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Travel and food are my passion and writing about both has made my travel experiences that much more exciting. I was bitten by the travel bug when I was 13 years old and took my first flight from San Diego to Los Angeles and decided right then, I’d keep on traveling. I've explored regional foods and peoples in many countries, including the USA and my home town of San Diego. Interviewing and writing about notable chefs and little unknown eateries has become my niche wherever I go. Always searching to learn more, I completed an extensive on-line travel writer’s course, attended Book Passage’s Travel, Food and Photography Conference, Tbex travel bloggers/writers conference and social media events. Memberships include San Diego Travel Massive, IFWTWA's Emerging Writer Program and assisting the membership committee. A career highlight was appearing as a food blogger in Lifetime's TV show Supermarket Superstar, Publications are: International Travel News, San Diego Reader, Examiner.com, AmateurTraveler.com, San Diego Union, JustLuxe.com, HonestCooking.com, Realtraveladventures.com, Tripatini.com, Travelsquire.com and LuxeBeat.com. Travel is a highlight with my life to open my eyes and experience the world in different ways. But I must say it’s good to come home and appreciate my many blessings and then start planning another trip. My hope with my articles and website is that it gives people a vision to travel outside of routines and expectations and enrich lives in a satisfying way. Here’s to your travel adventure… 

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Gooey Butter Cake is the Sweet Signature of St Louis

Gooey butter cake started in St Louis with a baking mistake and became the favorite treat in this city

A Fun and Free Family Garden Nursery in San Diego

City Farmers Nursery has been located in the city of San Diego for over 40 years and a free adventure for all.

A French Chef On a Quest to Save Endangered Elephants

Chef Pascal, a veteran chef and restaurant owner supports the Gray Event to save rescued elephants

Cross Border Xpress-Easy Access to the Tijuana Airport

Flying out of the Tijuana airport has become easy and efficient by using the Cross Border Xpress.

King’s Hawaiian Bread and Bakery-Los Angeles

King’s Hawaiian is a long time family owned business, starting from a small bakery to nationally known breads and sauces.

Solvang, Calif-A Place To Relax On The Central Coast

Solvang, a small Danish like town in California, is a peaceful yet active town for a getaway

Clucking about Fried Chicken in Hawaii

Plate lunch and fried chicken in a gas station and mini market throughout Maui and the Big Island

A Quick Getaway into a Different World at The Mission Inn Hotel

The Mission Inn in Riverside, Ca is full of historical and artful displays and built in the most unusual manner

In Carlsbad-Oh Christmas Tree!

Members of Food Network’s Halloween Wars team up to decorate Santa’s Workshop and Christmas tree.

Baking Saved His Life and Later Brought Him Love

Ernie started baking with his mom as a young man and when the Nazi’s invaded Hungary, he baked for the Nazi’s to save his life

Big Island Local Food Favourites-Kailua-Kona Hawaii

Family run businesses are the way to explore the food on the Kailua-Kona coast

Beyond Takeout Chinese Food M.Y. China Restaurant

Celebrity Chef Martin Yan designed his San Francisco restaurant with open kitchens and historical decor

Importance of Mentoring, Passing on Valuable Lessons

Mentoring is important to develop employees and learn how an experienced chef mentored another chef

Tasting Newport Beach, California’s Pacific Wine and Food Classic

The Pacific Wine and Food Classic served hundreds of wines, classy food and fun culinary demos. Newport Beach tasted as good as it looked.

Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez Valley

Santa Barbara is a fun vacation spot and Solvang has added modern with the old Danish town. See both in one trip.

The Sweet Side of Hilo, Hawii

Pastry Chef Maria Short opened her bakery with stunning wedding cakes and house made breads and lots of goodies

Traditional and Modern dining puts Solvang on the culinary map

Solvang known for Danish cooking has become a culinary hot stop with modern restaurants

The Mission Inn

The Mission Inn in Riverside, Ca has an intriguing history and architectural designs

Wine River/Rhine Cruise

The Rhine River is full of castles, wine and an historical cake. A river cruise takes you there.

Dining on Coronado Island

Coronado, home to admirals and beach goers has changed the island’s dining scene with a variety of restaurants

Forget the fondue, it’s the meat in Zurich

Switzerland known for fondue, has a restaurant that takes every bit of the cow to serve it for dinner.

