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“Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul.” You never forget the first time you ride a motorcycle…the wind rages through your hair, the engine rumbles between your legs, the smell of the exhaust sinks into your skin and your body moulds into the seat as you lean into every corner. It’s an insane adrenaline rush for most people, and becomes an addiction for many. Motorcycling Adventures – A Journey into Australia’s Outback with Bikes, Beers, Blokes and Babes by Michael Sourjah is the story of one man’s desire to travel Australia on the back of a motorcycle. From East to West, South to North, and every square inch in between, Michael’s adventure captures his passion for the bike. Ever since his friend introduced him to the world of motorcycles back in the mid-1970s, Michael had a burning desire to experience the freedom that comes from riding one. But it wasn’t until his father finally gave in to years of pestering and bought him his first Yamaha YB90 in 1979 that his passion was truly awoken. This book is filled with wisdom, tips and memorable stories that will inspire readers to get out and explore their truly incredible backyard, this vast continent of Australia. From the never ending corrugated roads of the Nullarbor Plain, to the colourful characters Michael meets along the way, Motorcycling Adventures truly captures the spirit and natural wonder of Australia. This is the first of a series of "Motorcycling Adventures" books about riding in Australia, Sri Lanka, Thailand, USA, India and New Zealand. Born in Sri Lanka, Michael Sourjah received his first motorcycle when he was about 20 years old and has been setting off on adventures on the back of one for most of his life since then. However, it wasn’t until he came to Australia and ended up joining the Ulysses Club that he got the inspiration to ride across the entire country. His passion for adventure and motorcycling has lead him to run a motorcycle adventure company that inspires people to enjoy the freedom and thrill that this form of travel provides. FOR FURTHER INFORMATION OR TO ORDER A COPY OF THE BOOK, PLEASE CONTACT MICHAEL ROHAN SOURJAH P: 0438 264 632 E: info@motorcyclingadventures.com.au W: www.motorcyclingadventures.com.au 

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Motorcycling Adventures: A Journey into Australia’s Outback with Bikes, Beers, Blokes and Babes

If you have dreamed about exploring this vast, wild, desolate and stunningly beautiful continent of Australia (the “sunburnt country,”), then this book is for you.