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Elizabeth Willoughby is a Canadian freelance writer and photographer based near Munich since 2004. Her current regular gigs include WorldGuide, where she is the author of its adventure travel page called Tales from the Road; Look to the Stars, where she is the international correspondent writing pieces on charitable acts by celebrities; and Munich University's insightLMU, where she is a regular contributor to the magazine's interesting people and academics pages. Previously, she lived in Sao Paulo for nearly a decade, where she wrote two regular columns for Brazil's only bilingual newspaper, Sunday News. The columns were called Going Places, on South American travel, and Letters Home, a tongue-in-cheek look at culture-clash. Ms. Willoughby resides in the foothills of Germany's Alps.

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Clandestine Junina: A Brazilian Festival the World Doesn’t Know

Clandestine Junina: A Brazilian Festival the World Doesn’t KnowIn addition to the business of finance, there are but three reasons to visit São Paulo: football, food and festivals. Every fourth year, when the World Cup takes place, Brazilians embrace these three elements for an intense, month-long monster party.  This year, since the games are actually being held in […]

Ruined by Fire; Renewed by Spring

Ruined by Fire; Renewed by SpringA month ago, in the days leading up to Christmas, fire broke out at Domaine de Grand Pré near Wolfville, Nova Scotia. It’s the oldest winery in Atlantic Canada, with an enviable position overlooking the Bay of Fundy’s Minas Basin and Grand Pré’s Acadian cultural landscape that became a UNESCO […]

Luang Prabang Outside The Tourist Radar

Luang Prabang Outside The Tourist RadarPre-breakfast Treasures This is not a typical morning for me, mostly because it’s 5:30 a.m. and I am not snoozing, but also because I am kneeling on a sidewalk with my head bowed respectfully, holding a pot of sticky rice, waiting for a procession of monks. This is not an […]

Three Days in the Souks

Three Days in the SouksArriving at my riad mid-afternoon, my knock sounds frail against the B&B's heavy, cedar door. A man in camouflage pants, scruffy shirt and baseball cap leads a ragged donkey and cart up the alley. I move closer to the door to give way. Listening for sounds of movement on the other side of the mass of wood…

Kashmir’s Paradise, Redefined

Kashmir’s Paradise, RedefinedI buy a ticket to Kashmir where there is a lull in the conflicts, a houseboat on Dal Lake and “Paradise on Earth.” There is a reason so many say they love India, and I'm going to find out why.

Chasing Dracula through Romania

Chasing Dracula through RomaniaI am a fan of adventure. I am not a fan of crowds – tourist crowds in particular. But where to go for some article fodder while avoiding throngs of tourists? I wrack my brain. Suddenly the answer comes to me – it's so obvious: I should chase down Dracula in Romania.

Scuba Diving in the Red Sea

Scuba Diving in the Red SeaThe port in early morning is all hustle and bustle as crews are loading up the ships. Dollies and wagons carry crates and equipment down the dock past a long row of vessels' sterns. Dive tanks are tossed from man to man and slipped into slots ready for the first dive, or clanged into piles on decks for the subsequent ones.

Getting Spoiled in Namibia’s Unspoiled Wilderness

Getting Spoiled in Namibia’s Unspoiled WildernessSomeone has just radioed us the whereabouts of a pride of lions and we're hot on its trail in the Oganva Reserve in northern Namibia. Although it's a sunny afternoon, the rainy season began last month – the vegetation is green and the dirt trails that we follow are bumpy and puddled.

The Pride of Africa Carries the Leisured Elite Across South Africa, 1930s Style

The Pride of Africa Carries the Leisured Elite Across South Africa, 1930s StyleI arrive at Capital Park Station in Pretoria, South Africa for a 1,600-kilometer train ride to Cape Town.

