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Debi Lander is a freelance journalist, photographer, and seasoned international traveler. She savors local cuisine with curiosity, jumps at new adventures, and believes travel can open eyes and hearts around the globe. Debi writes a monthly travel column that appears in five Florida Newsline publications. She frequently pens feature articles for Business Jet Traveler (print and online), DeSoto Magazine (print), a Boomer website named -,, and a publication for meeting planners/travel incentive planners at Facilities & Destinations, also in print and online. If her suitcase could talk...The Luggage Diaries contain highlights from the travel journal on her website Her food blog at ByLanderSea-Food features culinary articles, restaurant reviews and recipes from her travels, as well as bite size nuggets about what’s happening in my own kitchen. Debi and Judy Wells jointly write the blog: Good Girls in the 

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Cesky Krumlov: Fantasy Town on the Vltava River

Cesky Krumlov rates just a small and meek dot on the map of the Czech Republic – – politically inconsequential. But she’s a mighty tourist cauldron, simmering a mixture of […]

The new U.S. Civil Rights Trail and Mississippi Museum

Newspaper article discusses the new U.S. Civil Rights Trail: a national listing of locations where important civil rights events took place. They chose only ones that offer visitors a stop […]

The Sandpearl Shines for Meetings

A hotel review of the Sandpearl in Clearwater Beach, Florida for meeting planners in Facilities & Destination magazine.. There’s a famous quote about fashion that claims, “You can’t ever go […]

Aruba: One Happy Island

Review of the Aruba Marriott for meetings and convention planners. Aruba, nicknamed One Happy Island, spans just 19.6 miles in length and six miles across. It lies fifteen miles […]

Aiken, SC: History, Horses & Music

Article discusses the history of Aiken, a Winter Colony for wealthy equestrian enthusiasts, the popularity of polo and the annual Joye Music Festival.

Many Treasures of Milos

Debi Lander, a featured writer for, reports on her Celestyal Cruise and excursion to the lesser visited island of Milos.

Road Tripping through Champagne Country

Especially renowned for its expansive hills of vineyards, the county is always a favorite of serious oenophiles. And although many countries throughout the world offer spectacular wine regions to visit, […]

Return to Mayberry

For anyone looking for a little 1960s nostalgia, the town of Mount Airy is just the place to relive memories created by its hometown hero, Andy Griffith. North Carolinians call […]

Why Tourism and Meetings Business is Rising in the Land of the Rising Sun

Report from attending the Japan National Tourism Organization’s annual Expo to Facilities & Destinations Magazine. Ryoichi Matsuyama, President of the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO), gave the opening remarks. He […]

Butterfly Rainforest in Gainesville

Recently, two of my grandchildren visited and we headed to the Florida Museum of Natural History in Gainesville. The museum includes an awe-inspiring Butterfly Rainforest filled with numerous species of […]

A Visit to the 9/11 Memorials and Museum

Monthly Travel column appears in five community newspapers. This article covers a visit to the 9/11 Memorials and Museum in NYC.

Land of the Rising Sun

Feature article and photos on Japan in the Boca Raton Observer (print magazine and online)annual travel issue. Pdf file available on request.

Portrait of Portugal

Feature article and cover photo on Portugal in the Boca Raton Observer (magazine) annual travel issue- February 2018. PDF file available on request. The article begins on page 64 in […]

Waterfall Wonderland in Croatia

Newspaper travel column: My love of photography often takes me to places off the grid. One such detour in Croatia took me to Plitvice Lakes National Park (PLEET-veet-seh), renowned for […]

A Baby Boomers Guide to Petra

Guest contributor, Debi Lander from ByLanderSea, has just returned from touring Jordan and has created a fantastic Boomer-centric Guide to Petra and other Jordanian sites.

A Visit and Tasting at a Japanese Whisky Distillery

Description of the Nikka Whisky Distillery in Yochi, Japan.

