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Jun 2013

I am the owner of PASS PARTOUT - Tourism Marketing, a full service marketing and P.R. company, specialized in tourism marketing, e-Marketing, destination representation and event management. I am also the owner and editor of 2 e-travel magazines:, As plenty of IFWTWA members can confirm, I always have some suggestions for media trips in new destinations or resorts, providing complimentary accommodation. If you are interested in visiting Greece, please consider me as your contact person. 

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Dear Friends… A letter from Greece

I would like to give you 5 good reasons to visit Greece, all of which are the main reasons why us Greeks choose to live in this country.

Thessaloniki, Greece – 3-Day Highlights Itinerary

Hi. I am Sofia and I am Greek. I wrote this itinerary to share with you all the things that make Thessaloniki such a lovely city not only for the […]