Published Articles

Griechische Küche − eine Lehrstunde bei General George

by „Beim Essen zählen die Erinnerungen“, erklärt Chefkoch George Palisidis − „General George“, wie er sich selbst nennt. Ein Mann, dessen Leidenschaft fürs Essen deutlich zu spüren ist, dessen Begeisterung mitreißend […]

Greek Cuisine – A Lesson from General George

by “Eating is all about memories,” says chef George Palisidis. “General George”, as he introduces himself, is a man whose passion for food is almost tangible and whose enthusiasm is electric. […]

Nova Scotia – Land voller Geheimnisse

by Bald ist er zu sehen – der erste sternenklare Nachthimmel nach dem Labour Day. „Clear moon, frost soon“ (zu deutsch etwa „Mond hell und klar, Frost ist bald da“), wie […]

Nova Scotia – Land of Plenty Secrets

by Wait for it – that first clear night sky after Labor Day. “Clear moon, frost soon,” as they say. The days, still warm, are getting shorter and the nights crisper, […]

Tofo’s Underwater Giants

by LUNGING AND LURCHING past the shallow reef just beyond Mozambique’s Tofo beach, our boat is transporting us out to Manta Reef. We are six divers all anxious to witness the […]

A Century of Drama Crowns the Titillations of Antiquity

by “What we do in life echoes in eternity.” So says General Maximus in the Ridley Scott film Gladiator (2000). It’s a poignant thought, standing in Verona’s Arena, the largest, best […]

Hunting and shooting through Kruger Park

by Spotting any animal in Kruger Park is fun and exciting. The camp gates open at 6 a.m. and the first car in line has the best chance of seeing lions […]
Published Article: http://writeshots.com/travel-writing/more-publishings-a-photo-galleries/kruger-park-animals.html

Mozambique in 2012

by Twenty years after the end of its civil war, peace is firmly established in Mozambique, but this mostly rural country is still developing. Though it has few pockets of infrastructure, […]
Published Article: http://writeshots.com/travel-writing/more-publishings-a-photo-galleries/mozambique-road-trip-gallery.html

Kruger Park Birding

by Kruger Park, located in the northeast of South Africa, is a 345-kilometre long game reserve that borders Mozambique. With close to 500 different bird species, Kruger Park offers sighting opportunities […]
Published Article: http://writeshots.com/travel-writing/more-publishings-a-photo-galleries/kruger-park-birds.html

May Day in Bavaria

by The Maibaum (May Pole) festival in Bavaria takes place around the Workers’ Day long weekend at the end of April, beginning of May. Each spring, villagers gather at town squares […]
Published Article: http://writeshots.com/travel-writing/more-publishings-a-photo-galleries/may-day-in-bavaria.html

Rapa Nui, A Pacific Ocean Island of Mystery

by Easter Island is the most isolated island on Earth and famous for its giant stone heads, yet surprisingly little is known about the culture that created them. Island artefacts reveal […]
Published Article: http://writeshots.com/travel-writing/worldguide/stone-heads-of-rapa-nui.html

Snorkeling Rio da Prata

by With snorkels and masks adjusted, face-to-face encounters with colourful fish under a brilliant sky-blue backdrop begin. Swimmers stare at fish. Fish stare at swimmers. Like surfacing whales, gusts of wet […]
Published Article: http://writeshots.com/travel-writing/sunday-news/snorkeling-rio-da-prata.html

Jerusalem – City of Fervour

by One of the oldest cities on earth, violence has plagued much of its existence. Jerusalem and the names of its landmarks were familiar to my ears through years of news […]
Published Article: http://writeshots.com/travel-writing/worldguide/jerusalem-city-of-fervour.html

River Cruising in the Mekong Delta

by Southeast Asia was influenced first by China and India, then by French colonialism in the 19th and 20th centuries, then by literally decades of war. With its doors reopened to […]
Published Article: http://writeshots.com/travel-writing/worldguide/cruising-the-mekong-delta.html

Itu – Brazil’s Own Rome

by Itu, a few kilometres south of Sao Paulo city, was just a humble outpost until history grabbed it and led it through a rip-roaring adventure on to prosperity and culture. […]
Published Article: http://writeshots.com/travel-writing/sunday-news/itu--brazils-own-rome.html

Petra – The Rock

by Petra, one of the seven wonders of the world and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, remains uniquely fascinating after thousands of years. Visiting it today, however, is easier than it […]
Published Article: http://writeshots.com/travel-writing/worldguide/petra--the-rock.html

Kashmir’s Paradise, Redefined

by After two weeks in pollution-choked New Delhi and its surrounds, I’m still determined to discover some of the beauty India has to offer. There is a reason so many say […]
Published Article: http://writeshots.com/travel-writing/global-writes/kashmir-india.html

