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Nov 2013

I am the editor in chief of (, an on- line, travel-oriented e-zine. I am also the travel columnist for the San Diego Community Newspaper Group and 50 Plus Marketplace News.

My articles have appeared in national and regional magazines such as Shape, Cruise, Frequent Flyer, AAA Motorist, Visit Los Cabos Guide, Destinations West, Key Biscayne and La Jolla Today. Other articles have been published in newspapers (print and online) such as The Chicago Tribune, Orlando Sun Sentinel, Bismarck Tribune, The Jamaican Observer, the Coloradoan and travel trade magazines.

My other contributions have been noted by PBS, Mobil Travel Guides and my photography has been used extensively by entities such as tourism boards and public relations firms. 

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(Video) Lucerne, Switzerland

Andre Dumas called Lucerne, located in the geographical center of Switzerland, a pearl in the middle of the world’s most beautiful oyster. The town is nestled between the Alps and […]

(Video) Mt. Pilatus and the Golden Round Trip

This is one unforgettable side trip you must take. Known as the Golden Round Trip, this includes the boat trip from Lucerne to Alpnachstad and a ride up the world’s […]

(Video) The Global Gumshoe Investigates Vitznau and Rigi, Switzerland

Directly behind the hotel is the looming Mt. Rigi, also known as the Queen of the Mountains with the highest peak topping 1,797.5 meters. A short walk into town brought […]

Chocolate Country: Switzerland’s Finest Chocolatiers

The Swiss are known for many things, among them: banking, scenery, watches, and chocolate. The latter, in all its forms, is the one that almost miraculously transcends borders and cultures […]

Five Ice Cream Shops Worth The Trip

Okay, I admit it. For a guy, I love ice cream. So sue me. I’d rather eat it than sip a fancy merlot, eat hoity-toity food or swill back a […]

Beaver Creek, Colorado: Mountain of Culinary Delights

The resort area of Beaver Creek is located approximately two hours west of Denver in Avon, Colorado. While it is best known for wintertime sports and summertime activities, the area […]

Traverse City, Michigan- City of Delcious Secrets

This is a city that loves its secrets, secrets like sweet temptations, tasty savories and tart confections, all of which have been simmering like a slow-cooked stew in and around […]

Four Historical German Cities Worth Visiting

While many Americans are familiar with the German cities of Munich, Hamburg and Frankfurt, most have probably never heard of the cities I visited on my latest trip to Germany. […]