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Nancy Zaffaro is a freelance writer covering travel, food and beverage, and arts and culture. She is the Editor of

I travel locally throughout the Northwest, nationally, and to far-flung international locales. I have more than 20 years' writing, editing, and publishing experience in the travel, natural health care, medical, and technology fields. When not traveling, I'm active in my community and enjoy hiking, kayaking, yoga, and spending time with friends and family.

I took my first solo trip at 17 years old and have been hooked on travel ever since. Originally from Chicago, I've also lived in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and Bellingham, Washington. I'm currently based in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

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Summer Cocktail Recipes From Heritage Distilling

It’s summer! And we’re here to share three summer cocktail recipes from Gig Harbor’s Heritage Distilling! Try a BSB Churro, Party Punch, and a Peach Jalopy!

A Visit to the Maritime Town of Gig Harbor

Less than an hour from Seattle, Gig Harbor is an inviting coastal town to visit. The South Puget town with a population of just under 10,000 welcomes you with its […]

Luxury and Comfort at the Inn at Langley on Whidbey Island

You don’t have to request a room facing the water at the Inn at Langley on Washington’s Whidbey Island. All 28 rooms of this boutique inn face the water and […]

Gig Harbor’s Ocean5: Because Fun is Something We Don’t Outgrow

Ocean5, Gig Harbor Washington’s new entertainment center, manages to be both family-friendly and a happening place. It’s 57,000 square feet of great food, drink and game play with a grown-up […]

Nahargarh Hotel, Elegant Tranquility While Seeing India’s Tigers

Walk the garden path and through the entry courtyard of Rajasthan, India’s Nahargarh Hotel and you’ll enter into a place of tranquil comfort. The hotel’s expansive and elegant setting is […]

From Grain-to-Glass: A House Spirits Distillery Tour

Three years after moving into their 14,000 square foot production facility in Portland’s Central Eastside neighborhood, House Spirits founder Christian Krogstad and the rest of the House Spirits team are […]

Crabbing with CoHo Charters in Ilwaco, Washington

Take a charter boat crabbing trip with CoHo Charters in Ilwaco, Washington on Long Beach Peninsula and you’ll enjoy Dungeness crab just two hours after it’s been pulled from the […]

Cider Festivals: Favorite Ciders from Cider Rite of Spring

Whether ciders have been on your radar for years or you’re brand-new to the scene, cider festivals are a great way to explore these flavorful apple-based alcoholic beverages. Here are […]

Maryhill Museum of Art: An Eclectic Art Museum in the Columbia Gorge

For all my travels, one of my favorite smaller art museums remains the colorfully eccentric, out of the way, “off-the-beaten-track” Maryhill Museum of Art in Goldendale, Washington.

Travel Writers Share Their Favorite Food & Wine Festivals Around the World

This collaborative article, gathered and posted by FWTMagazine Executive Editor and Travel Writer Beth Graham, compiles favorite food and wine festival from members of the International Food, Wine and Travel […]

Visiting India Pushkar Camel Fair

It’s impossible not to get caught up in the energy and drama of India’s Pushkar Camel Fair. Smiles are wide and clothes are colorful as Pushkar’s population swells from 22,000 […]

Depot Restaurant on Long Beach Peninsula: A Perennial Favorite

The Depot Restaurant on Long Beach Peninsula holds a history very much tied to the history of Washington’s peninsula on the state’s southwestern-most corner. The building that houses Michael Lalewicz […]

Visit a Rum Distillery in the Amazon Rainforest

During our five days here on the Amazon and Napo rivers, we’ve been in and out of a variety of watercraft. When we learn that our guide’s uncle has a […]

Long Beach’s Shelburne Hotel: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Open since 1896, Washington’s oldest historic inn, the Shelburne Hotel on Long Beach Peninsula is about to enter its next stage as ownership changes after 40 years. Take a look […]

Rye-on-Rye Sticky Toffee Pudding Recipe

This Rye-on-Rye Sticky Toffee Pudding recipe from Christopher Kimball and Milk Street is one you’ll love adding to your repertoire.

Milk Street: The New Home Cooking And So Much More

Christopher Kimball’s Milk Street includes cooking classes, a magazine, a TV and radio show and now, the cookbook, Milk Street: The New Home Cooking.

