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Linda Kissam is a professional travel, food, and wine writer based out of Southern California and is President of IFWTWA. She writes for over five publications and is featured monthly on a radio show. Her articles and radio interviews reach thousands of readers/listeners. Linda specializes in easy, breezy destination stories focusing on what makes each destination special through it culinary and wine, beer and spirits scene and the soft adventures that surround those pursuits. She loves sharing her favorite things about the places she visits. Her time spent as a publicist for a well-known wine region taught her it's the story behind the product and the experience of the place that makes the trip memorable. Her readers prefer the short getaway (2-5 days)nationally, the long stay abroad, and have the money to make their travel plans a reality. She never knows if a story will end up being based on finding the perfect latte, ordering Pommes Frites with Parsley Butter in a small French bistro, checking her email in a small cafe in Sicily, or attending a wine seminar aboard a cruise ship. She mentors a Wine Review Council where she and six other wine writers review domestic and global wines. She never travels without a notebook, camera and a great pair of Brighton flats. She has an addiction to personable people, interesting wines, gourmet coffee, fabulous chocolate and spicy foods. Anyone who knows her will tell you that she loves traveling anywhere, by any means, and is somewhat obsessive about local jewelry and a good taco. 

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A Recipe for Temecula Wine Country

Conceived by authors Linda Kissam and Tom Plant to celebrate the luscious foods and premium wines of the beautiful Temecula Valley Wine Region located in Southern California. It is a […]

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An adventure in art on Camano Island, WA

Any way you look at the outdoor sculpture display at Matzke Fine Art Gallery on Camano Island, WA you’re going to have one heck of a personal experience.

Spring Wines You’ll Love

Spring is here. Hurray! It’s a delightful time for wine lovers as it allows us to drink both reds and whites.

Tip Toeing Through the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

If it’s April in Washington State, it’s time to tip toe through the tulips – literally- in Mount Vernon, Washington.

The Food Stylist’s Handbook 2nd Edition

The secret world of food styling comes sharply into focus in this handbook for food lovers, chefs and bloggers

A Taste of Washington’s Islands

It’s all about Whidbey, Camano and the San Juan Islands in Washington State in under 60 seconds!

Ready to take a world cruise? Follow me!

An epic sea journey has been on my mind for a quite a while. So it was wonderful timing when Viking Ocean Cruises invited me to their press event in […]

2018 Trends in Produce & Stuffed Shishito Peppers Recipe

Produce trends for 2018 include Dragon Fruit, Jackfruit, Pee Wee Potatoes, Clean Snax and Indian Eggplant .

From bubbly to barrel aged, these wines are sure to peek your interest

Seven affordable wines to try in 2018

New Spaghettini cookbook reaches out to heart and palate

There’s several things foodies and music lovers should note when it comes to Spaghettini including its new cookbook.


You’re one lucky amigo if your plans include a vacation in Washington State – especially if that trip includes a stop in Island County and the San Juan Islands. This […]

60 Second Spotlight Viking River Cruise

60 Second Spotlight: Prague to Berlin – Travel, food and wine writer Linda Kissam shares her unique shopping adventure aboard a Viking River Cruise

Pascal Restaurant shines in San Juan Capistrano

When you do something right, you should be applauded for it. Put your hands together for Chef Pascal Olhats and his restaurant “Pascal.”

Travel Writer Success Story

An interview and podcast with Linda Kissam where she discusses her career, tips for new writers and what continues to inspire her.

60 Second Spotlight Steveston, B. C.

Travel writer Linda Kissam shares highlights of her visit to Steveston, British Columbia. You can see her articles on and

Visit Steveston, British Columbia

It’s been said that Steveston is to Vancouver, Canada what Sausalito and Fisherman’s Wharf are to San Francisco.

Six reasons to use concierge services aboard Viking River Cruises

Shop till’ you drop aboard a Viking River Cruise with the help of a seasoned pro!

Doe Bay Resort & Retreat and Café on Orcas Island, WA.

There’s a certain something about Doe Bay Resort & Retreat on Orcas Island in Washington State that needs to be experienced to understand.

Insanely fun ziplining on Camano Island, Washington

Hold on tight, step out, lean back, take a deep breath and pull into a ball to get enough momentum to get you across. Just go…whatever gets you through the […]

Long Beach Peninsula is 100% Awesome

Washington’s Long Beach Peninsula is all about exploring the things you love—whether it’s 28 miles of sandy beach, terroir-driven cuisine, or the beauty of the Pacific Northwest garden.

60 Second Spotlight – Long Beach Peninsula, WA

A look at the nature, gardens and some food on the Long Beach Peninsula in Washington State.

