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Feb 1997 Food, travel, and culture journalist: European Bureau Chief for; regular contributor to German Life; contributing editor to KMT, a modern journal of ancient Egypt; culture editor for Inside the Vatican; and inviata speciale or roving correspondent for La Madia Travelfood. As culture editor of Inside the Vatican I write a monthly column called "Of Books, Art, and People", a travel column called "Of Shrines and Sacred Places" and under the pseudonym of "Mother Martha" a monthly food and travel column called "Food for Thought". In 2006 winner of Heidelberg Club International's Mark Twain Travel journalism Award. In June 2011 winner of the Croatian National Tourist Organization's award, the "Ztalana Penkala" or "Golden Pen" top journalistic award for the best article about Croatia published in the USA in 2010. 

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Epiphany in Italy: Befana is the Real Santa

The Befana’s story and where is celebrated in Italy

Holy Cow! The Holy See is Renting to McDonald’s and The Hard Rock Café

An international scandal!

“Panettone: Italy’s Ubiquitous Christmas Cake”

The legends and facts about panettone and where to buy yours.

Wild Capers of the Vatican

In Italy the best wild capers are found in Sicily. They mostly grow in old walls even in the Vatican

Rome’s Non-Catholic Cemetery Turns 300 Years Old

The burial place of Keats, Shelley’s heart, Goethe’s son, Gogol, Richard Henry Dana, to name a few

Help Rebuild the Birthplace of Spaghetti all’Amatriciana

On August 23 a severe earthquake hit central Italy and destroyed the town of Amatrice, the birthplace of this world famous pasta dish

A French Oasis in Baden-Baden With One Michelin Star

An Alsatian couple, he the chef, she the sommelier, own splendid restaurant in Baden-Baden

Caffé Sant’Eustachio and Tazza D’Oro: Rome’s Best Coffee

Where to drink the best coffee in the Eternal City

FAO Honors Slow Food President Carlo Pertini

UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization honors Carlo Pertini the founder and president of the Slow Food movement

“‘L’Orto di Maramao: A ‘rural’ Oasis in Central Rome

It’s hard to find a soup and salad bar in central Rome. Try this special one.

Arnold Pannartz and Konrad Sweynheim: Bringing Gutenberg to Italy

Two German itinerant printers bring Gutenberg’s invention to Italy, first to Subiaco and then to Rome

Basta Pizza e Pasta: Rome’s Best non-Italian Restaurants

As the title says, recommendations in Rome which don’t serve Italian cuisine

January 21: Wine News from Vatican City and Rome

Niko Romito: La Cucina etica dell’unico chef a sud di Roma con 3 stelle Michelin

An interview with Niko Romito, the only chef south of Rome to have 3 Michelin stars

Want a Cheap room Near the Vatican? Try Via Monte del Gallo

Five the-price-is-right hotels all on one street

New ‘Tower’ Built at North American College

Update on Papal Gastromony

What Pope Francis Ate in The Philippines

January 21: Wine News from Vatican City and Rome

The Pizza Connection

A history of pizza and where to eat the best pizzas in Naples and Rome

Saint Francis Visits New York

Manuscripts from the time of St. Francis of Assisi travel outside of Italy for the first time ever

Traveling to Tuscany?

How to plan your trip in Tuscany

Gaston Acurio: Worldwide Ambassador of Peruvian Cuisine

Interview with Acurio

Niko Romito: Italy’s Only Chef South of Rome with 3 Michelin Stars

An interview with Romito

Papal Gastronomy Since St. Peter

What the popes ate or didn’t eat since St. Peter

Heinz Beck: My Twenty Years at La Pergola

Heinz Beck: Rome’s Only Chef with 3 Michelin Stars

An interview with Heinz Beck about this concern for top-quality, but healthy food

Sacred Splendor: Treasrues of the Palazzo Pitti’s Chapel of Relics

Papal Gastronomy Since St. Peter

How the Counter-Reformation Popes Brought New Hope

Hotel Capo D’Afirca

profile of a hotel between the Colosseum and St. John in Lateran

Niko Romito: La Cucina etica dell’unico chef a sud di Roma con 3 stelle Michelin

I have also interviewed other chefs this year for La Madia Travelfood: Acurio, Beck,as well as Paolo Marchi, founder of Identita Golose and author/illustrator Gianluca Biscalchin.

How God’s Word Spread Geogrpahically

A History of how God’s Word Spread Geographically and even to the moon

Palazzo Cardinal Cesi: In the Heart of Christendom

A hotel in a Renaissance Palace a block from St. Peter’s Square

Residenza Paolo VI: At the Very Heart of Christendom

The hotel closest to St. Peter’s

The Vatican Library Apostolic Library Going Ever More Public

The Vatican Library is digitizing its many thousand manuscripts

“Once in a Lifetime”-A Unique Exhibition

An exhibition of books through the ages from several different libraries in Florence

Hotel Michelngelo

“Il Cantico”-A Welcoming Oasis in Rome

Once a convent now a hotel with an excellent restaurant and a lovely garden owned by the Franciscan Order