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Nancy Kirkpatrick Travel Photographer/Writer With a lifetime interest in travel, the visual arts and a personable writing style, Nancy Kirkpatrick presents her photographic images and stories from a creative viewpoint. Her aim is to give you - the reader - motivation to visit, partake of local favorites, see sites from a different perspective and to immerse yourself in the natural or manmade greatness all around you. Nancy travels with her Nikon and an open mind, embracing new or familiar places with passionate curiosity. People, customs, cuisine, architecture, local colors, sites, sounds, smells all come alive in stunning photographs and vivid descriptions. Nancy’s photos and stories cover the gamut of international travel, local interest, and timely observations, with her love of flowers and gardens also a favorite subject. Her photography is crisp, clean, elegant and colorful. Nancy believes that if we can see and appreciate up close what the world has to offer - beautiful architecture, diverse human culture - we will do whatever we can to preserve it. Also at the top of the list of things to care about is the movement to eradicate non-native landscaping plants, replacing them with indigenous plantings that benefit the local food web. Nancy is a member of Professional Photographers Assoc; Coastal Wildscapes; Coastal Photographer’s Guild; Glynn Visual Arts; Jekyll Island Art Assoc; Darien Art Assoc.; and International Food, Wine & Travel Writers Assoc (IFWTWA). 

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Our Town – Brunswick, Georgia

Cherished historical buildings line the main street of Newcastle. Many with great architectural detail. Its Old Town residential and commercial district is the largest small town urban National Register of […]

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Jekyll Island, Georgia – Treasures You’ll Love

For the Jekyll Island Treasure Hunt in January and February, artists from across the country are commissioned to recreate these glass floats using the same techniques that have been used […]

Visit Jacksonville – A Surprising City

An exploration from top to bottom Jacksonville, FL. Starting at the historic Casa Marina Hotel & Restaurant in Jacksonville Beach, this article touches many different interesting places to visit. From […]

A Seaside Gem: The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort

The hotel was named to the prestigious Historic Hotels of America in 1996. In 2005, the Resort was named to the National Register of Historic Places. This article highlights the […]

Celebrities of the Georgia Coast: Shrimpers

Within the 100 miles of Georgia coastline there is a huge expanse of rich tidal estuaries, creeks and rivers. These waters can support staggering quantities of white and brown shrimp. […]