Lavender Farm on Whidbey Island is Sniff-tacular

Time to come to your senses this, or any summer, by visiting the Lavender Wind farm on Whidbey Inland, WA.

Best Rosés for the summer boating season

Rosé wine and food pairings are a natural for the warm summer months – especially when served aboard a boat.

150 Best Recipes for Cooking in Foil

To use this cookbook all you need is ONE piece of tinfoil and a can of nonstick cooking spray. Yup, really.


Small town living in Albany, Oregon makes this city an exciting destination.

Why everyone should visit Albany, Oregon

If you want a different type of vacation this year that provides insights into local culture, in exceptional ways, think Albany, Oregon.

Facial sheet masks quench travel weary skin

It’s the newest trend in surviving the ravaging effects of travel: face sheet masks. It may have started in Asia, but it has landed in the states with a BANG, […]

Six new kosher wines to amaze and delight your palate

Great tasting kosher wine is not an oxymoron. Everyone needs to know there’s some new styles on the kosher wine scene – and wine aficionados are going to love them.

Following the Richmond BC Dumpling Trail

Where to enjoy the best dumplings in North America


A Two-Day Getaway for Adults.

The best of the La Jolla wine scene

Whether you think of wine as something you guzzle, or you’re a self-proclaimed aficionado of sorts, LJ Crafted Wines & We Olive is where you need to get your vino […]

The Richmond BC Dumpling Trail

For those of us living or visiting North America, Richmond BC comes to mind as THE quintessential place to try authentic Chinese, Korean and Japanese dumplings.

Six impressive wines under $50

Six wine reviews and a recipe for shrimp stuffed mushrooms. A Wine Review Council event.

Best Cookie Recipe Book Ever

Dorie’s Cookies cookbook review with “Chunkers” recipe for you to try.

Experience Deception Pass

Deception Pass is one of my favorite places to visit in the great Northwest. Most people only visit it in the summer. But Deception Pass in the foggy season is […]

Charming Coronado

Coronado, California is a unique high-end, small town destination in San Diego, just across the bay from Cabrillo National Monument. It certainly lives up to its Spanish translation as the […]

Cruising the Rhine River

Rhine River cruises are some of the most popular river cruises in Europe. The itineraries and vessels vary, but the fun and adventure is always guaranteed.

A Sparkling Valentine’s Day

The power of love through the palate is an intriguing thought because nothing says, “celebrate” quite like a worthy bottle of bubbly.

Cuba’s Car Culture

Shabby but somehow magnificent, decrepit but actually quite dignified, iconic and enjoyable, Cuba is a country that has been in a complex time warp for much too long.

Cruising the Christmas Markets

There is no better way to get in the holiday spirit then on a small ship cruise along the Rhine River, hopping from one Christmas market to the next.

Pittsburgh ~ A different kind of food culture

A college town at heart, this town rocks with the kind of good taste that goes beyond culinary goodness.


Salem, Oregon in the Willamette Valley, is home to some of the richest wines, trendy culinary spots and stunning gardens in the USA.

Raising your spirits at Mount Palomar Winery

Visitors may come to the trendy Temecula Valley Wine Country in Southern California for its well-known vino, but one of its winery’s harbors a hidden secret: a blossoming craft cocktail […]

PITTSBURGH: A Culinary Hotspot with a Social Conscious

A 45 minute interview with Linda Kissam on Big Blend Radio via #soundcloud

Four Rivers of Wine and History

Small ship cruising expeditions on the Snake and Columbia Rivers.

Don’t Miss the Boat!

Viking River Cruise from Lyon to Provence delivers.

Korean Chicken Lettuce Wraps and The Grand Hotel

Sometimes you just know when you walk into a certain hotel you’ve found a winner

Olympia Washington Farmers Market

There are a hundred different reasons to support farmers markets. Start here.

The Power of Potential

A wine tasting adventure in trendy Walla Walla, WA.

Deer Harbor on Orcas Island

Deer Harbor is one of the most picturesque marinas on Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands of Washington State.

Seattle Japanese Garden delights all

Immerse yourself in the visual splendor of pagodas, stone lanterns, water basins, arbors and bridges. Each one is picture moment in itself.

11 must try Hong Kongs tyle cafes in Richmond, BC

Who knew the best Chinese food outside of China lives in Richmond, BC.?!

Cruising with the perfect sip

Tired of large ship cruising killing you with up charges? Try this affordable wine cruise in the South of France.

