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Born 1965 in Thessaloniki. I studied German and English Literature in the University of Cologne/Germany. Since 1990 I am working as a journalist. First for the daily News of Deutsche Welle and then for WDR Broadcast, Cologne. Three years later I started to do freelance work in Culture and Politics from Greece. At the same time the first writing reports on travelling in Greece appeared. This was when I decided to live the most time of the year in Thessaloniki/Greece to be better connected to events in the country. In April 2001 my first book "Culinaria Greece" appeared in the stores, which very soon was translated in English, French, Netherlands, Swedish, Spanish and Hungarian. From that time on, I also began writing articles for travel books on Greece for different German publishing houses (Polyglott, Merian, Dumont, Baedecker). In December 2003 I went to the Peloponnese where I took part in the 60 year ceremony dedicated to the Massacre of Kalavrita during World War II. by the German Wehrmacht. Out of this experience I created a 30 minutes documentary for WDR TV about this anniversary. In the same year, I also started to write for the Greek Resort Chain "Grecotel." In 2005 I have had the opportunity to work with archeologists in Northern Greece where documenting their work. In 2007 I started to write my second book, this time for the Greek publishing house "Potamos." The book "A Journey to the Garden of Mary" was presented at the bookfair of Thessaloniki in March 2011. It is the first book about Mount Athos written by a woman. 2016, this book is beeing translated and will be published to German, English and Russian. In Mai 2016 I recieved the European-Media-Prize "CIVIS" for my 45-minutes Radio Feature about Refugee-Crisis in the Aegean. 

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Published Books

Extreme Lives

A collection of stories where I contributed a piece on the life of a monk on Mount Athos and his daily experiences.

Das Agreco Farmbuch

A journey to the Cretian Farm of Agreco which belongs to the Grecotel Group gives you deep knowlegde about life, traditional food and agriculture on Crete

Culinaria Greece

About life, history, tradition and cooking in Greece

Culinaria Greece

a journey in Greek food, traditions, old and modern Greek life

Recipes from the Garden of Mary

About the Mount Athos diet, travelling to the monasteries, the traditions and the monastic life of the orthodox monks on Halkidiki peninsula. – A visit behind the curtain.

Published Articles (18)

Best Peanutbutter comes from Greece

My visit in the small town of Serres, Northern Greece had been fruitful. I met the peanut farmers from the region and they discribed how they cultivate peanuts and made […]

Friends of Samos

Visitong the Island of Samos I heart the story of five Hoteliers who built up a new working group to promote their island more professional

„Eichel-Ferien“ auf der Kykladeninsel Kea

Second Part of my story about acorns on Kea Island

Zu Besuch bei den Eichelsammlern von Kea

Its the first part of my story about my visit to Cyclades Kea Island and the acorn farmers. Article is for the German Griechenland Zeitung

My Culinary Escapades – Samos

During my last visit on Samos Island I ve got the opportunity to learn the latest efforts of the people to combine Tourism and Food. My story was just published […]

Ios Island Has Nothing in Common With Fastfood

about my IFWTWA-Trip to Ios , published Sept, 2016

Kulinarische Eskapaden auf Paros

Article in German about my IFWTWA – Trip to Paros

Kulinarische Eskapaden auf Milos

On my journey with a group of IFWTWA Members to Milos island, I discovered a lot of culinary specialties. This is what the article is about. It is published once […]

Köstliche Speisen mit dem Geheimrezept “Luxus der Schlichtheit” – die bekannteste unbekannte Köchin Thessalonikis

A story about the known unknown Chef of the Thessaloniki and her thousand recipies to make Pita. You can order the “Griechenland Journal” here:

Traditional Milos

this radio piece is about our Media Trip to the Greek Island in Sept 2015. There met extraordinary good food and experimental wines. radio report for Deutschlandradio Cologne included

Delicious Ios

About how to make Pasteli, Melonpie and Honey products radio report for Deutschlandradio Cologne included

Tasty Paros

About chickpea soup and winemaking on a private vineyard radio report for Deutschlandradio Cologne included

Culinary travel to Alonissos

About Syrah homewine and Tuna specialties on the island radio report for Deutschlandradio Cologne included

preparing myself for Paros

My first piece is a pre-article for the 10day island hopping tour through the Aegean. I cant wait to visit Paros, Ios, Milos and Alonissos. For me it will be […]

Journey to Ikaria island

On my latest radio report about Ikaria island, I am telling the story of young Panagiotis, who decided to go back to his family´s roots. He moved from Athens to […]

The naked King and the treasure of the lost vines

About my journey to a makedonian vinery and the discovery of one the most delicious proseccos worldwide.

Nichts ist griechischer als Retsina

Presentation of the Kechris Winery.

How important is religious tourism for the city of Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki comes up with new ideas on Tourism. Because of the byzantine influence of the city, more and more tourists wishing to learn more about the byzantine life, churches and […]