Luang Prabang Outside The Tourist Radar

by This is not a typical morning for me, mostly because it’s 5:30 a.m. and I am not snoozing, but also because I am kneeling on a sidewalk with my head […]
Published Article: http://writeshots.com/travel-writing/global-writes/the-dragons-come-to-town.html

Buzios – From Fishing Village to Famous Beach Resort

by Back in the 1600s, fishermen of Armacao dos Buzios, a quaint little village 170 km north of Rio de Janeiro, were whale hunting specialists. They built houses along a narrow […]
Published Article: http://writeshots.com/travel-writing/worldguide/buzios-beaches-brazil.html

Three Days in the Souks

by The bustle and confusion of Moroccan bazaars can be overwhelming to the senses at first. But one does not come to Morocco for clarity. Becoming engulfed in Fez’s medina is […]
Published Article: http://writeshots.com/travel-writing/global-writes/three-days-in-a-souk.html

Paul Newman Inspired African Version Of Hole In The Wall Camps

by Paul Newman would be very pleased with the development of Children In The Wilderness (CITW) camps – not only because it was his idea behind them, but because they are […]
Published Article: http://www.looktothestars.org/news/2071-paul-newman-inspired-african-version-of-hole-in-the-wall-camps

Burmese Days on the Road to Mandalay

by No longer the British colony referred to in George Orwell’s novel, Burmese Days, or Rudyard Kipling’s poem, Mandalay, the Burmese have yet to free themselves from the ties that bind […]
Published Article: http://writeshots.com/travel-writing/worldguide/road-to-mandalay-uncut.html

Day Trips from Tiberias in Northern Israel

by Ancient sea ports and Jesus’ ministry, Israel has much to offer besides its famous southern elements of Jerusalem, desert and dead waters.
Published Article: http://writeshots.com/travel-writing/worldguide/tiberias-day-trips-israel.html

Belize – Small in Size, Big in Beauty

by We’re about 10 minutes off the shores of San Pedro when our little six-metre boat is tied off to a big round buoy and my diving guide plops himself into […]
Published Article: http://writeshots.com/travel-writing/worldguide/belize-the-beautiful.html

Kashmir’s Paradise, Redefined

by After two weeks in pollution-choked New Delhi, I’m still determined to discover some of the beauty India has to offer. There is a reason so many say they love India, […]

Tweeting Through Costa Rica the Old-Fashioned Way

by As I approach the entrance to Monteverde’s biological reserve in the Puntarenas Province of Costa Rica, my guide, Eric, points out a viper snoozing in the crook of a tree […]
Published Article: http://writeshots.com/travel-writing/worldguide/tweeting-through-costa-rica.html

1930′s Rail Travel Through Africa for the Leisured Elite

by If you’re thinking Orient Express, forget it. Think bigger, better and slower. Rovos Rail boasts the most luxurious trains in the world: The Pride of Africa.
Published Article: http://writeshots.com/travel-writing/global-writes/1930s-rail-travel-in-africa.html

Cave Exploring in the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest

by It’s amazing how many thoughts can race through one’s mind at times of intense anxiety — such as when sliding uncontrollably down the smooth, wet rock in a grotto while […]
Published Article: http://www.worldguide.eu/wg/index.php?StoryID=368&ArticleID=22692

The Amazon – A Whirlwind For The Senses

by Gliding along in a hollowed-out log, the paddles, nearly silent, impel the craft through the porridge of marshy weeds and murky water. The hot sun beats down with exhausting force. […]
Published Article: http://writeshots.com/travel-writing/sunday-news/amazon-camping.html

Namibia’s Unspoiled Wilderness

by Someone has just radioed us the whereabouts of a pride of lions and we’re hot on its trail in the Oganva Reserve in northern Namibia. Although it’s a sunny afternoon, […]
Published Article: http://writeshots.com/travel-writing/global-writes/namibia-safaris.html

Chasing Draculas

by History, culture, evil spirits and the living dead, Romania has it all if you know where to look.
Published Article: http://writeshots.com/travel-writing/global-writes/chasing-dracula.html

Ilha Grande – Beyond the Beaches

by A chance glance into the nighttime sea and my flashlight lands upon a white disk rushing through the water towards me, glowing and growing ever larger, and finally revealing its […]
Published Article: http://writeshots.com/travel-writing/sunday-news/diving-off-ilha-grande.html

