  “I’m not a French chef,” says Marseilles born George Mavrothalassitis, “I’m a Frenchman who’s a chef.” This is not self modesty but a succinct definition of what has made […]

A two day drive through the Florida Everglades

Go southeast from Naples on a two day, ten stop, 200 mile drive, Naples – Everglades City – Flamingo – Florida City, for both a land and water exploration of […]

It’s no mystery why Lily stays at the St. Francis Inn, St. Augustine, Fl

  Joe and Margaret Finnegan have never seen Lily even though they have owned St. Augustine’s historic St. Frances Inn for nearly three decades. Of course, Lily’s not a guest; […]

Eighty-five-year-old Velma Fell loves shucking gulf shore oysters

“Is it hard work?” asked journalists on an IFWTWA media trip to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Ala. Without a pause in her stride, 85-year-old Ms. Velma Fell replied, “I […]

Taro: IFWTWA Conference attendees learn that it’s more than a vegetable

Ikaika Bishop beams with pride as he tells of his commitment to the sustainable revival of Hawaiian agricultural. He has a right to be proud as he leads a large […]

Florida in its Quincentenary Year

Florida in its Quincentenary Year The 21st century has witnessed a renaissance in interest in America’s sub-tropical real estate and it’s 20th century golden age.

Pensacola Renaissance

Pensacola Renaissance Through wars, hurricanes, political and economic upheaval, Seville Square and surrounding Historic Pensacola Village remain one of America’s most enduring Florida gulf shore neighborhoods.

Surprising Milano’s is tucked into a far corner of Washington State

Despite the reality that a driver could blink and miss Glacier, nature’s drawing card rewards this modest gem of a restaurant, Milano’s, with a steady stream of customers. Surprising Milano’s […]

Some thriving Whatcom County farms are hitting the bottle

Staying true to traditions are putting these farms on the cutting edge of 21st century agriculture. Some thriving Whatcom County farms are hitting the bottle

Magdalena’s Creperie enfolds exciting flavors in familiar packaging

Magdalena Theisen wraps a myriad of creative fillings in ethereal crepes, and customers flock to Magdalena’s Creperie. Magdalena’s Creperie enfolds exciting flavors in familiar packaging

Fairhaven’s American story as told by the Good Time Girls

The Good Time Girls provide a unique social perspective on the boom town history of Fairhaven (Bellingham) WA Fairhaven’s American story as told by the Good Time Girls Infinity Publishing […]

Bellingham’s Ciao Thyme brings the forest to the table

Like many creative and entrepreneurial young chefs, Jessica and Mataio want to do it all. The difference is they have a different plan. Bellingham’s Ciao Thyme brings the forest to […]

To Jennifer Hahn, nature is many things, but mostly edible

Jennifer Hahn, arthur of Pacific Feast, has been foraging, she says, since “I was a child putting things in my mouth.” To Jennifer Hahn, nature is many things, but mostly […]

Chef Blaine Wetzel of the Willows Inn has gone fishing

The Willows Inn is America’s most exciting restaurant experience Chef Blaine Wetzel of the Willows Inn has gone fishing

Geoduck ceviche is as American as, well, the geoduck

Pronounced “gooey duck,” it is, naturally, neither gooey nor a duck but a perfectly normal member of the clam family. Just one of the great experiences from the IFWTWA Bellingham, […]

Belgium celebrates eating during its 2012 Year of Gastronomy

In the land of Bruegel, chocolate and beer, it’s food that’s taken the national attention and honored during Belgium’s 2012 Year of Gastronomy.Belgium celebrates eating during its 2012 Year of […]

Carcassonne’s The French House Party tantalizes the mind and taste buds

Small groups of intellectually curious travelers gather for all-inclusive four to seven day residential workshops at a house party in southern France’s Languedoc at The French House Party 

Roller’s At Flying Fish: Fine Food & Jazz in Chestnut Hill

City Suburban News (PDF) article on page 7

The Duck and HK’s: Fine Dining on Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks

Great dining experiences in Missouri: the heartland of America has more to offer than just being “that empty space” one flies over from coast to coast.

Your Brain on BBQ: Four Roots, Blues & BBQ Festival Teams

Interviewing four of the 60 teams competing in Columbia, Missouri’s Fifth Annual Roots, Blues & BBQ Festival reveals a surprising mix of business and fun. Your Brain on BBQ: Four […]

Geeche Kunda Cultural Center: Georgias Lost Culture Revived

Americans want to believe we’re a homogeneous society. Wake up, we’re not. A visit to the Geeche Kunda Cultural Center explodes another cultural myth.

A Visit to Galen Glen Winery

What is it with engineers and chemists opening wineries? Having visited numerous American vineyards over the past couple of decades, Im definitely sensing a pattern. (Link is to the PDF […]

Columbia, Missouri: A Zou for the Lively Arts

Be it jewelry, painting, film, music, writing or culinary, 100,000 Columbians enjoy a surprisingly rich artistic life – and a lively “Zou” of 50,000 students.