Return to Andy Griffith’s Mayberry

Monthly travel column in five Florida Newsline papers. North Carolinians may call it Mount Airy, but it’s still Mayberry to me. Imagine cruising down Main Street in a 1962 Ford […]

Dressing Downton at St. Augustine’s Lightner Museum

Fans of Downton Abbey, the famed British television series, should not miss the Dressing Downton exhibition running at the Lightner Museum in St. Augustine. Article appears on page 26

Exploring Beautiful Aruba

Gorgeous high-rise resorts along Aruba’s southern coast and white sand beaches lure lots of visitors to the island. Like them, I savored the luxurious pools and cabanas at the Aruba […]

The Panama Connection

A tale of two Panama cities that welcome meeting groups to distinct paradises: Panama City, Panama and Panama City Beach, Florida. Facilities& Destinations Magazine

Edison & Ford Winter Estates worth a drive

…The winter homes of the two titans of American industry sit side-by-side on 20 acres of lush botanical gardens bordering the Caloosahatchee River. The property straddles McGregor Boulevard, a street […]

New Museums in Virginia’s Historic Triangle

Article appears in five newspapers. Three Tidewater cities, Jamestown, Williamsburg, and Yorktown, collectively make up Virginia’s Historic Triangle. They recall the earliest days of life in the American colonies. Today, […]

Consider Cartersville, Georgia

Despite traveling extensively, I’m still impressed when I discover big things in small places. Cartersville, Ga., a city of 20,000 residents about 40 minutes north of Atlanta, has major draws. […]

Two Nights Too Many in a Scottish Tiny House

…perhaps the infatuation with little things led to the rise of Tiny House Nation, a TV series depicting the lives of people adapting to 250-500 square foot houses. Having watched […]

Conquering Castles and Countryside on a Scotland Roadtrip

The swirl of tartan, mournful bagpipes and castle ruins called me to Scotland. On an earlier trip, I’d fallen in love with Edinburgh and its iconic 12th-century royal castle perched […]

The Creative Arts in Oxford, Mississippi

Oxford, Mississippi may sound familiar to football fans as the home of the University of Mississippi and the Ole Miss Rebels, including greats Archie and Eli Manning. Literary fans recognize […]

Exploring Mysterious Turin, Italy

Millions of tourists flock to Italy’s Rome, Venice, Florence and Milan — yet Turin, in northern Italy, stands underappreciated. The city is home to the famous Shroud and was once […]

Why You Should Vacation in Puerto Vallarta

Mexico News: Puerto Vallarta puts Mexico in a different head space. I’d visited the resorts of Cancun and Riviera Maya and was expecting Puerto Vallarta to show a similar face. […]

China’s Sichuan Province

Feature travel article in Business Jet Magazine (print and online) concerning the Panda Research Center in Chengdu and a visit to the Sichuan Province in general. Article covers food, lodging, […]

Cruising Portugal’s River of Gold

River cruising, luxury sailing on ships smaller than ocean liners, has gained tremendous popularity, especially with the Boomer generation. The desire for adventure and learning is enhanced by what is […]

Southwestern Road Trip through Amarillo

When a conference took travel writers, Debi Lander and Judy Wells, to South Dakota, they decided to make the most out of it and took a road trip to Badlands […]

Visit Ocala Horse Farms

Ocala, in central Florida, bills itself as the “Horse Capital of the World.” I always figured that title belonged to Kentucky, but I discovered I was wrong. The Ocala/Marion region […]

Ode to Lamego, Portugal

Lamego, a small town in northern Portugal and the area known for its production of port wine, is one of those places. I visited Lamego on the final day of […]

Baby Boomers Guides to Petra and other Jordanian Sites

Review and tips for visiting Petra, Wadi Rum and other sites in Jordan.

Exploring Noble and Noteworthy Northumberland

Debi Lander from ByLanderSea, is here to take us on a unique English adventure to Northumberland, a wondrous place filled with scenic landscapes, majestic castles, and ornate gardens. Oh, and […]

Four Seasons Gresham Palace in Budapest

Restaurant Review: The Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace Budapest sits on fabled history almost as long as its name. The renovated historic venue along the Danube River was constructed from […]

How to Visit St. Petersburg without a Group Tour

Article about my independent visit to St. Petersburg, Russia in July 2016 for the Boomers online Travel blog: My Itchy Travel Feet.

Wonderful Family-Friendly Wales

This article appears in 5 local editions of Florida Newsline papers- in print and online.

Touring the Carrara Marble Mines

I grip the sides of the backseat in a Jeep 4×4 as my body slides and squishes into fellow passengers. Chalk dust flying from our tracks, we bounce over potholes […]

Splendor in Slovenia

A review of Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital city, and beloved Lake Bled.

Tuscany: Renaissance offers guests “la dolce vita” in Italy

Review of the Renaissance Tuscany hotel and surrounding activities in Facilities & DestinationsMagazine. This is a publication for MICE and meeting planners.

