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Josette King is an international travel writer and photographer, food and wine enthusiast, and a regular contributor for almost two decades to multiple travel websites. She also chronicles her adventures on her own site An avid off-the-beaten-paths solo traveler, she has visited over 45 countries on every continent except Antarctica. Many of her destinations are in remote areas with rich cultural traditions. All too often these are also places where populations are eking out a precarious living from a fragile environment. The experience has increased her sensitivity to the socio-economic and environmental impact of tourism. Her reporting and photographic work focuses mainly on sustainable tourism and its value as a tool for economic development based on the conservation of local ecosystems. 

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A Living Illustration of Baltic History – Riga, Latvia

Riga is a city few travelers can place on a map. Yet, as the capital of Latvia and a prosperous Baltic trade center since Medieval times, it offers a unique […]

From the Middle Ages to the Future – Toulouse, La Ville Rose

Known to the French as La Ville Rose after the distinctive pink brick used to construct its historic center, Toulouse is all too often overlooked by visitors. Those who do […]

A Time Capsule of Ancient Roman Life – Herculaneum

For two days in 79 AD, death rained down on the Roman towns surrounding Mount Vesuvius. Buried for 1700 years under 50 feet of lava, Herculaneum became a unique time […]

Paris New Digital Museum of Fine Arts – L’Atelier des Lumieres

A unique multimedia installation transforms a 19th century iron foundry in a once industrial neighborhood of Paris into a cutting-edge digital art experience.

From National Disgrace to International Hidden Treasure – Matera

Matera, one of the oldest living cities in the world, is also one of Italy’s best-kept secrets.

Giotto’s Padua Masterpiece – The Scrovegni Chapel

Created by Giotto in the early 14th century, the Scrovegni Chapel cycle of 37 frescoes is widely recognized as one of the milestones in the evolution of European art.

The Islands of the Venetian Lagoon

A short boat ride away from its legendary center lays a Venice few tourists ever see: small islands scattered throughout the lagoon, each with its own history and personality.

Living Venice – The Castello District

Beyond the grand tourist clichés of the central San Marco district, in the labyrinth of ancient side canals and back alleys of the Castello, Venice lives on as it has […]

The Magic of Venice in Winter

Venice requires no introduction. The fabled destination is on everyone’s European wishlist, a distinction that from Easter through October can turn it into a chaotic citywide museum. But come winter […]

Musee du Quai Branly, Paris – Peru before the Incas

An intriguing new exhibition at the Musée du Quai Branly in Paris, “Peru before the Incas” casts a new light on the social evolution of native cultures before the Spanish […]

A Corsican Road Trip – Corte to Bastia

From the eagle’s nest city of Corte to the mighty Genoese seaside bastion of Bastia, one last look at the epic vistas of the mountain island of Corsica.

A Corsican Road Trip – Piana to Bonifacio

Teetering at the edge of a high limestone cliff, the Romanesque fortress city of Bonifacio offers one of the most dramatic seascape in the Mediterranean.

Homage to a Couture Icon – The Yves Saint Laurent Paris Museum

The recently opened Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris offers an intimate look into the creative process of the legendary designer.

A Corsican Road Trip – Bastia to the Gulf of Porto

The island of Corsica rises from the Mediterranean like a miniature continent. Its shores of precipitous cliffs and perfect half-moon bays have attracted visitors since the beginning of history. And […]

From the Vineyards to the Sea – the Douro River

More than the focal point of the city of Porto, the Douro River is the backbone of the region.

Traditional Portugal At Its Finest – Porto

Porto is traditional Portugal at its finest, a charming old town that matures gracefully on the banks of the Douro, along with its world-famous wine.

Days of Port and Churches – Porto, Portugal

Porto may have gained its identity from wine, but its historic center is defined by religion. The skyline bristles with churches that illustrate the evolution of Portuguese architecture from Romanesque […]

An Idyllic Village in Provence – Lourmarin

Nestled in gently rolling hills covered at the southwestern edge of the Lubéron Regional Park, lovely Lourmarin is the sort of village dreams of Provence are made of.

In the Land of Lavender – The Best of the Lubéron

The Lubéron is one of the most picturesque parts of Provence, a labyrinth of winding country roads dominated by medieval hilltop villages fragrant with lavender fields in full bloom.

In the Land of the Good Life – Château La Fleunie, Perigord

Twelfth century Château La Fleunie lives on as a charming three-star boutique hotel, especially notable for its gourmet restaurant La Table du Chevalier.