The Power of Potential: Walla Walla, WA

When I say, “Walla Walla,” you probably think, “Walla Walla Sweet Onions.” If that’s all you’re thinking, you haven’t been to Walla Walla in a while. It’s growing up. It’s […]

Luxe wines times and accommodations in Paso Robles

One of the ways to experience the legacy of great wines and perfect focus is to stay at The Farmhouse at Pelletiere Estate. The Farmhouse is a large stylish and […]

San Antonio Winery

There is an urban wine country experience complete with premium wines, adventurous events, and a food-centric spirit waiting for wine lovers at San Antonio Winery – in Los Angeles, CA.

Traveling Jordan: Trip of a lifetime

The safest way to see the Middle East is to travel to Jordan. The sites, people food and wine are magnificent.

Traveling Jordan – a live radio interview

Linda’s interview podcast on Big Blend Radio & TV Magazine

Traveling Jordan: Safety Thoughts

If you’re looking for extraordinary scenery, a surprising educational experience, heaps of history and millennia-old archaeological sites, Jordan is the right place to visit.

Try the 4th Street Market culinary crawl

Food halls are the holy grail of the culinary crawl. A stop at the 4th Street Market ingenious food hall in Santa Ana, CA. reminded me just why food halls […]

How the American Foodie came to be

I think we all can agree that food is essential. No argument there. But what happens when the food culture becomes driven by self-proclaimed “Foodies.”

San Antonio Winery

The Urban Cowboy of Premium Wineries

Who Knew Yuma is THE place to visit

It’s a perfect vacation spot for families, history buffs, border crossers, rodeo fans, tube floaters, event goers and surprisingly …foodies … all at prices that certainly will make you smile […]

Missoula Good Food Store healthy brunch trio recipes and wine pairings

While you were looking at the scenery and wildlife, Montana has been setting its sights on gastronomic fame. Nowhere can you find that epicurean buzz more than in Missoula.

Simply Vietnamese, a food and beverage pairing

Think flavorful condiments, delicate and robust dipping sauces and sizzling rice dishes all paired with a special coffee treat.

Food Halls – A New Arena of Culinary Experience

Food Halls are a huge trending culinary experience.

Cuisine of the Sun

This is my kind of cookbook; somewhat challenging, vibrant in nature and spirit, colorful photos throughout and free spirited.

Food Halls – A New Arena of Culinary Experience

Food Halls are a huge trending culinary experience.

An edible love letter to the South of France

A journey to good taste: Cookbook review, wine pairing and recipe

Conference at Sea

How to plan a vibrant and successful conference aboard a cruise ship.

Gastro Grilling Bourbon Street Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Praline BBQ Sauce

If the recipe titles aren’t enough in GASTRO GRILLING to whet your appetite, the pictures will…and if that doesn’t do the trick the author’s credentials certainly will seal the deal.

Top Ten Produce Trends in the USA for 2015

What did consumers look for when they shopped for fresh fruits and vegetables in 2015?

Formaglini Vineyards Pinot with pairing recipe

Welcome to a new kind of Pinot Noir wine line and the power behind them from the famed Willamette Valley of Oregon.

Insider Favorites: Linda’s Guide to Long Beach, CA

Located in the heart of Southern California’s beach communities, Long Beach blends urban sophistication with a relaxed beach resort vibe.

A simple bourbon tasting and recipe guide

BOURBON Curious book review and recipe

Behold the power of a beer wine and cheese pairing event

There is such a thing as an event that pairs wine beer and cheese. The idea of such a threesome may be hard to swallow, yet once you try this […]

Insider Favorites: Linda’s Guide to Long Beach

Located in the heart of Southern California’s beach communities, Long Beach blends urban sophistication with a relaxed beach resort vibe.

Planning a conference at sea

The strategies and benefits of planning a conference aboard the m/s Maasdam from Boston to Montreal.

An unconventional taste of San Diego

A one day, three-stop exploration of the history, roots and reasons San Diego is a food mecca for locals and world travelers alike.

Tasting Southern Oregon’s Wine Country

When you’re ready for a new type of wine experience I’ve got just the place for you. Yes, you will need to venture past California. It’s OK. Oregon makes some […]

The trifecta of cheese, wine and chocolate resides in Medford Oregon

Side by side the three distinctive businesses of Rogue Creamery, Lillie Belle Farms and Ledger David Cellars daily showcase their local offerings in Medford, Oregon.

Spice dusted recipes and secrets from a French Kitchen

What is the secret of a well-planned French meal with a distinct beginning middle and end and appropriately paired wines?

