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I’d rather say, "Well, I won't do that again," than to inquisitively squint my eyes and whisper to myself, "I wonder what that would be like."

I eat it, drink it, smoke it and shoot it.

I am a time-traveler, raconteur, lensman and cinematographer. The time-traveler may be a stretch but I like the term so it’s staying. Telling stories is my thing. Telling stories with accompanying pictures and video is my even bigger thing.


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Bespoke Subscription Service Delivery: The Terra Box

For the outsider in all of us. I was excited to receive this month’s box from Bespoke. It contained all things outdoors: an ultimate tool, a bird call, and a […]

VINEBOX is an imaginative wine sampling subscription

VINEBOX is an imaginative wine sampling subscription. I am always on the hunt for things that are interesting enough to grab my attention. As far as I can find out, […]

13 things only Wisconsinites truly understand

The only resemblance it has to cheese is the fact that it is made into a block. There has been no recorded use of cheese in its production… ever.

A 2,278 Mile Plethora of Visual Peculiarities ~ Route 66

Route 66. A 2,278 mile plethora of visual peculiarities spanning eight states. Hollywood produced movies on it, and music artists such as Chuck Berry and Johnny Cash have written songs […]

The Original Cigar & Bar of New Hampshire’s North Conway

I’m not quite sure why it’s called the Original Cigar & Bar, but I do know that it is a pleasant relief from traffic on highway 16. North Conway is […]

Highland Light of Cape Cod

I love living in New England, there’s always someplace to go and explore within a days drive. The Highland Light is located in the Cape Cod town of North Truro.

3 Reasons You Should Never Patron SWSH Shabu Shabu

1. The restaurant has a sleek modern edge to it along with a really fun staff. Stephen Le and Ming Li, shown in the pictures, are two of the business […]

Impress Your Guests With a No Fail Pork Tenderloin Dinner

That’s right, I said it. A pork tenderloin dinner made in a single cast iron skillet. I saw a video on this meal and wanted to give it a whirl.

Plotagraph Pro Project in Providence, Rhode Island

Plotagraph Pro is the new kid on the street as far as photo animation software goes. It is so new it’s still in beta. With Plotagraph Pro you can create […]

The West Mountain Sanitarium… No Ma\’am, I\’m Not Lost

It surprised me that an old sanitarium was within a private neighborhood. As soon as one of the structures came into view I cautiously pulled to the side of the […]

New Hampshire’s Covered Bridges

New Hampshire holds 54 of the remaining 750 covered bridges in the United States. It’s hard to believe at one point there were in excess of 10,000. Recently I made […]

The Hidden River Cave in Horse Cave, Kentucky

This was hidden on the back roads of Kentucky. Luckily a small sign showed that it even existed. The Hidden River Cave is located behind the American Cave Museum and […]

If You Love the Ocean, I Have the Video to Sooth Your Soul

After a failed attempt at fishing on the Cape Cod canal I decided to wander. On this excursion it took me to Scusset Beach, located at the east end of […]

The Pomham Rocks Lighthouse of Providence

It was decommissioned in 1974, but for one hundred and three years the Pomham Rocks lighthouse guided vessels up and down the Providence river….

Palm Springs Aerial Tram to Mt. San Jacinto. A Pucker Factor for Some.

If you want to claim the rights to riding the largest rotating aerial tramway in the world you better, well, suck it up buttercup….

Zion National Park, Utah

The Zion National Park, located in eastern Utah is an awesome place to explore. It cost me around twenty-five dollars to get a day pass, and despite being pricey for […]

A Wanderlusters Poem ~ Sea Fever

I MUST go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky, And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by, […]

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The Wine Artist of Orange County

Boutique wineries are not normally found in an industrial park and neither are cooking classes. M.J. Hong took those elements, gently stirred and created The Wine Artist in Orange County’s Lake Forest. As it is located in an unassuming industrial building, you need to remember what your momma always told […]

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