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From sharing cough drops with headhunters in Irian Jaya to tasting Cabernets in Napa Valley, Risa Wyatt has covered worldwide travel destinations for more than 20 years. For assignments, she has done scuba diving in Palau, whitewater rafting on the Salmon River, tiger safaris in India, cattle drives across the Australian Outback, and skiing through the untrammeled bowls of the Alps. Articles about her journeys have appeared in Wine Enthusiast, Ski, Modern Bride (former travel editor), Specialty Travel (founding editor), Wine Country, Boomers Bucket List Travel, Globe & Mail, Boston Globe, Philadelphia Inquirer, Miami Herald, and other adventure publications. She is also contributing editor, special projects for Wine Enthusiast magazine, handling special issues focused on California, Pacific Northwest, Spain, South America, New York, and other destinations. 

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Ultimate Wine Tours

A wine vacation should be 100 percent fun, so skip the logistics hassles, and take a wine tour organized by top professionals. –Wine Enthusiast Magazine

Time Passes a Different Way in the Austrian Alps

For skiers, long, long cruisers unfurl like the autobahn, and off-piste bowls beckon like gargantuan helpings of Viennese schlag (whipped cream). — BoomersBucketListTravel.com

Wine & Weed Symposium Explores Joint Issues

Similarities and disconnects between two California crops—grapes ($5 billion annually) and cannabis (an estimated $7 billion annually)—dominated discussions at the Wine & Weed Symposium. — Beverage Industry Enthusiast

Up For Crabs

Blue, Dungeness and King provide claws for celebration. Here’s what you need to know to make the most of these seasonal delicacies. — Wine Enthusiast Magazine

Wheeling Through Wine Country

Become a living part of vineyard landscapes with a bicycle adventure around some of the world’s legendary wine regions. — Wine Enthusiast Magazine