Dale Chihuly and Chateau Ste Michelle

Not long ago Chateau Ste. Michelle in Washington State celebrated the 20th year of its Artist Series with a weekend of upscale festivities any luxury traveler would be honored to […]

Blending memories at San Antonio Winery

Who says you need to go to a faraway wine country to have a memorable wine experience? What if I told you there is an unforgettable wine adventure available to […]

Top 11 things to experience in Conejo Valley, CA

Conejo Valley is one heck of a place to experience an upscale 2-4 day vacation. Think picturesque green valleys and blue ocean waves, encompassing both Southeastern Ventura County as well […]

Wines and a recipe from the fiery island of Sicily

Lucky me. I was recently sent two wines to try representing the new types of wines Sicily has to offer: Baglio di Pianetto Ficiligno 2013 and Valle Dell’Acate Il Frappato […]

Truffle Semolina with Confit Egg Yolk from Chef Eric Klein

Think rich truffles, smooth and creamy semolina, fresh organic ingredients and golden egg yolk as we discover today’s recipe from Chef Eric Klein of Spago Las Vegas.

Must See Places in Denmark

Right now chefs are chopping and creating exciting menus. Waiters are polishing and the sommeliers sipping. Commuters are bicycling their bums off and fisherman are casting their hooks. The tulips […]

2014 Cocomero Rosato and Drunken Watermelon Popsicles

Italy is home sweet home to many of the world’s greatest wines. The Great Northwest is home to some of the tastiest seafood in the world. Match one with the […]

The Ultimate Mediterranean Diet Cookbook review and recipe

Overall, a very simple plan with some lovely social benefits. Amy’s cookbook offers easy to make tasty recipes, real health benefits and easy change. Featuring 100 recipes from 25 countries […]

Sip happens tastefully in El Dorado Wine Country

Producing some world class wines El Dorado is bringing its “A” game right now and wine lovers best be paying attention.

Upscale fun in Conejo Valley California

Think picturesque valleys to blue ocean waves, great wine and lots of great food.

Best Corned Beef Hash Recipe Ever

An awe-inspiring Corned Beef Hash is a thing of beauty. The corned beef takes on an intense meaty but savory attitude with salty, crispy bits that can’t be achieved without […]

Greek Yogurt with Lemon Vinaigrette from Yogurt Culture

Yogurt Culture : A global look at how to make, bake, sip and chill the world’s creamiest, healthiest food

The food wine and recipes of Paso Robles CA

I expected good, but what I got was great, exceeding my expectations in every aspect of the evening. The Paso Wine Alliance hosted the evening, assuring the group of invited […]

Meet vintner extraordinaire Janis Denner of Pelletiere Estate

Our starting point may have been the bodacious pairing, but it was her passion for product and the lifestyle she has created that charmed me.

Seared Baby Lamb Chops in a Sea of Green paired with Pelletiere Estate Lagrein

The main idea behind any food and wine pairing is to be imaginative and order or create something unique and memorable. Sometimes this happens in a restaurant, at a friend’s […]

Hollister just may be the Next Great California Wine County

I’ve been teasing you long enough. Ready to know my opinion of the next big wine country in California? It is in honor to introduce you to the Hollister area […]

Exploring the Champagne Region of France

There were a lot of memorable moments in my latest trip to Champagne France.

The Richebourg Affair

The Richebourg Affair (About $12 paperback/ $7 Kindle) by R. M. Cartmel uses the backdrop of the Burgundy wine region to weave a story of intrigue, death, romance and wine.

Why It Still Makes Sense to Go to Professional Wine Conferences

The bottom line is professional conferences provide the time and the opportunity to develop better contacts with industry experts and to gain knowledge in specific areas of wine and tourism. […]

San Benito County Wines are Worth a Second Taste

I was able to taste through some wines from the San Benito County area a short while ago. Some of the wines I tried in person at the tasting room, […]

Life in the high and low priced white wine lane with a crab salad

It’s often said that “serious” wine enthusiasts prefer reds over whites. Then again, I’ve also heard only women drink white wine, men prefer the reds. To all those who have […]

Seaside Adventure in Ventura CA

When you exit California Highway 101 to Ventura County West in Southern California you’re going to find seaside adventures you might not expect. Beyond the beautiful beaches, there is also […]

Red Soles Winery Stillhouse Limoncello Recipes

A couple of Paso Robles wineries are coloring outside of the wine box to include a still to their collection of equipment. Red Soles Winery, best known as a grower […]

Wine Exchange has it al

We’re all looking for a deal. Doesn’t matter how much money you do or don’t have. We are all on the search for “the” wine shop. You know the one. […]

Mexicano Restaurant: Authentic as it gets

I love Mexican food. I have the credentials to know what I am talking about. I live in Southern California. I’ve searched out and dined in Mexican restaurants in Rome, […]

Santa Barbara wine scene today

Santa Barbara, California is certainly on the “go-to” radar for most locals, nationals and foreign tourists. The area has a lot to offer and certainly distinguishes itself from many other […]

