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Dec 2016

I am a native of Paris, France where I grew up around sports, gourmet foods and wines. As a National/European Table Tennis Champion and tennis pro, I quickly realized the importance of physical and mental fitness to perform my best.

Combining the knowledge from my sports years, coaching career, chef experiences and endless education; I created “CM Academy” to promote healthy lifestyle. I have designed numerous educational tools to optimize performance and well-being within the Culinary, Fitness, Wellness, Scientific and Medical communities. I am the author of “Cooking Well” Cookbook Series which promote healing through specific nutritional recipes and lifestyle based on diseases. I created the “Personal Fitness Chef Certification Program”, an educational and business tool that has served the sport/fitness/Culinary Industries for 13 years. I am now working on releasing my own healthy eating program through my company and the second edition of my "Food and Wine Pairing Demystified" Book. I have also contributed to various fitness/coaching educational books and food related projects.

My company has received excellent reviews and my work has appeared in magazines such as OC Metro, Westways, Uptown San Diego, OC Flair, North OC, New York Post, New York Daily News, Life & Style, Vogue, Women's Health and Health News Digest. I was a guest speaker on various radio shows such as Dr. Stuart Fisher New York Radio Show and La Radio Française (French Radio) in San Diego.

My life mission has always been to make a difference in the health and lives of others. To teach sensible nutrition, fun exercise strategies, the importance of laughter, the pleasure of the table and every other aspect of a healthy lifestyle. I love inspiring others to travel their path, to diminish suffering, to promote compassion, to bring awareness to possibilities, and to encourage the right actions while purposely embracing the miracle of life and all its beauty. Happiness is no mystery to me.

One of my favorite sentence simply resumes my philosophy:  Only Passions, Great Passions, Can Elevate The Soul To Great Things! 

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Published Books

Food and Wine Pairing Demystified

An Educational E-Book on Grape Varieties, Cultivation Processes, Wine Making, Labeling, Taste Elements, Pairings, Recipes and more… By Marie-Annick Courtier

Cooking Well: Prostate Health

Easy Delicious Healthy Recipes Specially Designed To Improve Prostate Health by Marie-Annick Courtier

Cooking Well: Fibromyalgia

Healthy Lifestyle and Recipes Designed for Nutritional Healing for Fibromyalgia Patients by Marie-Annick Courtier

Cooking Well: Thyroid Health

Healthy Lifestyle and Nutritional Guideline designed for Hypothyroidism & Hyperthyroidism by Marie-Annick Courtier

Cooking Well: Garlic

The Healing Power of Garlic with Over 100 Healthy Recipes by Marie-Annick Courtier

Cooking Well: Mediterranean

Secrets of the World’s Healthiest Diet with Over 125 Nutritionally Based Recipes by Marie-Annick Courtier

Cooking Well: Wheat Allergies

The Complete Healthy Guide for Gluten-Free Nutrition by Marie-Annick Courtier

Cooking Well: Multiple Sclerosis

A Healthy Lifestyle and Nutritional Healing Guide by Marie-Annick Courtier

Cooking Well: Osteoporosis

A Guide and Healthy Recipes Book to Build Strong Bones by Marie-Annick Courtier

The Body Sculpting Bible Express for Women

Sculpt The body of Your Dream while enjoying healthy foods. James Villepigue, Hugo Rivera & Marie-Annick Courtier

The Body Sculpting Bible Express for Men

The Fastest Way to Lose Fat and Gain Muscle – James Villepigue, Hugo Rivera and Marie-Annick Courtier

The Park Avenue Diet

A Complete 7 – Point Plan for a Lifetime of Beauty and Health by Dr. Fischer, Tinsley Mortimer, Laura Geller, Joel Warren & Marie-Annick Courtier

The Saint-Tropez Diet by Apostolos Pappas and Marie-Annick Courtier

A delicious and healthy weight loss plan presenting the best scientific principles of the French and Mediterranean Omega-3 Diet. Yes, you can enjoy dark chocolate & wine!

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