Soaring Over Cappadocia in a Hot Air Balloon

Story and photos of a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia, Turkey.

Savoring Sun Valley

When Hemingway first came to Idaho—on September 19, 1939, to be exact¬ home was Suite 206 at the Sun Valley Lodge. “Glamour House,” he nicknamed it, and so it remains.

Florida Secrets: Finding Flagler County

Flagler County hovers under the radar between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach, Florida, including a swath of historic Highway A1A that runs along the scenic Atlantic coastline. Drivers often stop […]

Natural Selection

Page 76: Boca Raton Observer: February 2016 IUE:Cruising the Galapagos Island — The Land that time forgot. Everything you need to know about taking a cruise in the Galapagos.

St. Augustine, Florida: America’s Oldest City

America’s oldest city offers much more than its many historic landmarks. September marked the 450th anniversary of the founding of St. Augustine, Florida, the oldest continually occupied European settlement in […]

What Do the Maasai Really Eat?

We arrive in time for sunrise; the awakening of the nomads. Traditional Maasai lifestyle centers around their cattle, a primary source of food. The measure of a man’s wealth is […]

Shopping on the First Coast

Whether you’re searching for a wardrobe change or just want a special keepsake to remember your trip, there are numerous shopping districts along the First Coast. From high-end designer stores […]

Visiting Machu Picchu in Luxurious Style

My boomer style deluxe trip to Machu Picchu.

History Tastes Like Chocolate at Charlton’s Coffehouse in Colonial Williamsburg

Touring and tasting in R. Charlton’s Coffee House in Colonial Williamsburg, VA.

Clementine Hunter Murals in Natchitoches, Louisiana

Have you ever driven through a city or town and immediately wanted to stop and explore? That’s how I felt when I reached Natchitoches, Louisiana.

The Galapagos Islands

Feature Getaway article in Business Jet Traveler Magazine (print and online). These magical isles, which inspired Darwin’s theory of evolution, are home to species you’ll find nowhere else.

7 Great Golf Courses in Jacksonville & Amelia Island

7 terrific public golf courses. Published online and in Where Magazine which is distributed in Northeast Florida hotels.

Tanque Verde Dude Ranch

What I learned from three days at the Tanque Verde Dude Ranch including recommendations for meeting and event planners.Published in Facilities & Destinations Magazine – print and online.

Antoine’s: 175 Years of New Orleans History

History speaks from the memorabilia-strewn walls of Antoine’s Restaurant in New Orleans, the oldest family-run restaurant in the United States. They tell extraordinary tales from the past 175 years. Published […]

A Dip in Iceland\’s Blue Lagoon

Personal account of taking a dip in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon.

North Florida Review

The River City and the Old City promise diverse experiences for groups. Facilities & Destinations is a magazine for Meeting and Incentive Award Travel planners.See page 48.

Hiking the Grand Canyon is Difficult. Ride a Mule.

This article is a feature done for It tells my story of saddling up for a Mule Vista trail ride at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. Also […]

Spain’s Balearic Islands

The 2013 Facilities & Destinations Mid-Market Review has been released for preview online.  To read my feature article on Spain’s Balearic Islands please use this link: My article begins […]

Winter Wine Tour on the Upper Pennisula

In a Tank of Gas Story: Debi Lander discovers that Northern Michigan isn’t quite so cold when you arm up your day with a little wine.


Expect to be awestruck when you enter the open expanse of Prague’s Old Town Square. You’ll face an array of facades, pediments and spires ranging from Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance […]

Salt and Trees: The Surprising History of Morton Salt

The connection between trees and salt crystals appears rather slim, but the roots of the Morton Salt Company run deep. This article appears on Please click “More info” to […]

Jordan’s Petra

Feature article and 18 photos of Petra, Jordan  (plus a sidebar) by Debi Lander in February/March 2013 issue of Business Jet Traveler magazine. Business Jet Traveler magazine is written for […]

Angels & Demons Secret Vatican Tour

Feature article on the search for St. Peter’s bones beneath the Vatican.

An Evening at the New Orleans Cooking School

Feature article at – A three hour lesson at The New Orleans Cooking Experience, taught by renown chef Frank Brigtsen, followed by a multi-course dinner at the House of […]

Chef Mike Crury’s Chocolate Bread Pudding

Chocolate Atlas- Daytona’s Chef Mike Drury demonstrates how to make Chocolate Bread Pudding. Recipe included.