Swirl and Sip with Downton Abbey Chardonnay

A perfect wine has arrived for the crazed “Abbey Head” in your life. This fruit forward wine is a delicious example of how good a California Chardonnay can be when […]

A Recipe for Cultivating Good

From a trending wine country in Southern California Cultivating Good is changing the community palate one delicious dish at a time

Success in the Food Wine and Travel Writing Business

Travel writer Linda Kissam, President of International Food Wine and Travel Writers Association talks about how to be successful in the world of food, wine and travel writing.Page 35

A Great Book and Recipe for Losing Big

Book review of and recipe from Small Guide to Losing Big from Cheryl Forberg, R.D. best known as the nutritionist for NBC’s The Biggest Loser.

Think spicy goodness with just a slight kick. Today’s recipe features a wonderful condiment, Tabañero.

Unexpected Pairings with Lebanese Food and Wine

Lebanon is doing its best to establish itself in the global wine market. Are they outstanding wines? Not yet, but keep your connoisseur eye on them. Great things are in […]

The Poconos: A Legend Reborn

Ever wonder how a dated destination recreates itself? My article for and interview with Big Blend Magazine takes a look at what it takes to go from dated to darling.

Melissa’s key lime and pistachio parfaits

Did you know that winter is when most citrus fruits are at their sweetest and juiciest? Yup. Winter fruits are easily sourced at farmers markets and in supermarket produce departments. […]

If water is the new wine pairing Jeju 16 Water is in it to win it

When it comes to matching food with a refreshing beverage, there’s sometimes nothing better than a glass of perfectly paired H20

Have a Dream Vacation in the Poconos

We’re all looking for the perfect vacation. The dream is a no-brainer. It’s finding the spot to fit the dream that takes some time and patience. Well, I have some […]

Urban Seoul Restaurant Irvine, CA

From the outside, the restaurant Urban Seoul could be just about any place in the American strip mall world. However, step inside, eat the food, meet the owner and chef […]

Brix At The Shore: A New York Experience in Belmont Shores, CA

Sometimes when you walk into a new restaurant, you just know it is right.

Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort’s Beer Dinner and Butternut Squash Bisque Recipe

Fun and yum in the Pocono’s with Executive Chef Rodney Tallada and brewery proprietors Pete Kirkwood and Jason Startari and head brewer Chris DeGasperis.

The Perfect Everyday Potato Cookbook

Cookbook review. Chef Ida Rodriguez and Sharon Hernandez focuses on what the home cook can imagine and produce through the creamy buttery flavor of the Dutch Yellow® Potato.

Solvang California’s Trifecta: Sip, Nosh and Ride

Think Solvang, California for the retreat vaca of a lifetime. Relax at an upscale dude ranch complete with extraordinary cuisine and do some premium wine tasting 1/2 mile away.

A Rising Star: Ventura County West, CA with Herzog Wine Cellars Recipe

About an hour north of Los Angeles, Ventura County West is a place to relax renew and engage. In today’s article we’re going to explore this trending coastal find and […]

Destination Oxford, England: Scholarly, Elite, and Tasteful

Scholarly, privileged, and elite describes Oxford, England. What is so cool about Oxford is it knows it is all that and more. […]

Memorable Experiences in the Heidelberg Castle District

Have just two days to experience the magic of Heidelberg, Germany? Here’s my recommendations for regional fun,food and wine.

Our Interwoven Lives with the Zapotec Weavers and Cergueza Recipe

A special kind of travel book that is likely to open your mind and spirit to a sense of place not seen by the casual tourist.

Cruising the Oxford Canal on a Narrowboat

I think most of you will agree there’s something magical about spending time on the water—the peaceful atmosphere, beautiful surroundings, wildlife sightings, sparkling cool water, and admiration of passing boats. […]

Gone with the Whim Memoir Travelogue. Get ready to LYAO.

A sassy review of Stepahny Holmes new memoir/travel guide to a whole different kind of Las Vegas.

