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I'm a California native who loves the Golden State. Currently living in Southern California I spend much of my free time exploring the area. At other times you'll find me traveling - usually on an epic road trip. 

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A Wet and Windy Day in San Francisco

Recently, I spent a wet and windy day in San Francisco visiting SFMOMA, the Ferry Building and other unique bay area spots.

Exploring Lake Tahoe and the Eastern Sierras

After visiting California’s Gold Country my family and I traveled to the Eastern Sierras visiting Lake Tahoe, Mammoth and Bodie.

Exploring California’s Gold Country

Last fall I spent some time exploring California Gold Country – a historic area filled with beauty and several delightful surprises.

Attending the Lone Pine Film Festival

The 27th Annual Lone Pine Film Festival was recently held in the Eastern Sierra town. Celebrating Western films it’s an enjoyable event.

Weekend Fun in Phoenix

I recently spent a weekend in Phoenix and discovered what a wonderful area it is. Full of culture, history and entertainment it’s a must visit spot.

The Kinney Hotel Opens in Venice Beach

The Kinney, located on Washington Blvd., recently opened in Venice. With a wide range of amenities it’s a stylish place to stay.

Exploring Lompoc, CA

Lompoc is a small town nested on the Central California Coast. Steeped in history and filled with natural beauty it’s a treasured corner of the state.

Attending Wine & Fire in Lompoc

Every year the Sta. Rita Hills Winegrowers Alliance celebrates the vineyards of the region with the weekend event – Wine & Fire.

A Weekend in Claremont, CA

Claremont is one of the most beautiful spots in Southern California. Nestled in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains it’s a true treasure.

An Afternoon at District Wine

District Wine is located in Long Beach’s East Village Arts District. Offering a wide variety of food and wine it’s a charming spot to visit.

Exploring Santa Fe History

When I travel I long to explore the museums and historic sites of the area. In Santa Fe, I hit the mother load. The city is filled with history and […]

Dining in Santa Fe

When it comes to dining in Santa Fe there are myriad of options. The city has a diverse array of culinary riches that I was happy to explore.

A Culinary Tour of 4th Street Market

4th Street Market, located in Downtown Santa Ana, is home to several unique food stalls. It’s a great place to grab a bite to eat.

Seeking out the Sacred in Santa Fe

Santa Fe is a largely Catholic town and is home to many historic churches. We visited four significant examples of this corner of Santa Fe life.

A Lovely Stay in Santa Fe at the Inn on the Alameda

Recently, I made my first visit to Santa Fe, NM. For the duration I stayed at the Inn on the Alameda a beautiful hotel located in the heart of town.

Exploring Yuma History

When traveling to to Arizona I was eager to learn about Yuma history. I was glad to find the area is filled with a rich past that’s ripe for exploring.

Dining in Yuma, AZ

There are various options for dining in Yuma. On my visit I tried a handful of spots that were distinct and flavorful.

History and Hospitality in Yuma, AZ

Recently, I spend a weekend in Yuma, AZ. I had a wonderful stay at the Historic Coronado Motor Hotel.

Sampling the Season at Melissa’s Produce

Recently, I visited Melissa’s Produce to sampling their seasonal offerings of fruit and vegetables.

An Afternoon with Formaglini Vineyards

Recently, I spent an afternoon with David de Lancellotti of Formaglini Vineyards and learned much about his wine.

Visiting San Miguel, CA

Just off Highway 101 in San Luis Obispo County is the small town of San Miguel which houses two treasures of California history.

Eating and Drinking in Portland

Portland, OR is a food lover’s dream. On a recent trip I made sure to explore some of the delicious and food and drink it offers.

Traveling the Columbia River Highway

On a road trip to Portland, OR I took some time to travel the Columbia River Highway and visit historic sites along the way.

Covered Bridges, Buster Keaton & Rogue Farms

On a recently road trip to Portland, OR I made several stops along the way and discovered covered bridges, a historic town and a farm famous for its hops.

Exploring the Northern California Coast

A trip up the Northern California coast is filled with adventure, beauty and mystery. I recently discovered this when I traveled to Oregon via Highway 1.

Attending the Sunset Celebration

A blog post about attending Sunset Magazine’s last Sunset Celebration at their historic headquarters.

Staying At the Del Marcos Hotel Palm Springs

A blog post about an overnight stay at the Del Marcos Hotel in Palm Springs.

Visiting Sonoma County – A Culinary Adventure

A blog post about a press trip to Sonoma County focusing on the dining of the area.

Visiting Sonoma – A Day at Jack London State Park

A blog post about a press trip to Sonoma County focusing on Jack London State Park.