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A travel journalist who delves on diverse areas of travel and brings real time travel stories to audiences and readers.All content is published via the website Travel Crusade( which contains information about offbeat destinations,place of natural interest. 

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Kayaking and Canoeing across Indian rivers and lakes keeps the adrenaline pumping

India is a favorable country for enterprising adventure activities like cruising,canoeing and kayaking across major Indian rivers and lakes.

Scouting the cloaked hinterlands of India

It was an alluring experiment last year when a group of naturalists including me went scouting along the cloaked boulevards of India in Dhanaulti, an important destination in the Chamba […]

Top 10 mountain massifs in Kinnaur

Kinnaur is a popular destination in India among nature activists,mountain lovers and adventure enthusiasts.It is one of the best places in India where people can enjoy the offerings of Nature […]

Discrete articulations from the animal kingdom

On my recent visits to the forests of Jim Corbett National Park,I found some amazing animals on land and their varied and different forms of articulation in response to a […]

Surplus of tea leaves germinating in the Eastern Hemisphere

Last December,I had a chance to visit the Eastern Hemisphere of India covered by the untarnished mountains of the Eastern Himalayas.I had visited the arcade quite a number of times […]

The 32 strip serpentine road in India

Meandering across Silk Route a few months back had taken me to one of the challenging and difficult 32 strip serpentine road across Zuluk.I was one lucky champ to have […]

Legends from an old Tibetan village

Wandering in the Silk route a few weeks ago before the New Year started,I had a lot to learn and experience in an old Tibetan village near Lungtung,India.I used my […]

Flavors of Autumn

Autumn brings in lot of surprises for everyone including rains,blossoming flowers,relief from heat wave and change in climate and environment.Autumn season lasts for 4-5 months and is a blessing for […]

Chital|Strength lies in their horns

Chital,found generally in the Indian subcontinent is the most attractive species of deer which has 2 horns above the head.The horns are the most strongest part of their body and […]

The magical white sand dunes of Nubra Valley

Has anyone heard about natural formation of white sand dunes in packs and pyramids?Yes they are found in none other than the Nubra Valley at a distance of around 150 […]

Anecdotes of the cyclops Shyok

The Shyok valley circumscribing the cyclops Shyok is a majestic and elemental piece of attraction edging the Trans Himalayas.The valley is mostly torrid with sparse vegetation and is the gateway […]