11 Things to Love about Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham was founded in 1871 as a steel-making center. Today, it is a medical and financial center, as well as a lively hub of cultural activities and engaging historical sites. […]

Egg and Watercress Sandwiches with Pomegranate Mojito Green Tea

Some things just go naturally together – like a lovely zippy cup of tea, tea time sandwiches and a quirky tea-time song. Today’s recipe celebrates that tradition with a recipe for […]

Rutherford Dust Tasting 2014

The event is unique amongst the many wine tastings I attend over a year’s time.  Besides being extremely well organized and thoughtful in its agenda, it allows media and trade […]

New Mexico Wines: The Spice of Life

I don’t think New Mexico comes to the top of mind when talking about wines, wine country or top tier wines.  Too bad, it should.I just finished tasting eight wines […]

San Juan Marriott DragonBerry Mojito Recipe

Today’s delicious cocktail recipe comes from the fabulous 4- diamond San Juan Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino located on the Condado Beach in sparkly San Juan, Puerto Rico. Offering numerous […]

Get Your International Sip On

I have a tip for you…there is life and great sips beyond California wines. I am serious. I know, I know, it’s easy to cruise the wine aisles and load […]

The Nine Best Things to Do in Oxnard, California

Oxnard, California is a great 2-4 day destination.  It’s just 90 minutes from LA.  Sometimes overlooked for its bigger cousins in Santa Barbara, San Francisco or San Diego this is […]

Taste the Place: LA’s Best Chocolate Tour

On a lovely LA afternoon, I indulged my love affair with chocolate and gave into the dark side. And boy am I glad I did. TOURific Escapes offers a three-hour […]

La Dolce Vita Ristorante Portobello Florentine

One of my favorite dishes at La Dolce Vita Ristorante (Oxnard, CA)  is the Portobello Florentine. It’s a big earthy dish full of succulent flavors. Pair it with a local […]

Top 6 Things To Do in Yuma

If you haven’t been to Yuma, Arizona in a while – or at all, NOW would be a good time to think about spending a couple of days at this […]

Medjool Date Chicken Salad

There’s nothing quite like seeing where your food comes from. Its one thing to eat something put in front of you, quite another to experience where some or all of […]

Taste the Place: Pizzeria Mozza, San Diego

What do foodie greats Nancy Silverton, Mario Batali and Joseph Bastianich all have in common? They have fused their impressive talents to bring Pizzeria Mozza to the San Diego waterfront. […]

Napa Valley’s Luxury Sip Trail

Like most wine lovers I’ve done my time in tasting rooms located in Napa Valley. It’s an important place to explore as Napa is a benchmark for all things wine. […]

Luxe Travel Guide: Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona can claim to have it all: premium wines, extraordinary restaurants, an alluring climate, inspiring architecture, a multitude of beaches and excellent shopping. There’s several ways to experience Barcelona and […]

Taste the Place: Top of the Market

In my opinion, if you’re willing to drive over an hour to eat at a restaurant, you’ve found a winner.  I call it “inspired eating.”  I am talking about the […]

Josh Cellars Makes the Sweet Spot Connection

  When a vineyard is in harmony with climate and geology, wines of great depth and character are possible.  Add in a family owned company dedicated to making world class, […]

The Best of Surprising Jacksonville, Florida

  Delight me, entertain me, exceed my expectations, throw in the unexpected and you have my loyalty forever.  It’s not an easy task since I’ve traveled so much, but it can […]

Understanding Cava Wines

While I have tasted many types of sparkling wines over the years, I have always been fascinated with cava wines. There is just something about the affordability, quality, and versatility […]

Gunn House Hotel Pineapple Apricot Breakfast Cake

I like staying at bed and breakfast inns. If you’ve never stayed at a B&B or did many moons ago, you may be thinking of the old fashioned ones where […]

Get Your Sip On with Greek Wines

When was the last time you tasted or purchased Greek wines?  Uh oh, I sense some downward glances, some face twitching and a few mutterings of “Not me.”  Uh oh […]

Sipping Great Cava

  By Linda Kissam ‘Food, Wine & Shopping Diva’ The best way I know of to really understand a particular wine category or varietal is to jump in and immerse […]

Valentine Vegan Ice Cream

It will soon be that time of year when our thoughts turn to sweet, treats, hearts and arrows. Valentine’s Day is one of America’s most popular holidays, inspiring a flurry […]

The Best of Surprising Jacksonville, Florida

  Delight me, entertain me, exceed my expectations, throw in the unexpected and you have my loyalty forever.  It’s not an easy task since I’ve traveled so much, but it can […]

Sipping Great Cava

  The best way I know of to really understand a particular wine category or varietal is to jump in and immerse yourself. I did just that on a five-day […]

Drink Pink for an Elegant Christmas

  It doesn’t seem so long ago when the word “Rosé” was mentioned, it conjured up warm days and slippery Jacuzzis.  It was the heralding cry of summer weather. Then… […]

Taste the Place: The Wine Artist

There are a variety of places to learn about the art of food and wine pairing. You can start by learning to pair wine with the food. Or, learn to […]

Smoky Moutain Travel and Chilhowee Inn’s Grandmother’s Fudge Pie

Today’s recipe comes as a result of my trip to the great Smoky Mountain region in Tennessee. As part of my meanderings in this beautiful area, I spent one night […]

