Peter John Derrett

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Apr 2015

I have spent a lifetime photographing, teaching and writing. I live in Lismore NSW but the internet and easy travel takes me to many other places. My work has been published in numerous newspapers and magazines from The Australian to ProFoto over 40 years. I have also been fortunate to be able to live and work in other countries..especially in cities like Edinburgh, Venice and Bangkok. In the last few years I have been involved in very successful ventures with PoshDog Publishing with 4 titles out in the bookshops. Covering Old Dogs, Dogs in Venice and Elephants in Thailand. With my wife Dr Ros Derrett I have spent the last 3 years working on a large volume for Wileys USA … Creating Enduring Festivals which looks at how to sustain festivals with world wide examples. Most recently I have joined Broads Abroad Publishing as their photographer with a new travel book Worldly Wise coming out shortly. Its CEO Mandy Rowe and I are also well into a series of travel guides for older “Broads” looking at Bangkok, Luang Prabang, Edinburgh, Stratford, Venice and Melbourne. I am thrilled to have joined IFWTWA. 

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Published Books

Broads Abroad. Worldly Wise

A whimsical photographic and text based journey through many of the world’s travel sites.

For the Love of Elephants

The Amazing Ways and Wisdom of the sacred Asian Elephant.

Dogs in Venice

Gift book exploring the main tourist sights of Venice and the Dogs who live there.

Old Dogs. Meditation and Mindfulness.

There is no better way to be in the moment than to live with an old dog.

Old Dogs.Loving and Ageing

In their funny,wise and wonderful ways, old dogs teach us everything we need to know about loving and ageing.