New Mexico Green Chile Potato Au Gratin

New Mexico is known for cooking with chiles and when added to potato au gratin it zips up the flavor

San Diego’s Natural Sourdough by the Beach

Olive Baking Company kneads century old sourdough into breads made community spirit

Big Island Poke Contest Preserves Hawaiian Culture

Poke is a staple in Hawaiian households and has grown in popularity on the Mainland. True poke goes back to old Hawaiian times and customs.

Tonga Room and Hurricane Bar-tiki everlasting

The Tonga Room and Hurricane Bar have been entertaining guests for 70 years high on Nob Hill, San Francisco. Tiki bars have a definite following.

South Point on the Big Island

Away from typical Hawaiian sites, the southern most location in the USA is South Point on the Big Island of Hawaii. Ancient beginnings and where to buy Hawaiian breads.

San Diego’s soul food finds the right climate

San Diego is known for beautiful weather and fish tacos but there is a delicious soul food scene happening in town.

Summer Music in Swing at Cape Rey in Carlsbad, Ca

Carlsbad has gorgeous beaches and Cape Rey Resort overlooks the beach. The resort’s summer concerts the last Thursday of the month is in full swing.

San Diego Craft Spirits

Known for more craft breweries than anywhere in the USA, spirit distilleries are popping up in San Diego.

Growing Chocolate in Hawaii

Hawaii produces quality chocolate and the Original Chocolate Factory farm tour is a must

Growing Chocolate in Hawaii

Hawaii is the perfect place to grow Chocolate and the Original Hawaiian Chocolate Co has fun farm tours

What To Catch at Disneyland’s Food and Wine Festival

Disneyland’s California Adventure Park hosts the food and wine festival with celebrity chefs and many other interesting events

Visit the Flower Fields in Carlsbad, California

Over 8 million flowers bloom in Carlsbad, California in the flower fields bringing thousands of visitors each year.

Mixed Plate Hawaii Style

Sugar plantation workers were mostly immigrants and shared their native foods during lunch, called mixed plate.

Beverly Hills’ Lawry’s Prime Rib: The Taste Is in the Silver Cart

Lawry’s restaurant known for classic service with tableside hand cut meats and spinning salad.

Dishing up Disney in Glendale, California

Walt Disney dined and dreamed of future movies here while among his close friends

Hawaii food and wine festival-Maui

Hawaii’s annual event has grown each year and it reaches many about Hawaii’s foods

Cullen Skink Scottish fish stew

Through the years, the Scottish have made a hearty stew with milk and white fish which is warm and filling


The Marine Room has been an elegant San Diego restaurant for many years overlooking the cliffs of La Jolla with a scenic view of the ocean

River, food, wine and chocolate

AMAwaterways brings you to the towns where chocolate is king in Belgium. The river cruise delivers fine food and wine with smooth waters.

Big Island Italian Style

Move over poi and roasted pork, upscale Italian dining has come to the Big Island, Hawaii. Pueo’s Osteria is featured in Luxe Beat Magazine.

His passion for baking is always rising

Luxebeatmag.com pastry chef on cruise line makes desserts and breads from scratch

Flowers and river cruising a blooming good time

Examiner.com river cruising through the Netherlands during tulip time

Crab cakes and ahi: riding the wave of perfection at Blueacre

Honestcooking.com, 2 of Seattle’s seafood restaurants owned by a married couple devoted to serving local fish

Dining in Hawaii: More than poi on the Big Island

Honestcooking.com 2 restaurants use locally sourced foods to produce burgers and Italian food

5 old time places to eat comfort food in San Diego

Examiner.com 5 eateries have been in San Diego for many years and still have great food

Monumental dining over Paris

A special birthday is celebrated with close friends in her favorite city, Paris. High above the beautiful city, waiters served elegantly prepared foods and made everyone feel welcome.