Taste the Place: District Wine in Long Beach

What makes a great wine bar? I know, I know, wine bars are so common nowadays that all sorts of places are calling themselves a “wine bar.” Some are nothing […]

Jeremy’s on the Hill Ratatouille

A group of eight wine lovers headed off on a road trip of their own to Jeremy’s for an Occasional Wine Council meeting.  The group celebrated their final summer meeting […]

The Perfect Five-Day Stay in Halkidiki, Greece

When I began to plan my trip to Greece everyone assumed I was going to Athens or Crete. On and on they went about the ruins and the history. After […]

My Six-Night Stand in Athens, Greece

  I like an eclectic approach when visiting a new city. If my time there is planned by an “insider,” that’s even better. I like seeing some of the main […]

Moana Surfrider’s Grilled Pacific Salmon with Hearts of Palm over Buckwheat Soba

Today’s recipe comes from Chef Brooke Tadena of the Moana Surfrider (A Westin Resort and Spa). This place is less about where to stay and drop your bags, and more […]

The Five Best Things About Lexington, Kentucky

I once read that Lexington, Kentucky was    all about horses, history and hooch.  Maybe, but my four-day experience there tells me Lexington has been maturing into an interesting culinary stop […]

Wine Trippin’ in Greece

Contemporary thinking has it that there are no longer rules for pairing wines.  Guidelines, yes, rules no.  The same can be said for traveling to famous destinations. What if Iwanted to go […]

Grande Hotel Bretagne Sea Bass Carpaccio

The Hotel Grande Bretagne provides one of the most extraordinary and enjoyable culinary experiences in Athens. With incomparable views of the Acropolis, Syntagma Square, and the ancient mysteries of Athens […]

Mastelo Greek Salad

A few short weeks ago I was in Athens, Greece as a guest of The Athen’s Hotel Association. Part of my trip took me to The Margi Hotel , a […]

Wines with Soul – The Gioia Connection

I wouldn’t necessarily have thought a wine could have a soul –well at least not in the religious sense any way.  But I do think if one thinks more on […]

A Tasty Sip and Dine Connection

Downtown Long Beach, CA A Tasty Sip and Dine Connection The City of Long Beach, California, has a surprising collection of activities and    diversions for visitors and residents. Big-name attractions […]

Hollywood, CA, USA: Hollywood Sites and Bites

It’s been a while since I’ve visited Hollywood. Shame on me since it’s just a couple of hours from  San Diego. Not so many years ago, without a second thought, […]

Art Class with a Wine Chaser in Gulf Shores Alabama

Gulf Shores, Alabama, is known as a family friendly place to vacation. It’s also great for singles and girlfriend getaways. I can see why. The pristine beaches, sugar white sand, […]

District Wine’s Pinot braised pork belly with tapenade

Today’s recipe comes from one of the trendiest wine bars in Southern California.  Located in downtown Long Beach on Linden Ave., District Wine is owned and operated by local Long […]

Hire a Personal Chef for an Extraordinary Vacation

Vacationers who hire a personal chef generally don’t have the time, inclination, or ability to cook for themselves but do have the resources to find someone else do it for […]

Julian, CA, USA: A Weekend in Julian

The quaint mountain town of Julian, California, has a reputation for killer apple pie. While you could go there just for that slice of heaven, you’d be missing a whole […]

All Champagnes pair with killer stilettos, but how about corn dogs?

Off to the computer I went to research some out of the box pairings.  The first thing that popped up said Champagne and fried foods are super pals. Fun, quirky […]" target="_blank">" target="_blank">Everyday Bordeaux’s

It wasn’t so long ago that the words “everyday” and “Bordeaux” didn’t exist in the same sentence.  That’s certainly not the case today.  Affordable Bordeaux’s – ones that you would […]

The Game Changer: Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama

You know this Wine Diva loves her wine trips, but on occasion I step out of the purely  wine tourist mode and expand my horizons to just going with the […]

Lynchburg Virginia, USA: A Taste of the Extraordinary

Heritage, natural beauty, food,  and wine abound in Central Virginia. It’s a showplace for all things fun. One place not to miss is Lynchburg, Virginia. You’ll have to have a […]

Cemetery ginger cookies

While taking a tour of the Old City Cemetery in Lynchburg, Virginia a few weeks back, a discussion was started by our guide on funerals, funeral foods and funeral food […]

Truckhenge, Quirky Folk Art in Topeka, Kansas

Truckhenge in Topeka, Kansas is a unique eclectic combination of farm rights , salvage and recycled objects , countryside sanctuary, power tools, personal statement about “the man”, and perhaps folk […]