Tiger On! Safari at Ranthambhore National Park

A safari at Ranthambhore National Park is a chance to see not only the endangered Indian tiger, but a wide range of other wildlife from India’s Rajasthan.

Geek and Nerd Alert: Cocktail Guide to the Galaxy

Let your inner geek & nerd fly, blast, transform or transport and mix up cocktails with Andy Heidel’s, The Cocktail Guide to the Galaxy.

Greek Olives Recipe with Orange, Garlic and Herbs

Diane Kochilas’ Grilled Greek Olives recipe uses orange wedges, garlic and herbs to make the dish special, while taking only minutes to prepare.

Duke’s Chowder House Crab Cakes Recipe

This isn’t just any crab cakes recipe; this is Duke’s Chowder House’s Dungeness Crab “Un” Cakes recipe, from their cookbook, “As Good As It Gets.”

Enjoy the Night Sky: The International Dark Sky Association

Getting outdoors and away from city lights to look up at the dark night sky is well the effort. Take a look at how to find the starry skies near […]

Focus on Food: Top Quality Smithfield DURoC Pork

Writer Nancy Zaffaro enjoys learning about where our food comes from. Take a look at Smithfield DURoC pork, premium pork from their Chef’s Table line.

Cookbook Review: Hello! My Name is Tasty

Hello! My Name is Tasty: Global Diner Favorites is the new cookbook with recipes from the Tasty restaurants in Portland.You’ll love these recipes.

Build Your Own Charcuterie and Other Food Boards

From John Gorham and Liz Crain’s Hello! My Name is Tasty cookbook, we share recipes for making your own charcuterie and other food boards at home.

Everything You Need toKnow About Prosecco

What signals a celebration better than raising a flute of sparkling wine? Here’s everything you need to know about prosecco!

Enjoy a weekend in Tacoma, Washington

Tacoma, Washington offers a balance of natural beauty, urban culture, arts and fabulous dining. Here’s what to do with a weekend in this waterfront city on Puget Sound.

(It’s Not Really) About the Eclipse

The eclipse across a swath of the U.S. on August 21, 2017 was writer Nancy Zaffaro’s first chance to be in the “path of totality.” She enjoyed the hoopla.

Jackrabbit: Chris Cosentino’s Leap into Portland

Jackrabbit is Chef Chris Cosentino’s latest, highly anticipated restaurant, located in downtown Portland at the Duniway Hotel.

Uncle Nearest Alters Story of Tennessee Whiskey

Ultimately, the success of Uncle Nearest 1856 Premium Whiskey will rely on taste. But it also alters the story of Tennessee Whiskey.

La Ruta PDX: Spanish Cuisine Fest in Portland

La Ruta PDX 2017, Toro Bravo’s Spanish cuisine food festival, featured bites and sips from Spanish and Portland chefs, breweries, wineries, and cideries.

Spain’s World Tapas Day: A Portland Celebration

Chosen as one of the locales for Spain’s 6th annual international World Tapas Day 2017, Portland was treated to special opportunities to enjoy tapas.

Albany, Oregon’s Vibrant Culinary Scene

From fine dining, casual bistros, ethnic cuisine to BBQ, Albany, Oregon’s vibrant culinary scene is more than what many towns of 52,000 are able to boast.

Northwest Small Towns: Albany, Oregon

Visit Albany, Oregon: you’ll find interesting history and architecture, and a culinary scene that far exceeds what’s expected of a town of 52,000.

Take an Amazon Rainforest Canopy Walk

Take an Amazon rainforest canopy walk and traverse one of the longest suspended canopy walk in the world, to a height of 122 feet.

Albany Oregon’s Culinary Arts Program Trains Tomorrow’s Chefs

Culinary arts programs train tomorrow’s chefs. Take a look at how the Culinary Arts program at Albany, Oregon’s Linn-Benton Community College (LBCC) is doing just that.

Peru’s Amazon Rainforest: About the Water

The Amazon rainforest evokes the chance to see a wide & mighty river & narrow slow-moving waterways with Tarzan vines & jungle flora. Take a look!

A Day Trip to Silver Falls State Park and Silverton

A perfect Portland day trip is hiking at Salem area’s Silver Falls State Park, with a side trip to the nearby town of Silverton.