Troglodyte Living in the Valley of the Vézère

With its limestone cliffs pitted with caves where humans have set up camps since the dawn of time, The Valley of the Vézère, in southwestern France, is a key area […]

Along the Dordogne River Valley – Life in the Past Lane

The Dordogne Valley has experienced a tumultuous history that led to the construction of countless fortified castles and abbeys. Many are still standing today, beautifully maintained and ready to welcome […]

Scenes From The Stone Age – The Cave Paintings of Lascaux

Lascaux IV, the spectacular replica of France’s most celebrated cave, brings into focus the unique riches of Paleolithic art of the UNESCO World Heritage Lascaux site.

A Provencal Foodies Delight in Roque d’Antheron

In off the beaten path Provencal village of La Roque d’Anthéron, tiny Auberge du Castellas is a foodies’ lucky find.

Journey to the Edge of Africa – The Damaraland Experience

A prehistoric land of rugged gravel plains bordered by massive conical kopjies and flat-topped mountains, surreally beautiful Damaraland is one of Namibia’s best-kept secrets.

Journey to the Edge of Africa – Walvis Bay and the Skeleton Coast

This next stage of my 2,000-mile journey around Namibia takes me from the quaint Atlantic resort of Swakopmund to the barren shores of the Skeleton Coast.

Journey to the Edge of Africa – The Road to Solitaire

Day Three of a 2000-mile journey across Namibia takes me from the scorched Great Dune Field of the Namib to the eerie fogbound shores of Walvis Bay.

Journey to the Edge of Africa – The Great Dune Field and Sossusvlei

Day Two of my 2,000-mile journey across Namibia begins in Sossusvlei, watching the sun rise over the iconic red dunes of the Namib Desert.

Journey to the Edge of Africa – From Windhoek to the Namib Desert

From the central Khomas Highlands and Windhoek to the Namib Desert, the first stage of a 2,000-mile adventure across Namibia.

Paris – Vermeer at the Louvre

At the Louvre in Paris, a landmark exhibition “Vermeer and the Masters of Genre Painting,” features one third of master’s complete opus and explores his creative relationship with other major […]

The Ultimate Amalfi Coast Getaway – Hotel Santa Caterina

One of the crown jewels of Italy’s famed Amalfi Coast, the family-run luxury Hotel Santa Caterina is a cliff-side Art Nouveau mansion that has been delighting guests for over a […]

Gulf of Thailand Paradise Preserved – Santhiya Koh Pha-Ngan

In the Gulf of Thailand, Santhiya Resort and Spa combines superb location on Koh Pha-Ngan with a strong commitment to the conservation of its natural and cultural heritage.

Chiang Mai at its Lanna Thai Best – Tamarind Village

In the heart of Chiang Mai’s Old City, Tamarind Village is a charming boutique hotel that translates ancient Northern Thai architecture into a contemporary version of a traditional Lanna village.

Thailand’s Lanna Heritage Shines Through in Contemporary Chiang Mai

Over the centuries, the business center of Chiang Mai, the once capital of the Lanna Kingdom in northern Thailand, has shifted eastward to an area between its moat and the […]

Thailand’s Lanna Past Comes Alive in Chiang Mai – The City within the Moat

Founded over seven centuries ago as the capital of the ancient Kingdom of Lanna, Chiang Mai has preserved within its medieval center the Buddhist treasures and traditions that make it […]

In Marseille, France – New Landmarks for an Ancient City

Long shunned by tourists for its gritty reputation, Marseille, the colorful ancient threshold between France and the Mediterranean basin is undergoing a spectacular renaissance.

A Fine-Dining Surprise in Lyon

From its popular Bouchons to internationally revered local chef Paul Bocuse, Lyon takes its cuisine seriously. Nowhere is that more obvious than at little known […]

Notable Museums of Lyon

First a flourishing Gallo-Roman center, then a financial and industrial powerhouse, Lyon has long been a fertile ground for museums. […]

Not Just Another Paris Bistro – L’Accolade

There are thousands of neighborhood bistros in Paris, dishing out meals that go from banal to “can’t-wait-to-tell-my-friends.” With its generous and imaginative cuisine, newly open L’Accolade is a clear winner […]

Written in Stone-Two Thousand Years of Lyon History

Lyon is a unique metropolitan center with a 2,000-year history as a commerce, banking and industry powerhouse. From Roman ruins to Renaissance mansions to contemporary skyscrapers, each phase of its […]

Beyond the Louvre – The Other Museums of Paris

Long lines are not a prerequisite for an enjoyable museum experience in Paris. Within walking distance of the Louvre and the Musée d’Orsay, three of my personal line-free favorites come […]

Aix-en-Provence Baroque Landmark Reborn as Art Center

In Aix en Provence, where the historic center reveals a gem of French Baroque architecture at every turn, the recently restored Hôtel de Caumont once again stands out in all […]

An Improbable Foodie Destination – Lille

The cuisine of northern France goes far beyond the regional stereotype of mussels and fries to dish-out delectable specialties that reflect their dual French and Flemish heritage. Waterzooi anyone?

