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Penny is a wine and food enthusiast who's sensory examination and evaluation of wine and food is exemplary. Her successful and popular blog is a unique spin in the form of a journal taking you on a journey with her to discover wine from around the world, travel, culture and food. She has tasted and reviewed wine & spirits from the sublime to the ridiculous. Penny began her serious foray into the world of wine back in the mid 70's where she was part of three very successful family owned restaurants in NYC, She "cut her teeth" so to speak on wines such as Petrus, Chateau Margaux, Chateau Haut Brion, Cristal.... and the list goes on. Cooking is another passion of hers and Penny prides herself on the many creations that come out of her kitchen. For Penny, creating a dish is akin to her knitting...from the moment she starts a project she never knows where it will lead, but is always happy and satisfied with the outcome. She has an extensive presence on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Penny posts on her blog and social media a minimum of several times a week and sometimes more! Her education is ongoing with wine seminars, wine tastings and culinary delights from around the world. 

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Day 658 Viaggio in Sicilia

This is a story about a beautiful winery in Palermo, its wines and hospitality. I also take readers on a walking tour of old Palermo

Day 657 Camus Cognac

A brief description of what Cognac is and how it is set apart from other brandies. I also review a few Cognacs from Camus.

Day 655 The Restaurateur

A brief story of how I fell in love with wine and a comparison of two 1998 vintage wines.

Day 653 Picnic Time!

Summer is time for outdoor parties, concerts and picnics. This post explores different & easy ways to transport wine. I also talk about a wine from Sicily that comes in […]

Day 649 Alto Adige & Peter Zemmer

A look at the northeastern wine area of Italy and one of its well-known producers.

Day 647 Sipping Port

A brief history of one of the largest Port producers in Portugal and a review of Warre’s Port

Day 643 David Noto, Renaissance Man

A look into the life of David Noto who wears many hats and quite well. He started with an engineering degree and now has a highly successful winery in Italy. […]

Day 641 Marion-Bosser

A story of 5 generations of mothers and daughters who make incredible champagne. This also includes a review of their wines.

Day 639 Revisiting Loire Valley

This story gives a geographical layout of Loire Valley including its wine regions, types of wines produced and reviews as well.

Day 638 Spring is AWOL!

What to do when spring won’t come, just open a bottle of wine and make a great meal to go with it…and pretend it’s spring inside your house.

Day 636 Thumbs Up for Croatian Wine!

A general overview of Croatian and an introduction to some of the varietals. This is the first part of series.

Day 635 It’s Spring

A discussion about Chenin Blanc grape, South Africa and producer.

Day 632 Wines of Alentejo

Learning about Portugal, it’s wine regions and sub-regions of Alentejo. Also a look at some of the wines that are being produced there.

Day 631 How To Travel While Staying Home

How a glass of wine can transport you to another destination with just one sip. I also talk about an area of Languedoc, France and review some wine.

Did Someone Say Garnacha/Grenache/Cannonau?

Learning about the varietal grape Garnacha and a review of a highly rated wine from Spain.

Day 628 Wine For All Seasons

Beautiful Sicilian wines to drink all year long with a brief note about the producers.

Day 626 Bonjour Argentina! Part Two

A sit-down lunch and tasting of Domain Bousquet wines with owner Anne Bousequet with a review of five wines.

Day 624 “Just Because”

This is an article about opening and enjoying special wines without an occasion. A beautiful iconic Sicilian wine is also reviewed.

Day 623 Flying Over The Andes

A quick stop in Chile to learn about the Carmenere grape and taste some wine.

Day 622 Bonjour Argentina!

This is the story of how a French winemaker came to live in Argentina and ended up producing amazing wines that are now sold in fifty countries.

Day 620 Let It Snow!

Snowstorms, California Cabernet and homemade soup!

Day 618 Sparkling Wines of Tasmania

A review of sparkling wines produced in Tasmania.

Day 614 A Taste of Rhône

The Rhone Valley, Ferraton Père & Fils and a review of some wines.

Day 613 Red Sauce and Wine

A story about some amazing marinara sauce made in Alabama paired with a delicious wine from Chile!

