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With her camera and laptop close at hand, Carolyne has traded in her business suits for the world of freelance writing and blogging. She writes a weekly food and travel blog Ginger and Nutmeg. Carolyne’s freelance articles can be found in Global Living Magazine, Avenue Magazine, Culinaire, Impact, Sommelier India and City Palate. Carolyne also curates an e-commerce website - Atelier Boutiques - filled with Canadian Designer products (women's fashion and home decor) of exceptional quality. 

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The Truffle Markets in Provence – Planning Your Visit and Recipes

Truffle Markets It is more common to see summer truffles in the markets than in the past. However, this summer tuber may be related to the “Black Diamond,” but the […]

Luxurious Le Petit Nice Celebrates a Century of Gastronomy in Marseille

Distracted by Marseille’s traffic, we almost missed the sign indicating a sharp right turn towards Le Petit Nice. Once you make that turn, you are committed. Of course, you WANT […]

Discover Why a 2-Day Visit to Melbourne is not Long Enough for a Foodie

After a week of travel in a rental car, G&N were happy to park in Melbourne for a few days. Equipped with a friend’s suggestions of places to eat and […]

Australia Short Visit: How to Spend Three Days in Sydney

Finally, G&N landed “down-under” on a 30-day Australian “bucket list” trip – it had been a 25-year discussion. Described by friends as “Vancouver without the mountains” and “Stockholm with more […]

Distilling Wild Spirits in Canmore

It is not every day that a new vodka hits the liquor store shelves, and certainly not one that is fabricated using only (100%) ingredients from Alberta. The bad news […]

Road Tripping Beyond Australias Great Ocean Road

Australia’s legendary Great Ocean Road was a farsighted work project for returning World War I veterans. A permanent route allowing access to remote fishing communities was envisioned in the 1880s; […]

Chateau Romanin Dedicated to Provence’s Long History of Wine

Occasionally, you catch a flash of the sun on the windows, a fleeting hint that something magical is taking place on the North side of the Alpilles. Initially, the meandering […]

Far from Reality Slab City and Salvation Mountain

As Nutmeg stood in front of a crayon-coloured mound of dirt, clay and straw she thought what would Antoni Gaudí i Cornet (Gaudi) have thought of this? The “summit” of […]

Culinary Destination Sète for Food Lovers

Do you consider yourself a foodie? Sète needs to be on your radar. Sète it is the kind of city that grows on you slowly, until one day you recognize […]

Exploring Paris Fashion with a Chic Shopping Tour

Kasia Dietz is a transplanted New Yorker who has called Paris her home for the last seven years. The “City of Light” lured Dietz into its fabulous web of art, […]

Farm Visit: Understanding Saffron in Provence

In October, the Provencal sun takes its time rising above the horizon, like an old dog mentally weighing the effort of its next move. In the Jabron Valley, at 600 […]

The Lady Wine Makers of Les Baux de Provence

Running mostly east to west Provence’s small Alps – les Alpilles – are a small mountain chain, approximately 30km in length. The highest peak is not quite 500m above sea […]

Lifetime as a Traveling Foodie

With no immediate family in Montreal, we spent holiday time visiting relatives in far-flung locales. The door to a lifetime of journeys was cracked open in our toddler years. Admittedly, […]

Aix en Provence Walking Tour Discovery Beyond the Ordinary

Frédéric Paul is the founder of Le Visible est Invisible, a company that offers guided tours in Aix en Provence and the region. What he hopes to demonstrate to clients […]

KOTI Designs Silk Handbags Inspired by Art Deco

“Home” in Finnish is KOTI, the name that Kaarina Talvila chose for her company. For her, it is a fitting name linked to memories of her mother who first taught […]

Le Petit Palais d’Aglaé Gordes New Boutique Hotel

Cantilevered to a Luberon hillside are the striking remains of an ancient oppidum and its defensive dry-stone walls; Gordes can rightly boast about its ranking among les Plus Beaux Villages […]

Jam for is Not Just for Breakfast in Provence

Isabelle Jouhanneau makes her Un Jour à la Campagne jams the traditional way; in copper pots with fresh ingredients and no additives. Originally from the Alpes de Haute Provence, she […]

Exclusive Interview Bliss Travels Wendy Jaeger

American-born Wendy Jaeger admits that France is in her soul. The founder of Bliss Travels met with Nutmeg for coffee, in the Luberon, to chat about the company’s culinary and […]

New York Bound Anastassia Sel Jewellery

Volgodonsk is unlikely to be on many travel bucket lists; a Russian city located on the Tsimlyansk Reservoir, where the nearby nuclear plant is a local employer. This town is […]

Colleen Poitras Pretty Edgy Inspired Jewellery

Tomboy to jewellery designer. Colleen Poitras says “Ironically I was more my father’s daughter growing up, a tomboy who loved sports and wanted nothing to do with fashion. I’m not […]

The Allure of Provence And Its Wine – Culinaire Magazine

Mention Provence to a friend and they likely have a mental image that involves cobalt skies, cicadas and lavender fields. Ask that same person about wines from the region and […]

Experience Extreme Wine, a Provençal Escape – City Palate Calgary

Welcome to wine boot camp. Long before the existence of social media, the seven popes who directed the Catholic Church’s activities from Avignon (1309-77) appreciated that the terroir of the […]

Artigiani Milanesi Italian Cashmere Artisans

Artisanal cashmere is now being handcrafted in a country built on the fur trapping, canoe portaging, down-filled coats, Hudson Bay blankets, and Kodiak boots! Artigiani Milanesi established its bespoke Italian […]

Luxury Boot Camp Immersed in Wine – Sommelier India

The Extreme Wine Experience packing list was my first clue that I might have been out of my depth. The recommendation was to bring casual clothing, sun hats, rain gear, […]

Pedalling off the sausage on Germany’s Romantic Road – City Palate Calgary

With visions of sausage, sauerkraut, and artisan beers (in my husband’s case) dancing in our heads we eagerly agreed to cycle the Romantic Road in Germany with some friends. Our […]

From Potato Famine to Michelin Stars – City Palate Calgary

It’s official — the grass is definitively greener in Ireland than it is in Calgary. The Emerald Isle has long attracted golfers and garden lovers yearning to walk on her […]

Iron Roads Via Ferrata

With weak knees and short breaths, a harness snug around your hips you grip two metal bar on a steep rock-face and gaze at the breath taking views below. Fortunately, […]

Unearthing History in Search of the Real Couscous – City Palate Magazine

According to paleoethnobotanists, who study the origins of our culinary roots, there is a probability that couscous may have predated pasta. In some parts of Italy, couscous is as common […]

Responsibly Reinventing the Fashion High Street – Global Living Magazine

F ar from being a fashion expert, somehow I found myself drawn to the story of a Canadian, luxury fur-design house. Inspired by historical traditions native to Canada and named […]

Rat Pack Escape to Palm Springs – Global Living Magazine

Without water Palm Springs would not exist.   Attracted by, this life sustaining resource, the Agua Caliente band of Cahuilla Indians settled in the Coachella Valley roughly 2,000 years ago. […]