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Kimberly A. Edwards, president of the California Writers Club, Sacramento Branch, has written for FWT Magazine, International Travel News, the Times of India, Senior Spectrum, The Sacramento Bee, Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, Sacramento News and Review, ASJA Monthly (American Society of Journalists & Authors) and other publications. A writer of creative nonfiction and articles on many subjects, she teaches memoir at the Renaissance Society in Sacramento, CA and is an alumnus of the Kenyon Review Writer's Workshop and the Squaw Valley Community of Writers. She loves writing about the people she meets while traveling. Kim is a 2013 recipient of the California Writers Club Jack London Award for service. She also enjoys membership in the American Society of Journalists & Authors, Northern California Publishers & Authors, Independent Book Publishers Association, and the California State University Renaissance Society, where she leads a Writing Personal Histories Seminar. 

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Redeemed in the Sacred Valley of the Incas

The day had been like no other: four hours on the early train  from Cuzco to Aguas Calientes, then a ride on a bus that spiraled up rugged terrain, and […]

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Finding Fans Practical and Targeted Promotion

Fans can find you all over if you follow this advice

Panic in the Andes

Eight Hours on the Bus Will Do it Every Time (Published in Renaissance Recorder)

Where Josephine Lost Her Head

There at the edge of the park I found her, headless in an otherwise lovely Martinique

Redeemed in the Sacred Valley of the Incas

Learned a big lesson in a small town in Peru (California Literary Journal)

Joy at Rodney Bay

By foot or shuttle, we did it, we saw it, we ate it, we breathed it, we loved it.

Scene, Believed, Laced and Loved

Trends in narrative nonfiction can kick a piece into high gear. Travel writing is one of many genres benefiting from story…

Savoring Sun and Creole Soul of St. Lucia

A getaway with a rich cultural footprint in the heart of the Caribbean

Hummingbird Beach Resort

Found heaven while eating breakfast at the St. Lucia Hummingbird Beach Resort as the clouds emerged from behind the Gran Piton on their way out to sea.

Isla Holbox Serenity, Yucatan Living, June, 2013

During our Yucatan trip in early 2013, Isla Holbox (Hole-beau-shhhh, Mayan for Black Hole) revealed itself as a sparking jewel. Frank my boyfriend and I had read about it in […]

Doing Business in Other Cultures

“We live in a multicultural, multifaceted world that takes place across borders,” says Dawn Bruno, Senior International Trade Specialist at the New York City U.S. Export Assistance Center. “People have […]

Couple’s Travel Gives New Perspective on the Past

When Clifton and Sallie Wilson boarded a cruise in December, 2012, they looked forward to stops in Vietnam, where Clifton served in the Eighteenth Surgical Hospital in Pleiku in 1966-67. […]

Touring Mexico’s Yucatán – 25 Days and 1,000 Miles by Public Bus

Enduring memories and value on and off the beaten track

Taking the Hint

As an American, I had a lot to learn about communication from the Japanese.

Exploring Quito

I found Quito “Finito”

Top Teachers to Learn from Japan

2010 California Teacher of the Year Valerie Ziegler, social studies teacher at San Francisco’s Abraham Lincoln High School, followed the red sun on June 28 as she flew towards Tokyo […]

Tokyo’s Fish Market

An auctioneer ascended a chair as buyers clutched their notepads.

A Fitting Fin to the Gateway of Japan

Eye-opening visit to Tokyo’s infamous fish market

Toilet = Luxury

A quarter of the Earths people have never used a restroom and the greatest victims are young children, many of whom die due to the lack of basic services which […]

Stunning Slippers

A trip across Jaipur took me to a store of beautiful Indian shoes

Hints for Haggling

Sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s hard

Tips for Communicating in Japan

In the US, we employ a direct style of verbal communication. Seldom do we speak neutrally, as the attendant did when, with a gentle hint, she allowed me to save […]

Royal Rumble through Rajasthan

On the road, we passed camel carts and ambling cows as well as trucks hauling marble slabs. Passing cars and scooters left little margin for error, but Randheer took few […]

Kerala Backwater Beauty

Our boat took us down narrow canals, breaking into a lake, then reaching an inland lagoon with storks, water lilies and lotuses, ringed by a shoreline of leaning palms.

Lighthouse Beach in Kovalam Beauty

The southern tip of India brought beauty and rest

Elephant Center Near Kuala Lumpur

Three orphans, ages one and two, were led down the river embankment and I could not resist joining them. They rolled and romped. One kept nudging the others, coaxing them […]

Malaysia’s Casa de Mar Hotel

We spent our days luxuriating under swaying coconut palms. A loyal European clientele returns every year. We were the only Americans. The only noise we heard was the nightly piano […]

Advice on visiting Morocco’s medinas

The medinas of Morocco can be alluring or intimidating.

A Leisurely Look at Guatemala’s La Antigua and Lake Atitlan

Ah, the former colonial capital La Antigua, and Lake Atitlan, surrounded by small towns, villages, and volcanoes.

Global Writes (2)

A Fitting Fin to the Gateway of Japan

After experiencing Japanese culture in Tokyo, Oita, Hiroshima and Kyoto, I welcomed the opportunity to view the tuna auction at the Tokyo Tsukiji Fish Market. This destination, the world's largest wholesale seafood market, would lure me from the harmony of hotels, temples and maples to the frenzy of commerce conducted over 400 types of seafood. With bounty ranging from sardines to caviar, the market steers a thriving distribution system at the heart of Japanese cuisine, conveying more than 2,400 tons of seafood daily to sushi counters and five-star restaurants.

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RONDA, SPAIN: Home of the Rooster

DNA scientists have recently announced that the bones in the massive Seville cathedral are, in fact, just as Sevillians have claimed all along, those of Christopher Columbus.

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