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Freelance food, wine and travel writer. A native Californian, have traveled to 32 countries. A member of Southern California restaurant writers. IFWTWA member, have written for Easy Reader, Hermosa Beach, African Diaspora Travel, yvonne mason travels eats. 

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Salt Spring Island, BC’s Paradise

This is Ganges harbor in Salt Spring Island, British Columbia… Home to ten thousand people, the island is seventy square miles and mostly only four miles wide. There are many coves and beaches, and all are framed by deep green conifers. Spotted with a handful of beautiful lakes, as well as…

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Steamboat Springs, Colorado, in the “Good Old Summertime”

The August sky appeared pure blue behind the white, giant, puffy clouds. The Yampa River, running through the 8,000 foot high ski resort at Steamboat Springs, Colorado, was surprisingly peaceful as our group, in individual plastic inner tubes, floated upon it, passing thick patches of green brush and trees lining the shoreline.

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Anthony Bourdain at U.C.L.A.

We enter Royce Hall, U.C.L.A. to recorded sounds of Television's “Marquee Moon. It is a Rock 'N Roll night.”

Anthony Bourdain strolls onto the bare stage, and the audience goes wild, as if Anthony were Mick Jagger. Bourdain is here to promote his latest book, Medium Raw, A Bloody Valentine to the World of Food at the People Who Cook.

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There is Only One Paris

There is only one Paris. Places are described as “like Paris” or “just like Paris”, but anyone who has spent even one day in the City of Light has the true knowledge of the place and becomes a keeper of the secret that can be shared only with another who has experienced the reality.

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My View of the Cuban Way

We were in Cuba delivering supplies to a Cuban health care facility when we learned that United States Government regulations are rigid. We had to fly a chartered plane from Miami to Cuba; then we faced many questions from Cuban immigration and customs officials after we landed at the airport. But once admitted, we felt quite comfortable, except for the uneasy feeling we were in some sort of dream.

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Santa Fe

Zigs of brilliant lightning illuminated the hills; a heartbeat later, a loud crack of thunder bounced off the earth-colored building as grape-sized raindrops pelted us. The air was full of electricity and moist with rain. We hurried into the shelter of the Santa Fe Opera, a distinctive structure that fits its site perfectly. A unique building with openings to the outside, yet sheltered from weather, the rain could not reach the seats inside.

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Southern Oregon Town of Ashland is Glorious

Arthur Miller's foreboding drama ("View from the Bridge,") was in direct contrast to the sense of joy we found in the people of the theater's hometown of Ashland, Oregon.

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England’s Windsor is Worth the Rest

The queen's flag fluttered over the world's largest castle advising all that her majesty was at home, just a half mile away, as we slept at our favorite bed-and-breakfast in Windsor town…

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