Brazilian Carnival, But Not the One You’re Thinking Of

by Only 35 kilometres from Sao Paulo, on the eve of Carnival each year in one of Brazil’s most ancient cities, thousands of residents wait in anxious anticipation for Grito da […]
Published Article: http://www.worldguide.eu/wg/index.php?StoryID=368&ArticleID=20393

Toronto, Hollywood North

by TIFF is one of the most significant film festivals in the world. It draws thousands of visitors, big name celebrities and up and coming producers and directors who all have […]
Published Article: http://writeshots.com/travel-writing/worldguide/toronto-hollywood-north.html

Day Trips From Curitiba

by Curitiba, Brazil is billed as a user-friendly and sustainable city, but its location also makes it a great base from which to make day excursions. Revisit colonial era train routes […]
Published Article: http://writeshots.com/travel-writing/sunday-news/day-trips-from-curitiba.html

Scuba Diving In The Red Sea

by Leaving the chaos of Cairo’s airport for the tranquillity of Sharm el Sheikh’s is rewarding, but leaving Sharm’s artificial oasis for possibly the best diving in the world – in […]
Published Article: http://writeshots.com/travel-writing/global-writes/red-sea-diving.html

The Birdman Cult of Rapa Nui

by Climb freestyle down a cliff, swim through shark infested waters, survive attacks from competitors and get the egg – that’s the Birdman competition that took place on Easter Island for […]
Published Article: http://writeshots.com/travel-writing/worldguide/birdman-cult-rapa-nui.html

Rich, Regal Rio – Wandering Through the 19th Century

by It is the mid-1800s, and the harbour of Rio de Janeiro is bustling and humming with activity. The coffee boom has revitalized the Brazilian economy giving Rio’s port a new […]
Published Article: http://writeshots.com/travel-writing/sunday-news/rich-regal-rio-19th-c.html

Boomtowns of the Brazilian Gold Rush Era

by In 18th-century Brazil, the prospect of rushing to Minas Gerais to eke out a living searching for gold or diamonds was a risky venture. It was a time when guns […]
Published Article: http://www.worldguide.eu/wg/index.php?StoryID=368&ArticleID=19716

Wine Festivals Near Toronto

by September in Ontario means Toronto’s film festival, but it’s also the start of a festival season that revolves around the harvest, when early autumn landscapes showcase the art of vintners, […]
Published Article: http://writeshots.com/travel-writing/more-publishings-a-photo-galleries/wine-fests-near-toronto.html

Deep, Dark, Delicious – Flavours of Africa in Salvador, Bahia

by In the dank heat the drumming starts, beating life into the dark night air. The ceremony begins… Three alabes (drummers) in brilliant red shirts and stark white pants are perched […]
Published Article: http://writeshots.com/travel-writing/sunday-news/africa-in-salvador.html

The Galapagos – Island Paradise or No Man’s Land?

by “Nothing could be less inviting than first appearance. …the whole black lava, completely covered by small leafless brushwood and stunted trees, show little signs of life. …The country was comparable […]
Published Article: http://writeshots.com/travel-writing/worldguide/the-galapagos-islands.html

Michael Moore on Troubles in America

by Thouhts & Visions: During the Toronto premiere of his hard-hitting movie, Capitalism: A Love Story, Michael Moore had much to say on the subject, and on things he hopes will […]
Published Article: http://writeshots.com/interesting-people/worldguide/michael-moore-on-troubles-in-america.html

Santana de Parnaiba – The Conspiracy Lives

by It’s approaching midnight — a restlessness begins to permeate the town. The quiet commotion stirs villagers to steal out of their homes in the middle of the night and head […]
Published Article: http://writeshots.com/travel-writing/sunday-news/santana-de-parnaiba.html

Foz do Iguacu – The Great Waters

by As my jeep bounces and lurches along the rutted, potholed track, the ominous rumblings of distant thunder grow increasingly louder, its source masked by the surrounding dense jungle. At the […]
Published Article: http://writeshots.com/travel-writing/worldguide/the-iguacu-falls-brazil.html

Atacama, A Desert of Surprises

by Flying from Santiago, Chile to the Atacama Desert in the north, the dry, brown mountains seem endless. Eventually, I spy a trail of dust chasing a truck barrelling across the […]
Published Article: http://www.worldguide.eu/wg/index.php?StoryID=368&ArticleID=23996

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