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I am a photojournalist who loves to write about new places, interesting people, great food and wine. A native Texan, I love outdoor adventures and sampling food and wine from all over the world. I also enjoy sharing my favorite Texas places and foods with people everywhere. 

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Which NFL Team Has The Most Loyal Fans?

A fun survey of NFL team merchandise purchases during the 2016-17 season to find out who has the most “loyal” fans.

Exploring Avery Island, Louisiana

What hot food stuff is made from salt mined on an island? Tabasco sauce! Check out the unique history of this food and it’s origins.

Extreme Sport – Welcome to Winter’s Wild Sport of Skijoring

A wild ride through the snow-covered Montana countryside near Glacier National Park.

Marian Salzman’s Top Trend Picks for 2017

Want a glimpse into the future? Marian Salzman has a record of spotting future trends and making eerily accurate predictions.

How America Celebrates The Holiday Season

Take a trip across America and see the many different ways that Americans celebrate the holidays.

East Coast Art, Food and Culture

A brief exciting tour of the hot new trends in RI arts and food culture.

Whatever Happened To General Hospital’s Dr. Tony?

Ever wonder where old soap stars are and what they’ve been up too…? Find out the remarkable things Brad Maule aka Dr. Tony has been up to since he left […]

Knowing This Digital Nomad Can Save You Hundreds!

A brief profile of a successful digital nomad and his coupon site that allows him to live the nomadic lifestyle he loves.

Granbury, Texas – Escape to Small Town Texas

Small Texas towns are tiny treasured glimpses into our past, if you take the time to get off the beaten path.

Why You Should Serve Succotash At Thanksgiving

Learn the surprising history behind this humble dish…a perfect addition for your Thanksgiving table.

Mush! Mush!: Experience the thrill…

Take a wild ride on a genuine dog-sled through the snowdrifts and forests of western Montana.

Quirky Nebraska Monument

Take a visit to one of the strangest man-made monuments in the USA. The plains of western Nebraska is home to quirky Carhenge.

Maple Syrup – A Vermont Staple

Ever wonder if maple syrup is as good for you as it taste? Find fun facts about this fall favorite and some great places to sample the delicious treat.

A Visit to the Robert Frost Farm

An inside look at the place that inspired many of the famous poet’s best known works.

A Visit to the “Big House”

A trip to University of Michigan’s stadium is on every football lover’s bucket list! See why it’s such a legend on this visit to the “Big House”.

A Visit to the Oldest Winery in America – Brotherhood Winery

Take a step back into American history with a visit too the oldest winery in America…see how the wine industry in the New World began in Washingtonville, New York.

Alabama Gulf Coast

Up for a last minute fall getaway? Try the Alabama Gulf Coast for a culinary/nature adventure!

Edison & Ford Winter Estates – A Behind the Scenes Look at Two American Geniuses

A fun, fact filled trip to the winter estates of American icons Thomas Edison and Henry Ford.

65 Years of Golden Books

Remember those slim little volumes you cherished as a child? Loved the illustrations? Here’s your chance to see the originals up close and personal!

Sanibel Island

A visit to the shelling capitol of the world! Spectacular sunsets and sea turtles are bonuses!

Eat Your Way Through Montana

A romp through the surprising food scene in Western Montana featuring everything from award-winning chefs to enterprising home cooks.

Be Bond For A Day At Gateway Canyon

The trip of a lifetime for some can be had all at the same resort in Western Colorado…excitement, great food and a dash of danger make for an unforgettable experience.

A Visit to Black Dog Salvage – The Real Business of Salvage Dawgs

Meeting people you’ve only seen on TV is usually disappointing because they don’t always behave in person the same as they do on TV, but Mike and Robert are as […]

Wine Country: In Burnet County, Nature, Wineries and History Create an Intoxicating Experience

Just northwest of Austin is a tiny county that has enough fun, food and unexpected sights to keep even the most seasoned traveler intrigued.

5 Quirky Museums to Visit This Summer

Road trips are a great way to discover out-of-the-way places like these…finding unusual treasures along the way is part of the fun!

