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Dave Nershi is publisher of the Vino-Sphere blog and a Certified Specialist of Wine. A former newspaper and magazine editor, Dave is an award-winning writer with a focus on wines, wineries, travel and food. Currently based in North Carolina, he travels extensively for stories (South Africa, British Columbia, Spain and even locations closer to home). A career in association management and meeting planning provides him with a unique perspective on hotels, restaurants and special events. When not writing, taking photos or traveling, Dave enjoys playing tennis. 

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Kenwood Vineyards: A Sonoma County Winery Visit

Kenwood focuses on the craft, heritage and untamed spirit of Sonoma County wines. We found old favorites and new during our recent visit.

Holiday Gift Ideas: Trio Of New Cookbooks

Looking for a gift for the foodie in your life? Try these tasty cookbook selections.

The Top Wines of 2017: A Vino-Sphere Exclusive List

Here it is – our annual listing of the best bottles of the year. Uncork a bottle and enjoy as you check out the favorites we reviewed in 2017.

Honoro Vera 2015 Blanco, Rueda

One should never buy wine based on a label design alone. Just like you should never judge a book by its cover. But hey, I’m only human.

German Wines Shine In Festive Holiday Meals

Looking for the perfect bottle to pair with your holiday feast? Wines from Germany are flavorful and food-friendly.

Uplifting Vino, Small Plates And Raclette Highlight Wine Pairing Party

Food, friends and a selection of great wine – these are the key ingredients to a pleasurable party. Here’s what went down at our first wine pairing party at our […]

Maxville Lake Winery Brings Napa Luxury To Rediscovered Chiles Valley AVA

You are forgiven if you forgot, or never knew, that Chiles Valley is a district in Napa Valley. Nestled in the Vaca Mountains in the northeastern part of Napa, Chiles […]

Arrogant Frog Delivers French Taste And Value At Dizzying Heights

Pays d’Oc is a picturesque region in the south of France that has low hills, rolling land – and great values in wine.

Wine Takes Root In Garden State With Bumper Crop Of Quality

I’m a Jersey guy. Even so, I had no idea that a renaissance of winemaking is underway in the Garden State. Read on as we explore a sampling of quality […]

Mercer Trio Delivers Value And Flavor From Atop Horse Heaven Hills

The Mercer family settled in southwestern Washington in 1886. For more than a century they’ve been stewards of the land in what is now the Horse Heaven Hills AVA.

Left Coast 2015 Latitude 45⁰ Estate Pinot Noir, Willamette Valley

Good things come from the 45th parallel north. Case in point, this new vintage of Willamette Valley Pinot Noir.

Plonk Wine Club Focuses on Hidden Gems

Want to enjoy small-batch artisanal wines without sifting through dozens of humdrum bottles? Read on.

Boutique Wine Sampler Set To Make Splash In California

The Boutique Wine Sampler is small in size, but really, really big in concept. The product is targeted at wine lovers and is launching in Costco stores in California. It […]

Dry Creek Vineyard: Sonoma Winery Visit

Dry Creek Vineyard is celebrating 45 years of family winemaking. We did some celebrating of our own, making the winery our first stop on our recent trip to Sonoma.

Rosé Overrules Summertime Heat: New Favorites From France and Spain

This might be the Rosé Summer. Store shelves are bursting with pink concoctions. In our opinion, the quality of rosé has never been better.

Arínzano: Crafting Wines From The Zenith Of Spain

I traveled thousands of miles to Spain and traversed five different wine regions. Yet in my travels, one prize eluded me – until now – a taste from Spain’s highest […]

Dee Dee and Paul Sorvino Deliver With New Pinot, Pasta, and Parties Cookbook

You may know Paul Sorvino from his roles in Goodfellas and Law & Order or Dee Dee Sorvino from her Emmy-award winning television work. What you may not know is […]

Livermore Valley’s Murrieta’s Well Quenching Thirst With Quality

We had only one regret during last summer’s trip to central California. We missed a side trip to Livermore Valley. We made up for that misstep with a recent tasting […]

From Corsica To California–Exploring New Locations Wine

Dave Phinney’s line of Locations wine have a simple concept: to make the best possible wine from a given country or location. We explore two new Locations.

Rolling Into Raleigh, NC, With a Knife And Fork

After a couple of decades in Ohio, we are making the move to North Carolina. We decided to check out the culinary scene in Raleigh. Here are a few great […]

Okanagan Crush Pad Delivers Cool Climate Chardonnay Goodness

Cool climate Chardonnay is gaining momentum and nowhere is it “cooler” than from the state-of-the-art Okanagan Crush Pad in British Columbia.

Pillitteri 2007 Exclamation Cellar Series Reserve Cabernet Franc, VQA Niagara-on-the-Lake

What lurks behind the unique metallic label from a Canadian winery? Does this reserve Cab Franc still earn an exclamation after 10 years? We are about to uncork and find […]

Argentina’s Achaval-Ferrer Raises The Bar For South American Wine

Finesse and style are propelling Achaval-Ferrer wines to international accolades and a new benchmark for South American wines. And yes, there is more to this winery than Argentinian Malbec.