Day 609 An Afternoon in Texas

An introduction and overview of wines and wineries in Texas including regions.

Day 607 Welcome to Birmingham!

This story is about a 3-day press trip to Birmingham, Alabama covering southern style cuisine, culture, history and music.

Day 606 Sherry Fest!

A tutorial and walk through of Sherries from Spain.

Day 605 A quick trip to Argentina

This article explores the climate and terroir of Mendoza and features Bodega Trivento.

Day 604 Booze Bazaar

An afternoon of discovering spirits…the drinkable kind. An introduction to shochu from Japan.

Day 602 Champagne Bruno Paillard

A peek into a few hours spent with the master of Champagne…Bruno Paillard.

Day 600 Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Getting the word out about breast cancer awareness and a special campaign to find the pink cork in Mionetto sparkling wines.

Day 344 An Afternoon in Italy

Coverage of the Kobrand Tour d’Italia 2015 wine event. An eight city tour.

Day 596 A Day In Havana with Château Tourril

A story about a French winemaker, Havana, Cuba, wines and cigars!

Day 593 Susana Balbo Wines Part Two

This is a continuation of my previous article on Susana Balbo Wines.

Day 592 Susana Balbo Wines

This is an article about the first female winemaker in Argentina and a review of a few of her wines.

Day 588 Bowling Green, New York

Discovering a little bit of historical New York.

Day 587

The joys of making imaginative salads and sipping sparkling wine from Verona, Italy

Day 585 Moondance

This is a story about the solar eclipse, wine and celebrating.

Day 581

Kicking off the July 4th weekend with a little French flavor.

Day 580 Fondo Antico

This is an article about a winery in Sicily with a review of some their wines.

Day 577 Madeira

This article is a brief history and discussion about Madeira Wine.

Day 575 Donnafugata A 360 Degree Tour

This is an article about a three day press trip to visit Donnafugata Winery. Not only does it discuss the wine, but also the flavor of Sicily, including Pantelleria Island. […]

Day 574 Sicily Part Four

This story is a continuation of my press trip to Sicily.

Day 573 Sicily Part Three Feudo Montoni

Continuation of a series on Sicily. This is story is about one of the vineyards that I visited.

Day 572 Sicily Part Two

A continuation on my press trip to Sicily. This article discusses the indigenous grapes and the Sicilia en Primeur event.

Day 571 Sicily Part One

This is the first of an ongoing series on my recent press trip to Sicily where I participated in Sicilia En Premier, visited wineries, toured the island and flew to […]

Day 564 Trivento’s Malbec

A quick overview of Mendoza, Argentina and a wine review of one of it’s largest wine producers.

Day 561 Greek wine

This is a very quick intro to Greek wine with a few samplings.

Day 556

Valentine’s Day and Sparkling rosés are the topic of this post.

Day 555

With a snowstorm coming my way, thoughts are turning to comfort food and red wine.

Day 551 A Day in Bordeaux

An overview of the 2014 Bordeaux vintage with a little history lesson thrown in.

Day 546 Bordeaux

A brief history of Chateau Haut-Brion and Chateau Figeac. Wine review and discussion of vintage wines.

Day 540 Vodka

A review and history of Tito’s Vodka

Day 539 England

An interesting story about sparkling wine made in England, featuring Ridgeview Winery.

Day 535 Lebanese Wine

A history of Lebanese wine and review of vineyards and wines.

Day 533

This is an article about ‘Pink Cork for the Cause’ program supporting breast cancer awareness and reviewing Mionetto sparkling wines.

Day 532 Don Melchor

A history of Don Melchor and a review of this elegant wine.

Day 529 A Day in New Zealand

A post and review of wines from New Zealand

Day 524 Maison M Chapoutier

A little history and review of some of the wines of Maison M. Chapoutier

Day 523 Puerto Vallarta

An insight to vacationing in Puerto Vallarta.

Day 518 \\

This is a post about a Chilean wine with a devilish history!

Day 515 A Tasting

Some notes on a Grand Tasting in an ongoing Journal. This post talks about Bulgarian wines and a Turkish drink.