The Boars Head Peanut Soup

Today’s recipe comes from The Boars Head in Charlottesville, VA. The Boar’s Head has been cultivating the sustainability initiative for years which features a partnership between Boar’s Head Resort and […]

A Casino Resortist Savors It All

Dollars are on the line. It’s a huge night out. It’s the start of a one-night pass to fun, food and wine. People are paying attention. Everyone’s engaged. I’ve got […]

Tasting the Gaslamp Quarter

San Diego is foodie haven. It’s also a very safe, walkable town. Combining those attributes into a cool guided visitor activity is pure genius. So I have a suggestion for […]

Liquid Gold Tour – Portland, Oregon’s Beer, Wine, and Saki Scene

The Zen of wine is my deal. I like it. I like to drink it. I love sharing it with friends and pairing it with food. I like to learn […]

The Bellingham, WA Renaissance: A 7-day Foodie Tour

There was a time when Bellingham area was booming, then a time when prosperity was only a faint memory. But a quick trip to Bellingham just a few short weeks […]

Authentic Canadian maple syrup pie

Today’s recipe is a traditional dessert found in the Province of Québec called Maple Syrup Pie.  It comes  compliments of Aux Anciens Canadiens Restaurant. Located in the historic Maison Jacquet, […]

Wine Trippin’ in South Dakota

I am advocate for “tasting the place.”  This Wine Diva believes in doing more than    just standing at a winery tasting bar demanding some outstanding Cab.  The true wine  tasting […]

Affordable French Wines

When I think French wine, the word affordable is not usually in the same sentence. However, affordable French wine is not impossible to find. With a little help form Gérard […]

Three Rivers B and B low fat cheesecake with honey graham cracker and butter crust

Three Rivers Bed & Breakfast is located in the beautiful art community of Three Rivers, California.  A night or two spent here is absolute heaven for the foodie, music or […]

Wine, Jazz, Food and Gerard Bertrand in the South of France

Who would know that there are still some wine regions and vintners in France that Americans dont know enough about? I do now, and soon you will too. I got […]

Discovering a Sensual Czech Republic

I am one lucky Wine Chix. I received an invitation from the Czech Tourism Department to explore the wine, food and activities of the trending Czech Republic via Prague and […]

Couples Getaway: Artist Retreat Dorland Mountain Arts Colony

There are all types of getaways. The choices are limitless from big adventure to soft adventure, romantic to family, glamping to camping. The key to getting it right is understanding […]

Spring Break in So-Cal Wine Country

Picture this: Southern California’s two most impressive wine countries, Temecula and Julian, filled with fun people, all looking to have a blast as they sip, swirl and nosh their way […]

The Wines and Treasures of Picturesque Nova Scotia

My nights lodging was in a box car. Yup, you heard me right, I stayed the night in Box Car Jane at the century old Train Station inn at Tatamagouche. […]

The Las Vegas Wow Experience!

Each one of us has our own vision of what the Vegas Experience is, but if you havent been there in a while or you usually just come to play […]

Great Food, Wine and Music in Trendy Julian, California

The key to getting to know this special place is to stay awhile. It’s about an hour away from San Diego and Palm Springs; add another 30 minutes from Orange […]

Off the Beaten Track Vacation in Irvine, California

The really smart traveler heads off the   beaten track and away from the tourist traps of the world’s big cities to uncover    some amazing attractions. From little-known markets to hidden […]

Destination ~ South Park, San Diego

I love finding the hidden jewels of big city destinations, how about you? It’s great fun to immerse yourself in the unsung areas that don’t have big promotional budgets to […]

Small Lot Wines + The Perfect Wine! = Perfection!

Youve probably heard the term small lot wines and took a guess that it refers to wine produced in limited quantities. You would of course be right, but theres more […]

Exploring Gulf Shores & Orange Beach, Alabama

It’s not often I get the opportunity to right a wrong or set the record straight while thoroughly immersing myself in sugar white beaches, clear blue ocean waves, and warm […]

Temecula Old Town Wine Walk Tour

Powered by the GPS technology, this walking tour offers narrated accurate turn-by-turn directions and insights to tasting rooms found in Old Town Temecula. It’s as if you had local guide […]

Couples Northwest Getaway

Our flight from San Diego to Seattle was on time, we found our ride without issue, and we were being whisked away on a beautiful sunny Seattle day by EastSide […]

Iron Skillet Cornbread with Honey Lavender Butter

While in Downtown Napa recently, I had dinner at the trendy and engaging Grace’s Table Restaurant. What an amazing evening spent spent with Chef Mauro. Dish after dish was original, […]