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Lilllian Africano is the cruise editor at JAX FAX, managing editor at Luxe Beat Magazine and editor-in-chief of Recently she served as freelance travel editor/writer at AOL Travel. She is the author of 16 books, including three best-selling novels (under the pseudonym “Jessica March”) an award-winning business guide to the Middle East and guides to New York and New Jersey. She has created digital content for and has contributed hundreds of articles to both print and digital publications, including USA Today (online), Smithsonian (online), and others. She blogs on,, and IFWTWA President 2003 - 2008; SATW Past President; Member Authors Guild; Member ASJA; Member: Industry Advisory Board, New York Times Travel Show 

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Regent Seven Seas Explorer: The World’s Most Luxurious Cruise Ship

Story about Regent’s $450 million ship, the world’s most luxurious cruise ship.

Boston Tea Party Anyone?

A story about the history of the Boston Tea Party and the re-enactment performed every year.

The Boulders: Laid Back Luxury in the Valley of the Sun

Story about the casual luxury of the Boulders Resort

Holiday Cruises: Away for the Holidays

Options for cruises during the holiday season

Europa 2: Luxury My Way

Story about top-rated ship’s version of casual luxury

Cruising the Med: West to East & Beyond

Cruise to Cuba

Story on what options are available for those who wish to cruise to Cuba now.

Global Writes (10)

The Grand Del Mar: Best Ever Girlfriend Getaway

When your best friend moves clear across the country, from New York to California, you have to create opportunities to meet and catch up. So Maggie and I try to have a girlfriend getaway once a year, and it’s usually in California, where the weather is (almost) always balmy and […]

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Get Scared Straight in Canada’s La Vieille Prison

There are some travel experiences that stay with you long after you’ve returned home. My visit to La Vieille Prison (The Old Prison) in the small, sleepy Canadian town of Trois Rivières was such an experience. Many former prisons offer guided tours. In spite of their terrible histories, most of […]

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Walt Disney World à La Carte: Grownup Food and Grownup Fun

I had thought Disney was just for kids – and that the food I would sample at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida would be, well, not terribly interesting to an adult palate. I was wrong, not only about the food, but also about the fun that a grownup could […]

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Ten Excellent Reasons to Visit Pittsburgh

Okay, I’ll admit I didn’t have a list of ten excellent reasons when I signed up for a travel writers’ meeting in Pennsylvania’s second-largest city. I did look forward to visiting the Warhol Museum – and seeing whatever else Pittsburgh had done to earn the title of “Birthplace of Pop […]

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Houseboat Luxury in Arizona

Wahweap Marina, Arizona – Who knew that you could use the words “houseboat” and “luxury” in the same sentence? During a trip to northern Arizona, I learned that a getaway on a top-of-the-line houseboat would offer many comforts and yes, even luxury. Lake Powell bills itself as America’s favorite houseboating destination. […]

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A Taste of Italy

…This trip would be different: five days tasting the food and wine of Florence and Rome. No monuments this time, no tourist attractions, no museums -- just five days of sampling local food, from ice cream to cheese to cured meats, and visiting the osteria (restaurants) specializing in Slow Food.

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Oasis of the Seas: The Ship is the Destination

Royal Caribbean's Oasis of the Seas was the first of the mega-ships, making her debut last December, accompanied by media buzz worthy of a rock star. When the biggest ship in the world arrived at the $75 million Port Everglades Cruise Terminal 18—built especially to accommodate her giant proportions—Florida residents swarmed the area, on land and in their boats,…

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TURKISH DELIGHTS: Historical Treasures, Luxury Hotels and Exotic Cuisine

Turkey has long been a favorite of international travelers; today, as it strives for membership in the European Union, it is truly a world-class destination. The heart of this culturally rich nation is Istanbul, described by Newsweek as “one of the coolest cities in the world.”

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Newport, Rhode Island: Welcome to the Gilded Age

I recently had the great good fortune to spend several balmy days in Newport, Rhode Island, once the summer playground of the magnates and robber barons of America's Gilded Age. The “cottages” were built in an era when no expense was spared, and the nation's top architects (including Stanford White) and craftsmen from Europe created a heritage that spans some two centuries of architectural and social development.

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Travel and Adventure

On March 17, the whole world is Irish - or so it seems, when parades, fireworks and other celebrations abound all over North America and Europe, in Asia and even in Russia. But it is Dublin that throws the world's biggest St. Patrick's Day party, a weeklong celebration featuring carnival-style parades, concerts, visual arts and dance events, outdoor theater, exhibitions, open-air markets, spectacular fireworks and even a treasure hunt.

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