Blue Rock 1999 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon, Alexander Valley

Maybe that’s what Dionne Warwick had in mind when she sang the song, “That’s What Friends Are For.” And by “that” we mean incredible wine – like this standout Cabernet […]

It’s A Gas! New Product Brings ArT to Wine Preservation

Spoiled wine sucks. ArT18 aims to bring the neutral gas blanket preservation technique to the masses at a reasonable price.

Arts and Cuisine of Montreal Beckon Savvy Travelers

Montreal is the second largest primarily French-speaking city after Paris. This metropolis is considered the cultural capital of Canada and abounds with fantastic cuisine and world-class art.

Meeker Wines Leave A Colorful and Tasteful Impression

For more than 30 years The Meeker Vineyard has been excelling in winemaking. We never buy wine just for the bottle, but when what’s inside is just as beautiful as […]

Books Explore Italian Wine History And The “Real Italy”

Looking to enjoy the good life in Italia? This pair of books provide entertaining reading on the people and wine.

Sonoma’s Ordaz Wines A Triumphant Tale

Immigration reform and a proposed wall on the border with Mexico are not just passing news stories for this California winery owner. His trail to success starts with an illegal […]

Barrel Run Crossing Winery & Vineyard: Ohio Winery Visit

This Ohio winery combines grapes and trains. The results are on track with delicious results.

Cusumano 2015 Nero D’Avola, Italy

Three billion pizzas are sold in the US each year. What goes best with this Italian specialty? How about a bottle of a little known wine from Italia?

Lambert de Seyssel Petit Royal, Grand Vin Mousseux, Savoie

There were so many unknowns about this bottle of sparkling wine. So, I just had to have it. We popped the cork on a most unusual bottle of French bubbly.

Max Ferd Richter: Delivering Riesling Goodness Since 1680

Yes, we love Riesling. Our taste runs dry. What’s the verdict when we uncork some of the sweet stuff from Mosel?

Karthäuserhof Quality Leading German Trend Of Dry Riesling

Think all German Riesling is sweet? The times they are a changin’ and Karthäuserhof is helping to lead the trend of drier German wine.

Boschendal 2011 Cecil John Reserve Shiraz, Stellenbosch

A visit to Boschendal, a wine estate with roots back to 1685, was a highlight of our trip to South Africa. Would its wine taste as spectacular in our own […]

Cain 2001 Cain Five, Napa Valley

There are three things I will not forget about this wine from Napa Valley.

The Top Wines of 2016: A Vino-Sphere Exclusive List

Here it is – our annual listing of the best bottles of the year. Sit back and “sip” these reviews of stellar wines.

Over The Top Dinner Focuses on Culinary Feats, Top Shelf Wine Experience

When we bid on a special dinner in the Exchange Club of Toledo silent auction at their benefit wine tasting, we had no idea the spectacular event that was in […]

Over The Top Dinner Focuses on Culinary Feats, Top Shelf Wine Experience

When we bid on a special dinner in the Exchange Club of Toledo silent auction at their benefit wine tasting, we had no idea the spectacular event that was in […]

Two Hands Garden Series Elevates Aussie Shiraz To Lofty Heights

Whether you call it Shiraz or Syrah, we dig this grape. Two Hands Wine is delivering eye-opening Shiraz expressive of Australia’s best regions.

A Cabernet Franc Day Tasting

The Cabernet Franc grape is sometimes treated like an outcast. The spotlights focus on Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir or other marquee grapes like Chardonnay. But Cab Franc is finally getting […]

Top Three Wine Lover Books For Christmas

What do you give a wine lover for Christmas – aside from more wine? Here are three outstanding books they will love!

Dave Phinney Locations Wines: AR, E and F

When Dave Phinney launches a new project, he has our attention. With this series of wines, he aims to capture the essence of the world’s greatest winemaking regions.

Destination Aruba: One Happy Island

We dodged and danced past Hurricane Matthew for a visit to the island of Aruba. The island is only six miles wide, but packs in plenty of hospitality and attractions.

Join The Wine Party To Ward Off Election Confusion

Does the upcoming election have you in a fog. Democrats and Republicans tussle while there appears no viable third party candidate. We humbly suggest you throw your support to the […]

Best Fruit, Best Regions Key Two Hands Aussie Shiraz Success

In Australia the Syrah grape is known as Shiraz. The warmer temperature and ideal growing conditions allow full ripening and a bold, blockbuster style.

Lodi Wine Dinner Displays Diversity of Unique Region

We enjoyed the wines of the Lodi California AVA so much, we just had to “revisit” them for a special wine dinner.

2016’s Best and Worst Foodie Cities

Think New Orleans or New York are pretty great cities for foodies? Certainly in the top 10? Not the case according to a recently revealed survey. Spoiler Alert: Steer clear […]

How To Host An Amazing Blind Wine Tasting

What is a blind tasting? How do you host one? What food should you serve? Here are the tips you need for a successful event.

Lodi AVA Shines During 2016 Wine Bloggers Conference

Is your image of Lodi, California, wine fixated on Zinfandel or the song Stuck in Lodi Again? It is time for a reset.

