Renée Butcher

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Apr 2018

Pacific Northwest native Renée Butcher is a writer, music maker, and artist with a heart as big as the great outdoors she loves so well. Formerly a communications director, writing instructor, columnist, and freelancer, Renée launched her website, The Good Hearted Woman, in 2011. There, she and her husband "Mr. B" share their travels, culinary adventures, and love of music with readers around the world.

A gifted story-teller, Renée’s favorite part of traveling is the people she meets and the stories that they entrust to her. (The amazing food comes in a close second!) Known for her emotive narratives, Renée’s writing has appeared in many local and national publications over the years, and she was honored to have her essay Reunion selected for Portland’s "Listen to Your Mother" inaugural show in 2014. 

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