An Inside Outsider at Columbia’s Roots, Blues and BBQ Festival

The Kansas City BBQ Society does not allow observers inside judging tents until one Philadelphia chef and writer was given an exclusive scoop. An Inside Outsider at Columbia’s Roots, Blues […]

Recipes from New Native American Cuisine at Kai

Recipes from The New Native American Cuisine, Five-Star Recipes from the Chefs of Arizona’s Kai Restaurant, with Marian Betancourt, Wild House Pass, Phoenix

The view from Nong Kiau Riverside Resort and Restaurant is worth the trek

In the far north of Laos, overlooking the swift flowing Nam Oh River as it cuts a path through towering forest covered limestone mountains, the Nong Kiau Riverside Resort and […]

Les Bourgeois Vineyard: Fine Wine and Dine in Central Missouri

Since 1974 a Cajun family has turned a hobby into the award winning Les Bourgeois, Missouri’s fourth largest vineyard. Les Bourgeois Vineyard: Fine Wine and Dine in Central Missouri

The Sheraton Wild Horse Pass and New Native American Cuisine

Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort, Spa, and Kai Restaurant, celebrate the spirit and tenacity of Phoenix’s Gila River Indian Community in 5 Diamond regalia. The Sheraton Wild Horse Pass and […]

Kansas City, Missouri: Historic Westport

Kansas City’s Historic Westport District is the true gateway to the west.

Columbia Star Dinner Train: Bygone Elegance Revived

The crystal clinks, the linen is crisp, the silver plate gleams and outside the picture window the late summer Missouri farmland slowly glides past.

Borough Market, London, England: the Empire Live on in Food

Londons Borough Market is appropriately located near Borough High Street station delivering the worlds food to ancient Southwark Cathedrals door.

Kansas City: Missouri’s Modern Day Phoenix

Missouri’s Kansas City is undergoing a revival that’s attracting businesses back from the suburbs and, especially, from that “other” Kansas City.

Columbia Farmers Market: City Support for Sustainable Agriculture

Columbia and AgriMissouri are putting money where its mouth is supporting farmers markets and sustainable agriculture.

Look-in Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand: Tradition Meets Fusion

Chef Wan of Bangkoks Look-in Restaurant is as comfortable deftly tossing freshly made pizza dough as he is with the intricate preparation of Tom Kha Gai.

Kansas City, MO: Blues, BBQ and Baklava

Kansas City: this gateway to the west keeps on the move gathering an international mix of cultures, food, jazz and blues defying mid-west stereotypes.

Columbia Dining: Beer, Dick Tracy and Peanut Butter

Columbia, Missouri, in Americas heartland, embraces sophisticated dinning and imaginative culinary trends while celebrating down home ingredients.

Tom Kha Gai from the Look-in Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand

In Bangkok, the Look-in Restaurants Chef Wan prepares the best Tom Kha Gai Ive ever consumed.

Spring Lake: New Jersey’s Irish Festival on the Riviera

Spring Lake, NJ, known as the “Irish Riviera,” goes all things Celtic in mid-June but no green beer.

Columbia Blues: The 2011 Roots, Blues & BBQ Festival

Since 2007 Columbia, Missouri, has hosted one of the nation’s top roots and blues festivals at an admission price that should be the envy of music lovers. Columbia Blues: The […]

Southern Laos Eco Tourism Future

From post-revolutionary obscurity, the once ancient kingdom of Champasak is at the center of southern Laos’ eco-tourism incentive.

The Black Trumpet, Spring Lake, NJ: Gourmet Lunch on a Budget

The Black Trumpet’s lunch in Spring Lake, New Jersey, is oceanfront fine dining without oceanfront prices. Update for 2013 post Sandy: The Black Trumpet was not damaged and is operating […]

The Smiles of Zimbabwe

Whizzing by on the bus in the dusty southern Zimbabwe rural countryside a women flashes a big smile as I snap a picture through the windshield.

The Siphandon: Laos Mekong River Oasis

Just 25 miles from the Cambodian border, Laos Mekong spreads up to 8 miles wide creating a delta-like region, the Siphandon, sheltering human and wildlife.

Marc: A Teaching, Cooking, Writing, and Traveling Career

The great site,, has just published an interview article on me they requested that I write:”I was born with wanderlust according to the Minneapolis Multi Phasic Personality Inventory…”

King and Prince Resort’s Shrimp and Grits in a Tasso Cream Sauce

The King & Prince Beach & Golf Resort, St. Simons Island, GA, finesses a classic dish served in every southern dinner elevating Shrimp and Grits to stardom.

Purple Sticky Rice with Coconut Sauce: Laotian Khao Gam

To many outside South East Asia, sticky rice is exotic, but in Laos it’s the common carb. This recipe from Luang Prabang, Laos, creates an elegant dessert.

Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort: Preserving the Best for a Century

On Pennsylvania’s Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort’s spacious and secluded grounds guard bees congregate on the porch of the hives providing ventilation for the life of the queen. Six varieties […]

Westin Kierland Resort & Spa: Pirate, Piper, Painter

In swank Scottsdale, AZ, the Westin Kierland Resort and Spa provides everything a leasure or business traveler would want including a Chief Fun Officer.    

Arthouse Cafe, Luang Prabang, Laos

Arthouse Cafe stands out among the competition in Laos’ historic Luang Prabang

Shawnee Inn’s Own Local Sourcing

Pennsylvania’s Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort takes food sustainability seriously, and creates profits, taking food from their farm to their tables. Shawnee Inn’s Own Local Sourcing

Zimbabwe Cuisine: A Tale of Three Meals

The cuisine of Zimbabwe, not surprisingly, represents a fusion of traditional foods, Colonial influences and modern marketing.

Zimbabwe’s Inns and Lodges: Nature Up Close and Personal

Throughout Zimbabwe visitors have abundant opportunities to view Africas array of animal life on a guided safari photo tour or from their room’s balcony.

Keeping Things Fresh: Chef Gaurav Navin of Shawnee’s River Room

From India to rural Pennsylvania, Chef Gaurav Navin brings a world’s experience to Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort’s menu using locally sourced products.

Ballooning Over Phoenix: Up, Up and Champagne

At daybreak, floating over the Sonoran Desert at 6,000 feet in a basket is an awesome way to start the day. Ballooning Over Phoenix: Up, Up and Champagne

In the Land of Kings: Zimbabwe’s Ancient Treasures

Three hundred million year old fossil remains, 6,000 year old Matobo cave paintings and 800 year old buildings of Great Zimbabwe are waiting and welcoming.

Uncommon Chefs: Shawnee Inn’s Team at The Gem & Keystone Brew Pub

Gem & Keystone Brewpub’s Dan Stripp and his team of “artists, skateboarders and rock stars” are unconcerned they’re on the cutting edge of national trends. Uncommon Chefs: Shawnee Inn’s Team […]

Antelope Park, Zimbabwe: When ALERT is Being Alive

At Antelope Park, Gweru, Zimbabwe, a dozen journalists take two cats for a walk actually, two lions.

Luxury Lodges at Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls

Undoubtedly one of Earth’s great natural sites, Victory Falls offers Zimbabwe’s most luxe accommodations.

Salvatore Vito: Pocono Limited Winery’s Master of the Apple

Pocono Limited Winery organic apple wines redefine the genre for this writer whose last experience with the fermented fruit was Boone’s Farm during college.

Shrimping on the Georgia Coast Aboard the Lady Jane

Eating wild Georgia White Shrimp within minutes of being caught, while on the Lady Jane off St. Simons Island, is a culinary experience not to be missed.

Roasted Eggplant and Tomatoes: Two Easy Laotian Appetizers

Roasting eggplant and tomatoes imparts an earthy flavor to these two quick and easy Laotian dips or spreads.

For the Love of the Grape on the Lehigh Valley Wine Trail

Big Creek and Cherry Valley are just two of the vineyards on the Lehigh Valley Wine Trail in northeast Pennsylvania that make for a pleasant weekend getaway.

Luang Prabang, Laos: Tamarind Cafe’s Stuffed Lemongrass

Within a lush garden setting on Luang Prabang’s Nam Kahn River, Tamarind Cafe teaches the fragrant secrets of Laos renowned cuisine.

Laos in the North: the Battery of Southeast Asia

Forested mountains and ethnic villages may dominate photos of northern Laos, but its the regions swift rivers an energy hungry southeast Asia covets.

Horatio Quiroga’s San Ignacio

San Ignacio probably would no longer exist if it were not for the ruins of the great Jesuit mission, San Ignacio Mini (1696-1768), a UNESCO World Heritage site that attracts […]

Rocheport, Missouri: The Town Time Ignored

Rocheport rests on the languid banks of the Missouri River enjoying its place in the Nineteenth Century. Is that Lewis and Clark approaching town? Rocheport, Missouri: The Town Time Ignored

Boiled Peanuts and Georgia’s Geechee Gullah Low Country Cuisine

African victims of the slave trade brought with them the cooking traditions of their homeland creating what we know today as Low Country Cuisine.

Kinnaree highlights the French influence on Thai dining

Set in an unassuming Horsham strip mall, Kinnaree Thai French Cuisine balances traditional Thai dishes with centuries old French influences.

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Missouri’s Lake of the Ozarks: Days of Food and Wine

From the moment you drive across the 1931 Bagnell Dam, you know you've entered a different world. The village of Lake Ozark is a time warp out of the 1940s and 1950s, when post-war families packed the kids into station wagons piled high with camping gear.

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Sweet Fire in Ushuaia

You will not find Dulce Fuego in any guide book, and if you ask most locals about this four-year-old establishment you may get blank stares. Dulce Fuego is certainly not on the tourist map and even the taxi driver had to check the location of Calle Cabo de Hornos. When he did turn onto the dimly lit street he had to look carefully to find the house number.

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