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Elsie Gabriel Award winning Author of Get Out Get Going Outdoors a book connecting people to ecology and offering digital Detox promoting outdoor tourism among the youth. She is also a Times of India journalist and Founder of Young Environmentists Programme. She has been trained on Climate change and our planet by former Vice President of USA AL Gore. She is a global speaker on Climate change and Travel. She is the director of World Tourism Conclave and Awards Mumbai India. Elsie Gabriel is Founder of Www.mytravelfootprints.org. An advanced deep sea Diver Padi certified and Underwater Naturalist she travels the World to share among the expat and right niche segment target audience back in Mumbai India. My Travel Footprints is a narration of reviews, reports, news stories, personal discoveries, very down to earth, original, fiery, spicy, unique and detailed by Elsie Gabriel; who is a worldwide avid traveler and photographer with a passion for discovering insights into various cultures and social traits that form the very basis of her social fabric of life.Her passion and expertise in area’s of Adventure sports,Photography, fishing,Culinary delights, Gardening,nature trails, green living and environment and education give her an added edge. Elsie doesn’t always give you a ready made report on culinary discoveries or travel itinerary and how to get there routine but fills your soul about that special place on the planet you wish you had gone a long long time ago…. … 

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