The Hallowed Beaches of Normandy

June 6th, 1944, marks the pivotal moment whenthe allied troupes from Britain, Canada and the United States set in motion the liberation of western Europe from Nazi occupation. The memory […]

One Day in Paris?

While it’s conceivable to “do” Paris in one day, it’s physically impossible to visit the city’s main sites in this short time. But you can still maximize your day in […]

The Economics of Today’s Solo Travel

Things are looking up for the solo adventure traveler. Our numbers are growing, and the tourism industry is taking notice.

Foodie Landmarks of the Massachusetts North Shore

From roadside clams-and-fries shacks to noted restaurants with impressive ocean views and menus to match, the Massachusetts North Shore is a foodies heaven where catch-of-the-day really means fresh-of-the-boat seafood.

A Pioneering City of Art – Lille

Long famous for its historic Palais des Beaux-Arts, the Lille metropolitan area can now boast of two additional museums that are fast becoming landmarks of the international art scene.

Recently Reopened Rodin Museum – Paris

After three years of extensive renovations, the exquisite eighteenth century Hôtel de Biron, Paris’ Left Bank home of the Rodin Museum recently re-opened its doors.

From Medieval Industry Center to Business and Art Powerhouse – Lille

A center of industry since the Middle Ages, Lille has transcended post World War II challenges to emerge into the twenty-first as a vibrant regional capital of business and art.

From Roman Spa to Contemporary Cultural Center – Aix-en-Provence

Aix-en-Provence, a remarkable center of European history has managed to preserve the integrity of its architectural and cultural heritage while evolving into a thriving contemporary city.

Living Venice – The Great Museums of the Dorsoduro

Separated by the Grand Canal from the shuffling crowds of San Marco, the Dorsoduro District is home to the most inviting House Museums in the city: the Peggy Guggenheim Foundation […]

The Gem of the Vermillion Coast – Collioure

From the Phoenicians to Matisse, three millennia of history and traditions have molded the Mediterranean fishing village Collioure into the gem of the Vermillion Coast.

Chinese New Year Celebrations – Paris Style

From the massive parade through the largest Chinatown in Europe to the treasure trove collection of Asian Arts of the Musée Guimet, Paris celebrates Chinese New Year with gusto.

Carnival – Cologne’s Fifth Season

Carnival in Cologne is a tradition almost as old as the history of the city itself. Today it is one of the largest and most popular in Europe.

Salzburg – Austria’s Baroque Jewell

Nestled among the spectacular foothills of the Austrian Alp along the banks of the Salzbach River, Salzburg beguiles visitors with its fairytale Baroque charm.

A Vienna Winter Week-End

One of the fabled cultural capitals of Europe for half a millennium, today’s Vienna welcomes visitors to the contemporary version of the sumptuous romantic city of its imperial days.

A Virginia Grande Dame Reborn

Welcome to Keswick Hall! A once grand Italianate mansion in Charlottesville, VA, brought back to life as a world-class property where guests enjoy the hospitality of an English country manor.

Motswari – Responsible Tourism in Action

By caring for the wildlife, the land and the local community, South Africa’s Motswari Private Game Reserve creates an exceptional safari experience.

Malawi – Beyond the Lake

Mvuu is the only property inside the Liwonde National Park, the premier game-viewing destination in Malawi, known for Its especially dense population of elephants.


With its rich Gallo-Roman museum, well preserved medieval core and futuristic modern art Pompidou Center, Metz architectural and artistic treasures span two millennia of European history.

Malawi – The Lake of Stars

Off-the-grid living at its magical best. On a remote island of Lake Malawi, Kayak Africa has created a minimalist paradise based on uncompromising sustainable principles.

A Living Illustration of Baltic History – Riga, Latvia

Riga is a city few travelers can place on a map. Yet, as the capital of Latvia and a prosperous Baltic trade center since Medieval times, it offers a unique […]

A Living Illustration of Baltic History – Riga, Latvia

Riga is a city few travelers can place on a map. Yet, as the capital of Latvia and a prosperous Baltic trade center since Medieval times, it offers a unique […]