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Sep 2016

Paris Wolfe has been writing since she could grip a thick, blue Laddie pencil. Today, armed with two degrees in communications, she prefers an ergonomic keyboard and mouse. She has been a restaurant reviewer and writes a blog for The Herb Society of America. Paris lives in Northeast Ohio where she is a neighborhood cat lady and mother of two college-age sons. 

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Florida Panhandle Food Memories

My favorite souvenir is a food memory. A trip to the Florida Panhandle gave me three

A two-year search for an OH-6 Cayuse helicopter leads to Pensacola

Our Florida trip began because my boyfriend wanted to visit the helicopter he worked on in the Army in Vietnam — the OH-6A Cayuse.

Much to do in Bristol – Tenn and Va

Bristol is famous from the GEICO TV commercial where the gecko straddles State Street in the center of town — one foot in northeast Tennessee and the other in southwest […]

Blue Ridge Parkway by Harley

When Gary suggested a ride down the Blue Ridge Parkway, I was skeptical. I love riding a motorcycle, but 469.1 miles of twisty, turny country roads? At speed limits of […]

Fredericksburg Herb Farm

Two weeks ago, I was in Fredericksburg, Texas, on a business trip for travel-writers. We stayed at the Fredericksburg Herb Farm where we enjoyed herbs and inspiration. Nestled among greens, […]

Asheville Offers Cool Vibe

With a day at the Biltmore de rigueur, a long weekend in Asheville, North Carolina, is too short. The city has a sophisticated counterculture vibe with a breadth of must-dos.

Foraging for free food

In the good old days, the lawn could be a first course. Not so much today with chemically cultivated homogeneous grass. For many reasons, the perfect lawn became a middle-class […]