Providence, Rhode Island – The Best Kept Secret on the East Coast

This article explores not only the capitol city, but all of Rhode Island, showing that the smallest state definitely has a lot to offer!

Celebrate Summer Solstice at America’s Stonehenge

Ever wonder why someone would create such a quirky masterpiece? Find out who’s behind this tribute to Stonehenge and the celebration surrounding it.

Happy National Burger Day – Celebrate with Juicy Hamburger History and a Side of Don’t Miss Burger Joints

The story behind the burger and some of the tastiest burger places to try!

Memorial Day – What the Holiday Really Means

Many people get Veterans Day and Memorial Day confused, this article explains the true meaning of this important day.

3 Bucket List Museums Every Rail Fan Must See

Take a ride along with me and visit three of the best train museums in the country.

Best-Selling Authors Share Mother’s Day Stories

Three NYT best-selling authors share personal memories and stories of their mothers in celebration of Mother’s Day.

Red River, New Mexico – The Sunny Side of the Ski Area

A look at the season most people overlook at Red River…summer! There are a multitude of family activities and outdoor fun during this pleasant season.

Don’t Miss These Beautiful Gardens Across America

A visual feast of gorgeous photos as you take a virtual trip through three fabulous botanical treasures.

Earth Day 1970-2016: How Has It Changed?

This article gives a brief history of Earth Day with some unusual facts you may not know, along with a call to action.

Celebrate National Park Week April 16-24

A look at some of our most beautiful parks and some handy tips to prepare you and your family for a visit.

Celebrate What Bugs You at Quirky Texas Pest Festivals

A fun look at three Texas festivals that “celebrate” the states’ most obnoxious pests: the wild hog, mosquito and fire ant.

Still A Bridesmaid? The Best Place to Find A Husband May Be Mantana!

This is a tongue in cheek look at the great state of Montana, their manly population, great food and spirits, and spectacular scenery.

Glacier National Park Glistens in Winter

A brief look at the National Park and the surrounding area in celebration of the National Park Service Centennial.

Wide Open Spaces – Wyoming Beckons Those With A Cowboy Spirit

A visit to the Southeastern part of the Cowboy State where history comes alive and the views are fabulous.

Nacogdoches, Texas, Boasts 300 Years of History

IN magazine article highlighting the history of the oldest town in Texas and showcasing the modern side of Nacogdoches today.

A Day with Brad Maule: A Former General Hospital Star

Find out what a day in the life of this former GH star is like, now that he calls East Texas home.

Shoe Ins: At the Texas Horseshoeing School Farriers Learn the Newest Twists on an Ancient Profession

A day with the owner of the Texas Horseshoeing School turns into quite the eye-opener.

A Day with TV’s “Salvage Dawgs”

An intriguing visit with some reality TV stars that will make you smile.

Treasures of Arkansas

An exciting romp through the diamond and crystal mines, four-wheeling,zip-lining, horseback riding and all while enjoying great food and wine.

The Gathering of Cranes

Exciting visit to see one of the greatest migrations of earth, the sandhill cranes in Nebraska.

The Packers, Green Bay and Matt Flynn

Spending the day in Green Bay, home of the Packers, experiencing the history and love fans have for their team and our own, Matt Flynn.

Winter In Wisconsin

This article chronicles my adventures as a Texan experiencing the thrills of ice-fishing, a sleigh ride, snow-shoeing and snowmobiling for the first time.

Luke McCown’s Soft Side

An intimate look inside the everyday life of an NFL quarterback.

Egg Harbor

A visit to an unlikely museum in Wisconsin dedicated to the esteemed egg.

How The Pulpwood Queen Got Her Mojo Back

The fascinating story of a beauty shop owner who became the founder of the world’s largest book club.

When Cotton Was King

An inside look at one of the last working cotton gins of its kind in the country.

Dude Ranch Adventure

Spending a few days on a Texas hill country dude ranch/fat farm was more fun than I imagined.