Montgomery, Alabama-on the move from past to present

Hosted by Montgomery, Alabama Tourism and Convention Bureau

Open air fish market reels in San Diego


The Right Fork Diner on Martha’s Vineyard


Mrs B’s restaurant brings home cooking to Montgomery, Alabama


Forget the RV, Hyatt Maui has friends and sun winter long


Maui Bakeries:a Feast for the Senses

With map in hand, I set out to explore four bakeries to experience island indulgences and hopefully some unexpected trade winds surprises By MLiss A Hinshaw I often think of […]

Donut Bar raises the delicious dough in downtown San Diego

  There’s other ways to eat crème brulee and still enjoy the crackling caramelized top by biting into a fresh creation from the Donut Bar. Real vanilla bean and thick […]

Why It’s Not So Easy to Become a Celebrity Chef

Chef Roy Choi prepares his famous Korean BBQ The multitude of cooking shows on television makes it appear simple to gain celebrity status as a fun, serious, or colorful chef. […]

Fresh catch in Tidepools restaurant, Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai, known as the Garden Island, is the oldest island in the Hawaiian chain full of graceful waterfalls and the scenic Grand Canyon of the Pacific.   Fresh mahi mahi with […]

Istanbul spice market

Making my way through thick crowds of people slowly walking, talking on cell phones and holding shopping bags, I found the mounds of spices in the marketplace in Istanbul, Turkey. I’d […]

Dallmann Confections makes decadent chocolates

Dallmann’s Confections, an independent chocolatier, is well known for dark chocolate caramel squares with fleur de sel and handmade Mozartkugel sweet treats.  Owner, Isabella Valencia, originally from St. Gilgen, Austria, was […]

“Peach Boy” Dessert from Honolulu

Honestcooking.com by M’LISS A HINSHAW on Oct 19, 2013 • 11:53 am Chef Arakaki holds his Peach Boy creation According to the myth, Peach Boy fought off monsters to save his village and this dessert […]

Checkpoint Charlie looking in different directions-Berlin, Germany

Amateurtraveler.com visiting Checkpoint Charlie after the fall of the wall

Archeology Museum in Palestrina, Italy- historical treasures

Amateurtraveler.com a little known museum full of reminders from 2 BC located near Rome

Christmas Market Fits Cruise Itinerary Nicely

I watched the petite woman carefully pick her steps on the snowplowed cobblestone streets, as we quickly rounded the corner of a centuries-old building. Her heavy scarf blew in the […]

Strawberry Fields Forever in Carlsbad

Picking your own freshly grown strawberries is family fun and refreshing in the U Pick strawberry fields of Carlsbad, Ca.  Big red and juicy strawberries hang gracefully from the vibrant […]

Murals and Mosaics in Philly

Bits of blue, red and yellow colored glass cuts into odd shapes and formations, as creatively painted murals liven up murky walls in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The usually boring, nondescript walls […]

Wine and Ancestry in Slovenia

Each page crackled as the village priest opened centuries old church birth records and my anticipation heightened when the page fell to my great grandfather’s name. The discovery of a […]

Celebrity Chefs Morimoto and Tsai Sizzle at Hawaiian Food festival

Dueling long and sharp knives wielded by two Asian celebrity chefs cut through raw fish, as each chef proclaimed his country was the first in the world of culinary history. […]

Visiting the Vanilla Farm on the Big Island of Hawaii

Vanilla teas, fresh salad with vanilla bean balsamic dressing and vanilla pound cake were beautifully presented to the visitors enjoying lunch at the Hawaiian Vanilla Company. Tucked into the hills […]

Stop for Nostalgia and Beef Along I-5

Lunchbox collection will spark memories, and Harris Ranch is a meat-lover’s dream By M’Liss Hinshaw 12:01 a.m., June 5, 2011 Zipping along the monotonous drive between Los Angeles and the Bay Area on Interstate […]

Avocados in Kona, Hawaii

By M’Liss Hinshaw | Published Saturday, March 26, 2011 An avocado festival – in Hawaii? Yes, and I just had to give it a try. While waiting for my plane to land […]

Puerto Montt, Chile: Fresh Seafood

Flapping fish tails, coiled seaweed, barnacles and octopus fresh from the Chilean coastal town of Puerto Montt will soon become part of our gastronomical lunch. At the southern end of […]

Modena, Italy, Balsamic Vinegar Heaven

A foodie just learning balsamic’s tasty lineage, I visited one of the many countryside balsamic vinegar producers while in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Modena, Italy.   In Sorbara, […]

Chocolate and Bear in Estonia

The uniqueness of Tallinn’s doors Estonia, a small country on the Baltic Sea is independent, thriving and full of chocolate.  This tiny country, a tad bigger than the state of […]