Amador County Producing Wine As Good As Gold–Part 2

The Motherlode gold vein may have played out in Amador decades ago, but today more than 40 wineries there are producing wines that are truly a treasure.

Amador County Producing Wine As Good As Gold–Part 1

There’s grapes in them thar hills! We recently joined the gold rush to discover a motherlode of outstanding wine in California’s Amador County during the 2016 Wine Bloggers Conference.

Woodinville Wine Country: Exploring the Best Of Washington State Wine – Part 1

Seattle is a travel highlight for any lover of wine, food and culture. But there is so much more just a few miles away from the Emerald City. Woodinville, located […]

Northwest Passage: The Sights And Bites of Seattle, Washington

Seattle, Washington, is one of America’s great cities, brimming with exceptional scenery, attractions and upper echelon eateries.

Napa Valley Versus Sonoma: We Pick The Winner

The two most famous wine regions in the United States? There’s no doubt about it, Napa Valley and Sonoma lead the way. Which is better? Here’s our liquid quest to […]

Henry’s Drive 2009 Dead Letter Office Shiraz, South Australia

This wine from two of Australia’s great wine regions was just the delivery we needed. After sampling a spoiled wine, we rebounded with this great bottle.

Ancient Wine Region Of Rioja Carries The Banner For Spanish Reds

Wine has been made in the Rioja region for more than 2,500 years. Wines from the Rioja DOC are among the finest and most famous in Spain.

Impressions Of Madrid: A Food and Wine Inspired Journey

The Spanish capital of Madrid is a celebration of art, food, tradition and nightlife. This vibrant city offers something for everyone.

A Clean, Crisp Sip Of Spain’s Rías Baixas Wine Region

What’s the most famous wine of Spain? Many Spaniards will tell you it is the Albariño from the Rías Baixas DO.

Ribero Del Duero: Spain’s Region Of Extremes Produces World-Renowned Reds

After experiencing a transformation in the 1980s and 1990s, Ribero del Duero now produces some of the Spain’s best red wine.

Taking A Bite Of Spain’s Colorful Tapas Culture

Wine was the magnet that drew me 4,000 miles from Ohio to Spain – but it was the food that made the trip an unforgettable experience.

Tercero Wines Delivery Artistry With Rhone Grape Varieties

Rhone style wines have a firmly planted home in California’s Santa Barbara County. Tercero Wines is one of the leaders of the pack.

Kessler-HaakVineyard Chardonnay and Pinot Noir A Harmonious Duo

Kessler-Haak Vineyard & Wines craft wines in the Santa Rita Hills region of California’s Santa Barbara County. Their wines are food friendly and speak of place and time.

Chateau Tebeau: Ohio Winery Visit

Back in the 1980s Bob Tebeau was a home winemaker who created a humorous label. Little did he know that circumstances would lead him and his wife to create the […]

Dolcetto and Barbera Grapes Shine In Pair Of Italian Piedmont Wines

The Piedmont region in Italy (Piemont – pay-MAHN-tay – in Italian) is at the base of the Alps in the natural boundary between Italy, Switzerland and France. Red wines are […]

Alsace Duo From Beck-Hartweg Delights With Crisp Flavors

Alsace is one of our favorite French regions. It produces superior white wines and uses varietal labeling on bottles.

Denny Bini-Podere Cipolla Lambrusco, Emilia Romagna

Italy’s Lambrusco is both the name of the grape and the wine produced from it. Chances are if you were tooling around in a VW Microbus in the 1970s, you’ve […]

Toledo Wines and Vines Named To List of Most Influential Wine Blogs of 2015

This is the time of year when many “best of the year” lists are issued. We’re honored to be included in the list of best wine blogs.

Colorado Wine Industry Captures Nation’s Attention

The first recorded wine production in Colorado was 1890. Today there are more than 125 licensed wineries – but chances are you’ve never tasted a wine from the Centennial State.

Cleveland’s Fabulous Food Show Has Star Power Plus Wine

For a decade, the Fabulous Food Show has been the premier culinary celebration in the Cleveland area. It features some of the top chefs in the world, educational sessions, vendors […]

Lake Erie North Shore, Canada’s Southernmost Wine Region, Offers Standout Wineries And Great Wine

Great Ontario wineries are just a few miles (or kilometers) away from Ohio and Michigan in Lake Erie North Shore. Here’s a quartet of great LENS wineries.

What Makes A Great Winery Visit? Here Is Our Trifecta

A winery visit can be spectacular – or a complete bust. What makes the difference? After visiting more than 100 different wineries, here’s our inside scoop.

Exploring Temecula Valley: Southern California’s Wine Country

You mean there is more to the Golden State beyond Napa, Sonoma and Paso? Absolutely. Temecula Valley offers award winning wines, great restaurants and interesting shops.

Sagrantino: Jewel of Umbria’s Montefalco Wine Region

The jewel of Montefalco is Sagrantino, a grape variety that grows only in this area of Italy’s Umbria region.

A Visit To South African Winery Tokara

Tokara is at the pinnacle of Stellenbosch wineries. It is an impressive marriage of exquisite art, architecture, wine and scenery.