Day 513 Moscato d\\\’Asti

An article about the versatility of Moscato d’Asti, after attending a Master Class.

Day 508 Barbera d’Asti

A brief description of Canelli, the Barbera grape and Coppo Winery.

Day 504 Wines of Chile Visits Whole Foods Markets

An article reviewing nine wines from different regions of Chile

Day 500 A Taste of Sicily

A review of some wonderful indigenous grape varieties of Sicily.

Day 496 Hungarian Wine

An interesting story on Hungarian wine which also focuses on a particular region and winery.

Day 489 Lillet

Remembering my introduction to Lillet with a little history and review.

Day 488 Fun Non-alcoholic Beverages

Some refreshing recipes and ways to shake up summer drinks without the alcohol.

Day 482 Chilean Wines

A brief look at Chile, its wines and a noted winemaker.

Day 480 Argentine Wines

A story about Argentine wines and featuring a winemaker.

Day 479 Porter Beer

A brief history about Porter beer and the Left Hand Brewing Co

Day 477 Kaiken Wines of Argentina

A story of how Kaiken Premium Wines came to be, plus a review of some of the wines.

Day 476 Soulmates

A beautiful story about a brother and a sister and Soulmates Wines.

Day 469 Barefoot Wines

This post discusses Barefoot Wines and reviews some of the wines.

Day 465 A few more Australian wines

Last in a series of posts on Australian wines. This post discusses red wines.

Day 462 Another adventure with Australian Wine

This post talks about Australian Chardonnays and a few wineries.

Day 461 A day in Australia

Coverage of the Savour Australia Roadshow

Day 450 Culinary Institute of America

This is a post about the CIA in NY. I talk about their programs, restaurants and dining experience.

Day 449 Loire Valley Wines

A post about “Spring to Loire 2016” wine event that I attended.

Day 439 St. Pat’s Day

A quick post about St. Pat’s Day tradition.

Day 434 Naples

My whimsical trip to Naples, Fl Talking about restaurants, beaches and place to visit.

Day 431 Donnafugata

A lunch date with Josè Rallo of Donnafugata Winery. A magical afternoon of wine, food and song!

Day 428

In search of escarole and my trip to Italy and Spain while dining at home. An ongoing journal…

Day 426

Today’s post is about wine, food and friendship.

Day 425 Champagne & Truffles

Valentine’s Day treats

Day 423 Super Bowl Sunday

A post about eating on Super Bowl Day and a quick review of a Riesling. Post was published in The Cornerstone Cellars Daily at:…

Trying to Catch Up!

An ongoing journal. This post talks about Albariño grape and an Italian wine review.…

Day 407 Vermouth…who knew?

This post talks about cooking with vermouth and white wine.…

Day 396

An office party and a quick recipe on how to infuse your favorite liquor! An ongoing journal of wine, food and life.…

Day 390 “Waes Hael!”

This is a post about holiday punches and tradition from my daily blog.…

Day 374 The Holidays are Coming!

Getting ready for the holidays and selection of wines. Read my daily posts about wine, food, travel and life!…

Day 369 Just Because

A story about Chateau Haut-Brion and “not waiting” for the right moment to open good wine!…

Day 361 More Wines of Portugal

A continued blog on wines and regions of Portugal.…

Day 360 Wines of Portugal

An afternoon spent tasting wines of Portugal from 14 regions. This story will be spread out over several posts. This is the first post.…

Day 345 An Afternoon in Italy Continues

Coverage and final segment of the Kobrand Tour d’Italia 2015. You can also read it at…

Day 344 An Afternoon in Italy

Coverage of the Kobrand Tour d’Italia 2015 wine event. An eight-day city tour in one afternoon.…

Day 338 1988 Chateau Coufran Haut -Médoc

An adventure in opening up a bottle of vintage wine and memory lane.…

Day 336 The Seasons

How the seasons affect our selection of food and wine. TheWineKnitter is a popular blog with a different spin on wine, food, travel & life!…

Day 316 Miami Beach

A step back in time to the nostalgia of South Beach.…

Day 267 Flashback

This is a post about a special bottle of Petrus taken from the journal of my blog.…