Author: Norman E. Hill

Charlevoix, Quebec

Part 2 – By Norman E. Hill and Maralyn D. Hill ‘The Tandem Travelers’ Click Here to Read Part 1 We started our journey in Quebec City, always a delightful adventure. […]

Québec City and Surroundings

Part 1 – By Norman E. Hill & Maralyn D. Hill Radio Show link: Often, it’s been said that Québec City is the closest site to Europe without actually traveling across […]

Wines from Moravia and Bohemia

by Maralyn D. Hill and Norman E. Hill These are wines that will be soaring to the top for those who want some of the best. When we visited the […]

Winner and Final Chairman

If you read “Barbarians at the Gates” or were shocked by Enron’s fraudulent debacle, you should enjoy this fictionalized, hard-hitting version of a corporate power struggle. It shows how a […]