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Feb 2017

A little over ten years ago I broke my neck and I didn’t know if I would ever walk the same, talk the same, or even leave the hospital alive after my surgery. EG III is the rebirth of a man dedicated to inspire and live a life without limits. A writer first, traveler second, and always an explorer. 

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8 Reasons to Travel THIS Year

Travel Inspiration for this, and every, year!

Local Faces, Local Lives of the World: Colombia Edition

Take a peak inside everyday life for locals in Colombia.

The “Fit”cation: A Healthy Vacation Option

Travel with an emphasis on health…vacationing with a purpose!


The study abroad experience in Colombia as an adult.

Old World Holiday Charm in the French Alps

A winter walk through the beautiful city of Annecy, France.

Hotel Review: Le Grand Bellevue, Gstaad, Switzerland

For a wellness retreat to a mountain village filled with fresh-air and outdoor activities galore, look no further than the Le Grand Bellevue, Gstaad.

Jeju Island: Where 3 is the Magic Number

After visiting the island of Jeju, it’s no surprise why it remains Korea’s top domestic honeymoon destination. A land of legends, love, and relaxation.

A Taste of Kandy

All of the sights and sounds awarded by a trip to Kandy, Sri Lanka!