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Jun 2015

I am a witty travel writer and blogger. I have been traveling internationally with my sister for the last 15 years and began writing about my/our travels 4+ years ago. I am a regular travel contributor to a luxury lifestyle magazine where I live and write for various other print and online publications as well as for sponsors. If you go to my website and click on my media kit you can see some of my sponsors. 

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How to spend a day in Bergen Norway

A blog post providing suggestions for how to enjoyably spend a day in Bergen Norway.

River Cruising in Russia

Print article and photos published in Marco Magazine. The article is written from the perspective of a Baby Boomer visiting Russia. This piece was written after completing a Viking River […]

Marriott Singer Island – A great place for a Florida getaway

Review of Marriott Singer Island Florida describing features of the property and the surrounding area.

Florida in the summer, try it!

An article published in Marco Magazine about travel in Florida during the summer months.

The many charms of Iceland

An article about topics of interest to travelers to Iceland and 3 suggested itineraries for varying lengths of time. (Please don’t blame the typos on me!)

Destination Cartagena

A piece describing the ease of travel to Cartagena recommending accommodations, restaurants, activities and helpful tips for travelers.

Portugal’s Douro River Valley

An article and photos describing a Viking River Cruise on the Douro Valley. Sights, history and cruise experiences are described.

Destination Cuba

An article about the Cuba of today.