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TOP 10 travel experts and influencers on social media, and the #1 most influential travel bloggers in the world. Denis and Lynn have traveled the world extensively for the past 45 years and spent twelve years living overseas. Former international business travelers, they know how to travel - with class, comfort, and style. Also members of the National Press Club, PTBA and NATJA. They share their wealth of travel and cross-cultural expertise through their blog, and social media as BonVoyageurs. They are rated #1 most influential travel bloggers in the world and TOP 10 travel experts and influencers in the world. Their focus: Luxury escapes, cruises and city breaks for discerning business and leisure travelers 

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Start or Finish Your Alaska Cruise on Land !

Are you considering taking an Alaska Cruise? After all, the Alaska cruise is on the bucket list of most American tourists … and for good reason. It is a glorious […]

Cape Peninsula ~ The most scenic drive in the world !

Our three-week visit to South Africa ended on a high-note … literally! On a clear, sunny afternoon we enjoyed a narrated helicopter flip from Cape Town over the gorgeous Victoria […]

A Four-Day Luxury Getaway to Hong Kong

Hong Kong has long been one of our favorite destinations in the world, so much so that we have rated it as our fourth best destination of a lifetime in […]

Our Extraordinary Land and Sea Alaska Cruise !

Following my return from a recent land and sea Alaska cruise with Princess Cruises, I received a thank you letter from my brother Louis-Simon, who had accompanied me on the […]

Moscow ~ Now a World Class Destination !

Moscow may not yet be considered one of the top 10 destination cities in Europe for tourist travelers but it is well on its way to becoming one of its […]

The Joys of Walking Jerusalem

On our most recent visit to Israel, we discovered the joys of walking the city of Jerusalem, both the old as well as the newer parts of the city. We […]

The Multi-Faceted and Beguiling Tel Aviv Beach

Young and vibrant Tel Aviv boasts some of the finest beaches not only in all of the Mediterranean, but also in the whole world, according to National Geographic. No wonder […]

Amazing Israel !

The more populated areas of Israel which we toured during our recent visit are made up of fast growing modern cities, the world’s leading high technology companies, a modern highway […]

What’s in my Travel Bag

As a professional travel blogger, I want to share information about my “travel bag”, which in my case actually consists of two items, a travel vest and a cross shoulder […]

Travel Essentials for the Frequent World Traveler

Life is moving at an accelerated pace in the 21st century, and the art of travel is no exception. Nowadays, I consider that there are at least five travel essentials […]

Athenaeum Hotel : Your Luxury Home in London

According to Forbes and other sources, London has become the most visited city in the world. If you are one of the many planning to travel there, let us recommend […]

Baroque Splendor, Postcard Beauty, that’s Southeast Sicily

From the metropolitan expanse of Catania in the shadow of magnificent Mount Etna to the layered climbs of hillside Modica, from the coastal charms of ancient Siracusa to the postcard […]

World’s Best Cruises : South East Asia Cruise

An increasingly popular cruise among ocean cruise lovers is the two-week South East Asia cruise, which typically starts or ends in Singapore or Hong Kong, and includes stops in Bangkok, […]

Best Cafes and Coffeehouses in Vienna

The Vienna coffee house is an institution which dates back more than three centuries to 1685 and which has since then become an intrinsic part of Viennese culture. O]n a […]

Best Travel Destinations of a Lifetime

After more than 45 years of traveling the globe, we have finally put together a list of our favorite travel destinations of a lifetime.

Viking River Cruises : Best Designed Cabins Afloat

Viking River Cruises has been investing heavily in new ships with the launch of no fewer than 40 new river cruise Longships since 2012, all fairly identical 190-passenger ships. We […]

Travel Essentials for the frequent world traveler

Life is moving at an accelerated pace in the 21st century, and the art of travel is no exception. Nowadays, I consider that there are at least five travel essentials […]

DBGB Kitchen and Bar in Washington, DC!

A review of Daniel Boulud’s new Washington DC restaurant, DBGB Kitchen and Bar!

If you love Romeo and Juliet, go to Gradara!

Short visit to the town of Gradara in the Marche region of Italy, with a castle full of fascinating history.


Reasons why the Oberoi Hotel chain deserves the highest possible rating, and some comments about hotel rating systems.


A description of our meal at Le Chantecler, a Michelin two-star restaurant in the Negresco Hotel in Nice, France.

Panda Bear keeper for a day!

The events of the day we took care of giant pandas at the Chengdu Research center in Chengdu, China.

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Luxury Weekend Getaway to London!

How would you spend a weekend getaway in London? That very question was posed to us by Virgin Atlantic, which challenged us to design a dream itinerary for two days of gallivanting in London, one of the world’s most exciting and attraction-rich cities, and a favorite of BonVoyageurs since we […]

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Top Five Bistros and Brasseries of Paris!

Top five bistros and brasseries of Paris … by BonVoyageurs! Having lived and worked in Paris for a number of years in the 1970s and having been regular visitors to the French capital since then, we have had the opportunity to enjoy the Parisian bistro and brasserie experience over a […]

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Global Entry, TSA Pre-Check: The smart way to travel

To enter the USA in a speedy fashion, look into one of the following four programs from the CBP; NEXUS, SENTRI, FAST and GLOBAL ENTRY.

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Panda Bear Keeper for a Day in Chengdu, China

Panda Bear keeper for a day in Chengdu China. As we were driving to the Chengdu Research Base for Giant Panda Breeding, north of the city of Chengdu, I noticed there were four lights rather than the usual three — red, yellow and green. The fourth light was a bicycle […]

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Lunch at the Hotel Cap Eden Roc in Antibes !

I have asked for a lunch reservation at the Hotel du Cap Eden Roc in Antibes. Yes, the beautiful restaurant terrace overlooking the Mediterranean where a simple starter salad like a Salade Nicoise will cost you US$80. Visiting this hotel for its phenomenal position on the Cote d’Azur and its […]

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