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Betsi is the founder and creative editor of Betsi’s World. With a desire to help others realize the benefits of travel, because travel has been a life saver in her life, Betsi wants to inspire others to just GO! and see the world.

Betsi specializes in crafting destination pieces that focus on cultural, historical and culinary destinations. She shares insights on multi-generational travel, boomer travel and luxury getaways for couples, focusing on where to go, what to see, and where to stay and play.

Betsi has been featured in Lost Treasure Magazine, MilesGeek, Epicurean Traveler, and Confetti Travel Café. She is a regular contributor to the Fort Pierce, Florida Main Street Focus and the Best of Life Magazine. She can also be found as a guest contributor to The Traveling Fool, Word Traveling, Big World, Small Pockets, and A Traveler’s Postcard.

Along with her husband Jim, Betsi travels extensively throughout Florida and surrounding states, the Bahamas and Caribbean basin. When possible, she travels by water, onboard their boat, Saltwater Gypsea. 

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Reasons to Visit the Florida Keys as a Travel Destination

Published by Best of Life Magazine, this article highlights some of the activities and attractions the Florida Keys are known for.