Get To Know Willamette Valley Vineyards

Willamette Valley Vineyards is an Oregon winery you need to know; one of those joyful finds that includes the best of the wine tasting experience.

Hotel B: Art and Elegance in Lima’s Barranco District

Take a look inside the Hotel B, Lima’s elegant and vibrant premier boutique hotel in the bohemian, seaside Barranco district.

Exploring Walla Walla Wines

Walla Walla red wines equal sunshine, sagebrush desert, & sweeping views of the Blue Mountains. Take a look at some of our favorite selections.

Van Duzer Vineyards: A Gem in the Willamette Valley Wine Region

Take a look at some of the people and wines of Van Duzer Vineyards in Oregon’s World-Class Willamette Valley wine region.

Breitenbush Hot Springs: A Retreat Center to Sooth the Soul

Breitenbush Hot Springs sits on beautiful forested land in the Cascade Mountains, but it’s the healing, natural hot springs that most draw visitors.

Florida Everglades: Diversity and Natural Beauty

Dolphins, Alligators and Egrets, OH MY! The Florida Everglades is a sanctuary for birds, reptiles and other threatened species and a visit is memorable

Layover in Dubai: Making the Most of a Short Stay

Join us as travel journalist Nancy Zaffaro turns a long Dubai layover into an opportunity to explore this ultra-modern city.

Prosser, Washington: Harvesting the Vineyards

In Prosser, Washington, harvesting the vineyards means a time of color, aroma, stunning beauty—and hard work. A vineyard tour brings wine making to life!

Enjoy the Night Sky: The International Dark Sky Association

Getting outdoors and away from city lights to look up at the dark night sky is well the effort. Take a look at how to find the starry skies near […]

Oregon Berries: The Business Behind the Big Flavor

Join Confetti Travel Cafe’s Editor Nancy Zaffaro on a tour of Oregon’s berry industry and the business behind the big flavors.

Columbia River Gorge: Hiking, Rafting & Horses

On this trip to the Columbia River Gorge, enjoy a beautiful hike, horseback riding in the hills, and white water rafting.

Flying First Class on Emirates Air

Take a fun look at flying First Class on Emirates Air, on flight from Dallas to Dubai, with Confetti Travel Cafe’s Editor.

Best of the Northwest Art Museums

Pablo Picasso said, “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” The same could be said of travel, so combine the two and take […]

Discover Charleston’s Beauty and Grace

Visit for a weekend, visit for week, you won’t begin to see all there is to see in Charleston. See the best of this beautiful and graceful city.

Enjoying an Iberian-Influenced Dinner with Ransom Wine Co. and Distillery

Ransom Wine Co. and Distillery’s Tad Seestedt and Navarre’s Chef John Taboada team to create an Iberian-inspired meal for Pinot Noir celebration guests.

The Art of Moroccan Ceramics and Tile Work

Among the many arts and crafts created in Morocco, Moroccan tile work and ceramics is among the most skilled and beautiful.

Stay in a Moroccan Riad

There is no better place to spend the night in Morocco than a riad, a Moroccan guesthouse, where history lives and the culture and color of Morocco shines.

Camping in Morocco’s Sahara Desert

Join travel writer Nancy Zaffaro on a luxury camping trip in Morocco’s Erg Chebbi sand dunes in the Sahara Desert!

A South Whidbey Island Culinary Tour

The entire 55-mile long island of Whidbey Island, with its 196 miles of shoreline, is a culinary treasure-trove. The bounty of this island and the relaxed way of life here […]

A Hill Tribe Trek in Eastern Myanmar

A trek to the hill tribe villages is a major reason visitors come to Keng Tung, in the Shan state of remote, eastern Myanmar.

Loi Krathong Festival in Thailand Ancient City of Sukhotthai

One of Thailand’s top festivals, Loi Krathong (or Loy Krathong) is held during November’s full moon. The festivities are held throughout Thailand.

Camano Island: Bridge Over to a Pacific Northwest Island Experience

Camano Island, located just over an hour north of Seattle and just east over the waters of Saratoga Passage from its better-known neighbor, Whidbey Island, offers the real-deal, genuine island […]

A Walking Food Tour in Savannah’s Historic Eastside

Tour possibilities abound in Savannah, Georgia; you can’t walk a Square of the Historic District without passing a tour bus, buggy tour or walking tour. Ghost tours, film tours, history […]