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As an award-winning travel writer, Rebecca believes that much of the joy of exploring new destinations comes from sampling the local food and beverages. Recently relocated from the East Coast to sunny Phoenix, she is now enjoying learning about her new home state. When not writing, she enjoys sleeping late, discovering great restaurants, and searching for the perfect margarita. Rebecca’s work has been featured in numerous AAA publications, Destinations, Christian Science Monitor, Culture: The Word on Cheese, South Jersey, The Culture-ist, Societe Perrier, Sing Out!, and many others. 

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Making a Splash

New ships and innovative amenities are revolutionizing the cruise industry.

Celebrating Farm-to-Table with Jose Garces

A tantalizing aroma of onions, jalapenos and tomatillos rises from the grill as chef Jose Garces gets ready to prepare his special salsa verde. “We’re going to do a little […]

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Kentucky Gold

The rolling hills seemed to stretch for miles as I drove down backroads in Versailles, Kentucky. Even through the pouring rain, I could easily smell the green: both grass and money. The winding two-lane road intersected a single thoroughbred farm. Dotting the perfectly manicured pastures was a veritable village of […]

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America’s Sandwich: A Look at the Food that Philly Made Famous

Philadelphia is known as the Birthplace of America. It was here that the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution were signed, the American flag sewn and the nation’s first public library, post office and hospital established. But for many, the city’s greatest contribution to society is a simple sandwich: the […]

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