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Chuck Pettis—visionary, designer, author, monument-builder, and artist—is the founder of Earth Sanctuary (, a 72-acre nature reserve and retreat center located on Whidbey Island in Washington state.

Chuck Pettis created Earth Sanctuary to serve as a unique place for personal renewal and contemplation and to maximize the habitat for birds and wildlife through restoration of the area’s old growth forest, wetlands, streams and aquatic ecosystems.

Earth Sanctuary is noted for its monuments and sacred spaces designed for meditation and prayer. These sites bring together ancient art forms, a profound connection with nature, and diverse global spiritual traditions.

Chuck Pettis was recognized in the September 2008 issue of Science of Mind magazine as one of 12 people making a difference in the world. He is author of the book, Secrets of Sacred Space: Discover and Create Places of Power.

In 1977 Chuck Pettis built the Ellis Hollow Stone Circle, the first energetically and astronomically aligned stone circle in the United States. Over the past 30+ years, he has built numerous sacred spaces and environmental artworks, among them labyrinths, stone circles, a dolmen, two medicine wheels a Buddhist stupa, and most recently a contemporary sculpture, The Infinite Tower.

In 1987 Chuck Pettis created the “Seattle Ley-Line Map,” utilizing a grant that The Geo Group ( won from the Seattle Arts Commission. The map, displaying ley lines that run through Seattle, is part of Seattle City Light’s 1% for Art Portable Works Collection.

A dedicated practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism, Chuck Pettis is Co-Executive Director of Sakya Monastery of Tibetan Buddhism ( He is also President of Tibet Tech Prayer Wheels (, a small business that manufactures the most powerful and innovative prayer wheels in the world.

Chuck Pettis has a B.A. in Psychology from Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and a M.S. in Design from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Illinois.
Chuck Pettis can be reached at 360-331-6667, 206-930-2623 or at 

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