Williamsburg Mythbusters

AOL Travel Contributor, Debi Lander, reveals some surprising tales about Williamburg, Virginia.

Fox News: Daytona in 5

Live broadcast and written article as appearedon Fox News.Most of the photography is mine.

Road Trip Food: Abe’s Grill

Southern food that’s worth the weight- Corinth, Mississippi.

St. Pierre & Miquelon: A Taste of France in North America

Feature article concerning two French owned islands 15 miles off the coast of Newfoundland. Residents on these shores carry the euro, use 220 voltage and savor Brie,baguettes and Bordeaux. Print […]

Illuminating Corinth

A Mississippi town remembers its Civil War history by lighting 12,000 luminaries each November. Published in Deep South Magazine, November 2011.

Jacksonville-Belfast Share Titanic Connections

March 2012 article published in the Jacksonville Times-Union Newspaper (Jacksonville, FL) and also on their website- as above. Photos included my own as well as archival files. Story tells of […]

Global Writes (10)

Fun at the Laurel and Hardy Museum in Harlem, Georgia

Little did I know that Oliver Hardy had a connection to nearby hometown Jacksonville, Florida until I found myself in Harlem, Georgia, his birthplace and home to the Laurel and Hardy Museum. Harlem is located just outside Augusta in fast-growing Columbia County. The museum on Main Street pays tribute to […]

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The Almost Secret Ogeechee River Car Museum

You have to know its there and call for a reservation because this museum sits on private historic property. However, once you find Riverview Farms, you will delight in browsing and may not want to leave. Car enthusiasts should rev up their engines and head to the Ogeechee River Car […]

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Going Hog Wild in Lexington, NC: Barbecue Capital

Lexington, North Carolina, population fewer than 20,000, keeps its pork lovin’ residents’ content with 17 barbecue restaurants, all at very reasonable prices. While folks bicker over who makes the best in town, others argue about the best style: Memphis, Kansas City, North Carolina. No matter what, Lexington barbecue is legendary […]

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Warm Up in Riviera Maya, Mexico

The United States has suffered more than usual cold temperatures this winter and a warm weather getaway certainly sounds enticing. The Riviera Maya in Mexico becomes an ideal escape as flights to Cancun are plentiful and most resorts offer all-inclusive rates which help make budgeting or peso-pinching easier. I recently […]

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Rainbow Trout Farming in Idaho

I would never have guessed that Buhl, Idaho had the largest rainbow trout farm anywhere in the world. But, then again, I’d never heard of a place named Buhl. The area appears as flat farm land with immense rock walls on one side of the Snake River, but lies pretty […]

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Delicious Day in Hershey, PA

Taking two of my grandkids to Hershey, Pennsylvania ranked as a delicious day in numerous ways. Of course, we tasted lots of decadent chocolate, but my grandchildren and I gained much more than yummy calories. We attended a “Hershey University Adventure,” which began with a brief history on cacao, something […]

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Uncle Remus Museum in Eatonton, Georgia makes a Wonderful Day

Oh, please don’t throw me in the briar patch, but do stop at the town of Eatonton to see the Uncle Remus Museum. Eatonton lies in central Georgia, about an hour’s drive east of Atlanta, and maintains a population just under 7,000. The Uncle Remus Museum consists of a log […]

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A Disney Dining Delight: The Spirit of Aloha Show

If you do Disney World (and let’s face it, sometime you must), take a break from Mickey, Minnie and the other characters and head out to a tropical oasis at Disney’s Polynesian Resort.  Dining at the Spirit of Aloha Show includes bounteous portions of fine food, island dancing, humorous entertainment […]

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Surprises Await Visitors to the Old Governor’s Mansion, Milledgeville, Georgia

Milledgeville, a small southern town in Georgia, is known for its antebellum heritage and as the former capital of the state (1807-1868). The Old Governor’s Mansion housed ten first families between 1839-1868, before the government relocated to Atlanta. The mansion is touted as one of the finest examples of High […]

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Discovering Haggis in Scotland

If you visit Scotland, you ought to try haggis. I admit the recipe sounds pretty disgusting. Perhaps you shouldn’t know what goes in it…or maybe you should. Miriam-Webster defines the concoction as a traditional Scottish dish consisting of the heart, liver, and lungs of a sheep or a calf minced […]

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