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She is the writer and founder for the blog Kaila Yu, for the traveler in search of spiritual enlightenment and the most delicious eats. She also writes for and founded Nylon Pink for those in search of the best beauty and spa experiences around the world. She has a combined social media following of 530,000 and growing and has been regularly featured in print and media publications around the world: including The Rolling Stone, FHM, MTV, Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post and more. 

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The Memorable Cuisine of Croatia

Evening at the International Prosciutto Fair in Tinjan, Croatia is buzzing with energy and celebration. Wine glasses clink as thinly sliced parchments of meat are lovingly teased from immense, fatty […]

Skyscanner: You Won’t Want to Miss These Top Things to Do in Aruba

Looking to enjoy Aruba to the fullest? Check out our list of the 12 best things to do in Aruba and the Oranjestad (the capital of Aruba).

Savoring the Delicacies of Taipei’s Shilin Night Market

My first memory of Taipei as a young girl of 11 back in 1990, was of a noodle stall down the street from my Grandma’s apartment. I was just a […]

Skyscanner: These Are the Best Beaches in Texas According to an Avid Traveler

The Lonestar State boasts some splendid shorelines – 600 miles of glittering coast bordering the Gulf of Mexico. If you’re in the mood for some sand, sun, and surf in […]

23 Taiwanese foods the rest of the world should know and love

MOST OF US KNOW the feeling of sinking your teeth into a familiar dish from your past and being instantly transported to childhood memories. So many of the sentimental dishes […]

Eat Pray Love at the Villa del Palmar Resort


Claremont, California – Fair Trade and Ecotourism at Work

It often starts when you open your mind to new possibilities, even in your own backyard. I was surprised to discover Claremont, California as an eco-friendly getaway destination. I thought […]

Loreto’s Hidden Gem

Even our speedy boat ride to our snorkeling destination is unhurried

Matador: 10 differences between Silver Lake and West Hollywood that are sure to start arguments

Fake Tans vs Man Buns In West Hollywood, the coffee shops, cafes, and gyms are overflowing with beautiful people, one more gorgeous than the next. These people, with their technician-administered […]

Ultimate Guide to Building Facebook Following for Travel Writers

I wrote this article about how I built a following on Facebook of over 450,000 followers for my Travel Page for We Are Travel Girls, who have 231,000 followers

The Best Vegan Restaurants in Los Angeles

Written for The Urban Travel Blog, which gets over 150,000 page views month

One Day in Bangkok

Article written for a travel blog with a high domain authority

Things to do in Shanghai

Article written for The Planet D, a highly trafficked travel blog with 250,000 unique visitors a month.

What to eat in Korea

One of the top articles on the website that I founded, Nylon Pink, which gets over 100,000 page views per month